Novel Name : Mr. Gu, Your Replacement Bride Is A Big Shot!

Chapter 1707  Humiliation

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Chapter 1707  Humiliation

Qiao Nian felt that they had made the right choice to come to Europe this time. Although the information they had found this time was very messy, after thinking about it carefully, they felt that they were about to reach the truth.

Although this was just their guess, as long as they found some evidence, many things could be connected. When that happened, the truth would be out.

Previously, Qiao Nian had been a little depressed, but now that she thought of how there was a breakthrough, she said excitedly, &34;Then I&39;ll go straight to Wright and ask him.&34;

&34;Do you want to go now?&34; Gu Zhou&39;s gaze fell on Qiao Nian&39;s face and he asked with a smile.

Qiao Nian was speechless.

Today was no longer suitable for them to go to Mark&39;s manor. Not only had they ruined Wright&39;s wedding, but they had also made a mess in Mark&39;s basement, causing Mark to lose the gold room.

If they went now, Mark would probably want to eat them up.

Qiao Nian&39;s gaze fell on Gu Zhou&39;s face. She said gently, &34;You can&39;t go. You have to recuperate well. If the children see your injuries, they&39;ll definitely be sad.&34;

Qiao Nian moved closer to Gu Zhou&39;s forehead and kissed him gently. She said softly, &34;As for questioning Wright, just leave it to me. After I confirm their relationship, we&39;ll look for Big Brother. Then, you&39;ll be able to see him.&34;

Seeing that Gu Zhou was about to say something else, Qiao Nian couldn&39;t help but say, &34;Moreover, isn&39;t Chen Qing still there? I heard from Lina that Chen Qing wants to help her drug Wright. When that happens, things will become simpler. It won&39;t be as complicated as you think.&34;

Hearing Qiao Nian&39;s words, Gu Zhou knew that Qiao Nian already had her own plan. Actually, he was fine. Although there were also bruises on his leg, his bones were not injured.

&34;It&39;s just a wound on my face. I&39;ll go with you.&34; Gu Zhou wasn&39;t persuaded by Qiao Nian. Although it wasn&39;t appropriate for him to go to Mark&39;s Manor now, there was a saying that the most dangerous place was the safest place.

&34;But I don&39;t want you to—&34;

Before Qiao Nian could finish speaking, Gu Zhou interrupted her. &34;I don&39;t want to stay here and worry about you either.&34;

After some thought, Qiao Nian nodded. The two of them tidied up briefly and walked out.

In Earl Mark&39;s residence.

Lina was about to return to her room when she saw a servant standing at the door. She was about to push the door open and enter when her expression changed. She shouted sternly, &34;Stop!&34;

There was no one in the corridor. Lina&39;s voice was exceptionally clear.

When the servant heard Lina&39;s voice, she hurriedly turned around and said guiltily, &34;I&39;m sorry, Seventh Princess. I kept knocking on your door just now. Seeing that you didn&39;t respond, I wanted to bring the medicine in first.&34;

When Lina heard the servant&39;s words, her expression darkened slightly. She walked up to the servant step by step and questioned in a low voice, &34;I didn&39;t agree, so you can take the initiative to enter my room?&34;

The servant lowered her head in fear, not daring to speak.

Lina glanced at the soup in the servant&39;s hand and asked with a dark expression, &34;What medicine?&34;

&34;Seventh Princess, today is your engagement banquet with Prince Wright. Logically speaking, you and Prince Wright should share this bowl of soup. Only then can you rest well,&34; the servant said obediently, not daring to look up.

The servant was still quite unhappy. If the Seventh Princess hadn&39;t insisted on sleeping separately, she wouldn&39;t have run to both sides.

&34;I&39;ve never heard of such a strange rule. I won&39;t…&34; Lina had wanted to say &34;I won&39;t drink it&34;, but when she thought of what she was going to do tonight, her expression restrained slightly. &34;Are you saying that this is for Wright and me to drink together?&34;

The servant nodded. &34;Yes.&34;

Lina&39;s eyes darted around. She already had a plan in mind. She looked at the servant in front of her and pursed her lips. In the end, she said, &34;In that case, you…&34;

On the other side of the residence.

The corridor on the other side was resplendent. There were many famous historical paintings hanging on both sides, and there was a precious cashmere carpet on the ground.

This entire building belonged to Wright himself. His new room with Lina was also here, but he was not favored now. He could not stay in the same room as Lina at all!

Today was his most humiliating day!

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