Novel Name : Falling in Love With A One-Night Stand

Chapter 583 I Know You Have A Crush

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&#lt;p&#gt;583 | Know You Have A Crush o. Ww 582 I Know You Have A Crush on Her
“Do you really want to know about it?” Dominic asked after some thought
“Yes,” Tammy said
“| might tell you after we get to know each other better. But, you know, we’re not even friends now,” He
“Well, I’m not interested in that anymore,” Tammy said. She became impatient, so she stopped talking
to Dominic
“Are you angry?” Dominic asked
“| know you won’t get angry that easily.”
“That’s because | know getting angry easily is bad for my health. It has
nothing to do with you.”
Hearing Tammy’s words, Dominic burst out laughing. He knew Tammy
loved sashimi, so he gave her that plate. “Well, we’re friends now,” he said
At that time, Alicia was talking to Kevin, and Matthew was talking to Jayden. On the other hand,
Matthew kept a close eye on Dominic and paid attention to his every move
Dominic quickly realized this, so he turned to look at Matthew. The two boys then locked their gazes on
each other. Matthew appeared wary and hostile, whereas Dominic didn’t seem to be bothered by
Matthew’s gaze at all. Tammy, however, was so concentrated on eating that she had no idea what was
going on between her brother and Dominic
“Can you teach me how to play games?” Tammy asked, her gaze fixed
582 | Know You Have A Crush o… wa on Dominic
“You’re doing a good job as a live streamer,” Dominic replied, sounding as if he was genuinely
complimenting her&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;“No, I’m not as great as you.”
“I’m a pro, so | have to be good. Do you want to be a part of the professional team as well?” Dominic
asked, looking rather intrigued
“| haven’t thought it through yet, but I’m interested in it. My brother said he’ll be supportive of that,” With
a shrug, Tammy replied
“Then let me know when you figure it out.”
Hearing that, Tammy became thrilled right away. She asked, “Really? Are you willing to do that?”
“Only if | happen to be in Birmingham at the time.”
Dominic had been living in London before coming to Birmingham
Because his family did not support him to be an e-sports player, he moved to Birmingham with a group
of friends and formed his own team
He won some competitions and broke the national record over the years, but he became disoriented
about his life. His father had recently become ill, which made him realize it was time for him to return to
“Great! Let me toast you!” Tammy said. She picked up her juice glass and clinked it with Dominic’s
“Are you sure you want me to be your teacher?” Dominic asked jokingly. He laughed when he locked
eyes with Tammy and saw her excited expression
In response, Tammy nodded her head and smiled. Seeing that, Dominic wanted to stroke her hair, but
he gave up that idea because he
saw Matthew was looking at him with hostility
582 | Know You Have A Crush o. Ww
After a while, Dominic went to the bathroom. And Matthew followed him after paying the bill. Dominic
stopped in the hallway when he realized Matthew was following him. He turned around and asked,
“Matthew, do you have anything to say to me?”
“Do you have a crush on Tammy?” Matthew asked directly
“It seems you are as straightforward as your sister,” Dominic laughed as he said this&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;“Answer my question.” Matthew tried to keep his tone as gentle as possible. However, the thought of a
man being attracted to Tammy made him uncomfortable
“Whoa, whoa. Easy, dude.” Dominic was uncomfortable about the conversation, but he soon calmed
down. Then he added, “Yes, | think she’s cute. She’s unique, and I’ve never met a more beautiful or
sweeter girl than Tammy. | became even more interested in her after learning that she was
“She’s only seventeen. She is still considered a minor.” Matthew quickly got to the point
“| understand, which is why | didn’t want to do anything to her. | swear I’ll only be her friend until she’s
an adult.”
“| hope you’ll keep your promise,” said Matthew. Despite what he said, he was still worried. He was
afraid Dominic would hurt Tammy, but he also feared she would miss out on happiness because of his
“Sure. | guarantee it.”
“If you hurt her, I’ll…”
“You’re only 16, so don’t act like you’re in your forties. | really like her, so I’ll only do things to make her
happy. You’re the same age as her, but why are you acting like her dad?” Dominic asked
582 | Know You Have A Crush o. Ww “My parents aren’t here, so I’m responsible for taking care of her
as her brother.” Matthew’s face was expressionless. He then turned and entered the private room
What a bizarre couple of twins! Tammy is naive and innocent, whereas Matthew is mature and
dependable. Until this day, | still feel surprised whenever! think of the fact that they are the same age.
Matthew is smart and mature. Most importantly, he became a well-known businessman at a young age.
At the same time, taking on too many responsibilities makes his life difficult. Am / a little too selfish in
comparison to him? Should | also take on the responsibility just as my parents expected? Dominic
thought to himself
The next morning, Matthew arrived at his office on time. He hadn’t gotten much sleep the night before
because he had a dream where Dominic was a wanted fugitive&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;And his dream made him even more interested in learning more about
Dominic. / have to keep Tammy away from him if he’s abad guy. Matthew thought
Last month, Matthew wanted to hire some bodyguards to protect Tammy, but she refused, telling
Matthew that it wasn’t necessary
Matthew then called Gabe, who arrived at the company on his first day
back from Australia. He used to be Wayne’s assistant, so he was delighted to be back at work
Soon, Gabe entered Matthew’s office
“Hello there, Mr. Wright. How can | help you?” He asked politely. He appeared to treat Matthew as an
adult rather than a child
“You can just call me by my first name,” Matthew said. Gabe used to look after Matthew when he was
younger, so they were close
“It’s fine. I’ll call you ‘Matthew’ in private.”
Matthew then continued to pace in front of the floor-to-ceiling window. He said, “OK. I’d like you to look
into someone for me.”
“Dominic. Actually, | don’t believe this is his real name. He’s a well-known e-sports player, and he’s
quite young. | want to know everything about him, so I’m hoping you can find out as much as possible.”
“All right, I’ll do it right now.”
“Please tell me as soon as you learn anything about him.”
“Sure. I’m on it.”
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