Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 1838 The Ex-Fiancé’s Remorse

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Feeling her phone vibrate, Bella&39;s tense heart finally eased. She had designated Elisa as her
emergency contact when they had gone phone shopping together, a decision that was proving
invaluable now. Bella couldn&39;t help but feel gratitude for Elisa&39;s foresight.

With the SOS message sent, Luke swiftly handled the waiter incident, promptly dismissing the
unfortunate staff member.

However, Bella wasn&39;t concerned with the waiter&39;s fate. Her mind was entirely occupied with devising a
way to communicate with Elisa without arousing Luke&39;s suspicion.

In the meantime, Luke continued to serve the food, and his gaze was locked onto Bella&39;s untouched
plate. His expression held neither warmth nor anger, making it difficult to gauge his genuine emotions.
He simply inquired, &34;Why aren&39;t you eating? Doesn&39;t suit your taste?&34;

Bella shook her head. &34;Not hungry right now.&34;

Luke smiled, his tone light, &34;How can you not be hungry? You only had fried noodles for lunch, and
you&39;ve been running on empty since leaving the office.&34;

Bella pounded the table, shot to her feet, and glared down at Luke, demanding, &34;How dare you spy on

Luke wiped his hands and adopted a composed demeanor as if he were a refined young gentleman
rather than the destitute figure she&39;d once known. He slowly rose to his feet, casting a shadow that
loomed over Bella.

&34;Spying is a strong word. Let&39;s just say I&39;ve been quite curious about your recent activities.&34;

His words struck a nerve, causing a series of unrelated events to fall into place like puzzle pieces,
leading to a sudden understanding.

&34;So, you&39;re the one who arranged that rented house. And those monthly flower deliveries were your
doing too?&34;

Luke grinned, neither confirming nor denying her accusations.

Bella&39;s chest rose and fell with intensity, yet she knew taking on Luke at this moment was a losing
battle. She was acutely aware that letting her anger loose now would only come back to haunt her.

So, she sat back down.

As if finding a middle ground, Bella picked up her fork and spoon, focusing solely on the dishes Luke
had just eaten from—a preemptive move to dodge any potential drugging.

Noticing this, Luke settled back in his chair, a grin of satisfaction quirking his lips.

&34;Smooth escape, huh? Just you?&34; Bella nonchalantly inquired with a glint of curiosity in her eyes.

Luke didn&39;t dodge the truth but brushed it with a light touch, &34;You&39;ve got your bag of tricks, and I&39;ve got
my own methods to scale walls. But yeah, I made it out alone.&34;

He reached across, capturing Bella&39;s hand, brushing off her slight resistance, and placed it over his
heart. &34;Prison time is a reflective period. I know I screwed up. Looking back on our moments, I see my

blindness and foolishness. I let go of someone incredible like you for the sake of a nobody.&34;

Suppressing her repulsion, Bella maintained a composed facade. She&39;d heard these lines one too
many times. But in the end, didn&39;t he betray her and run off with her supposed best friend?

Bella&39;s brows furrowed, and she pulled her hand away. &34;Enough of that—let&39;s shift to discussing our

Luke&39;s demeanor shifted momentarily, a hint of unspoken thoughts in his eyes before a ringing phone
cut off his words.

Bella swiveled around, retrieving her phone from her bag—it was Elisa calling.

Offering an apologetic glance, she headed toward the door. Yet, outside, Luke&39;s security detail formed
an unyielding barrier, obstructing her way.

With a sigh of frustration, Bella retraced her steps into the chamber again. She made her way to the
window and answered the call.

Luke stood and approached, mouthing silently, &34;Turn on the speaker.&34;

Bella shot him an irritated look before answering the call.

&34;Hey, Liz. Your timing is perfect. I was just about to ask you for a favor.&34;

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