Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 1837 Reunion with an Old Acquaintance

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Bella&39;s heart sank, her expression instantly crumbling. She had run through countless scenarios, but
the thought of the puppeteer behind Valor Corporation being him had never crossed her mind!

&34;Long time no see, Bella.&34; The man, donning sunglasses and smirking, opened his arms as if expecting
a hug.

It turned out that it was her despicable ex-fiancé, Luke Connor!

Bella stood her ground, fixating on him with intensity. &34;How on earth did you get out of jail?&34;

Luke took off his sunglasses, feigning a regretful look. &34;After all this time, I thought you&39;d be excited to
see me. Instead, our reunion is off to a rather aggressively inquisitive start. Ouch!&34;

He advanced as he spoke.

Bella watched him cautiously, involuntarily stepping backward until her back pressed against the wall.
With no more room to retreat, she was trapped. Her mind raced as she tried to make sense of the

How did Luke escape from jail? Was he the only one who got out?

So, why and how did he end up here?

Bella couldn&39;t possibly be naive enough to believe that after sending Luke to prison, he&39;d go to such
lengths to catch up or discuss cooperation with her. He wasn&39;t the type to repay evil with kindness.

Luke raised his hand, letting his fingers run through Bella&39;s hair, from her scalp to the tips, collecting a
handful and taking a whiff at his nose.

&34;Bella, you still smell as amazing as ever.&34;

Suppressing the urge to gag, Bella attempted to keep the situation under control. &34;Let&39;s not waste time
and get down to business.&34;

Though she was fully aware that Luke&39;s motives for being there weren&39;t likely about business, Bella
figured that if she played dumb, maybe she could prevent things from escalating into hostility right then
and there.

Luke paused momentarily as if delaying the inevitable confrontation just for a momentary thrill. His eyes
were all wink-and-nudge as he retreated, creating some breathing space.

Bella felt a mixture of relief and tension, maintaining her poker face.

&34;Yeah, I invited you here today to discuss joining forces between our company. Come, take a seat.&34;

Luke&39;s tone was oddly polite as he even played the gentleman by pulling out a chair.

Suppressing her unease, Bella settled into the seat.

Luke took his place beside her, fixing his gaze on her with an almost predatory intensity.

Bella&39;s unease sky-rocketed, and she couldn&39;t help but ask, &34;Aren&39;t they serving the food yet?&34;

Though she was attempting to keep her calm, her mind was racing, trying to concoct a plan to
discreetly snag her phone and send an SOS message.

Luke grinned and snapped his fingers, signaling the waiters to enter one by one.

&34;Check it out; I&39;ve got your favorite dishes lined up. Thought it might put a smile on your face,&34; Luke
quipped as if trying to charm her.

Bella mustered a strained smile and thanked him.

She glanced at the entrance and confirmed her suspicion: the three bodyguards had vanished.

Her heart sank like a boulder.

Luke was unfazed by her unease; instead, he took the lead in serving her food with almost
exaggerated attention to detail.

Bella&39;s expression clouded over like a storm brewing on the horizon.

There was no way Bella would touch any of the food in front of her.

As she contemplated her next move, a waiter slipped at the entrance, accidentally knocking over a
teriyaki beef plate.

Luke shot up, irritated as he scolded the waiter, &34;What&39;s the matter with you? Are all the waiters here
on the same level of incompetence?!&34;

Bella furrowed her brows, watching the waiter&39;s face turn redder than the hot sauce. Initially, she
planned to defuse the situation, but then an idea struck her.

Her hand discreetly reached into her bag behind her and tapped three times.

An SOS message for emergencies was swiftly sent out.

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