Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 1826 Hypocrite

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But her eyes were like two empty sockets, devoid of any emotion.

Rochelle stood rooted to her spot, unable to move. She didn&39;t dare to drink or take her seat. Her eyes
widened in fear. The atmosphere in the meeting room turned awkward.

She then shot a pleading gaze at Paul.

Paul cleared his throat and said, &34;Exactly, Ms. Benett. Ms. Matterson has a point. This doesn&39;t seem

Elisa&39;s lips lifted slightly in an indiscernible look as she tapped her finger on the table. No one could tell
what was going through her head.

Elisa scanned the meeting table and asked, &34;What do the people here think?&34;

She proposed a discussion, but her authoritative voice demanded a response.

No one dared to speak up.

As Paul was about to say something, Elisa threw Rochelle&39;s report onto the ground.

Everyone was left in shock by her unexpected actions.

Even Paul stood frozen, struggling to wrap his mind around what had happened.

&34;The rules need to be changed if it doesn&39;t work. Also, I sent the proposal for Bella&39;s promotion two

weeks ago. Why didn&39;t you approve it?&34; Elisa lowered her voice, emphasizing every work clearly.

This was the first time that Elisa had lashed out in anger, especially towards someone with such a high
status in the company.

Although Elisa had nothing to lose by going against Paul, she had never directly expressed it to his

Paul had never respected Elisa, and now that she targeted him, he would only become more arrogant
and condescending.

However, he had a thick skin from years of experience, so Elisa&39;s threatening remarks rolled off his
back. He kept his composure and feigned a saddened expression, but inside, he was seething with

&34;I know this matter upsets you,&34; he said, &34;but the company does not tolerate anyone who obtains their
position through connections. If I approve her promotion, there will be more problems that will arise in
the future. It is already an unusual practice for Bella to join the company, and now you want her to be
promoted in such a short time. She can&39;t depend on connections to climb her way up. It would be
inevitable that other employees would be displeased with the unfair decision.&34;

Elisa snickered at his remarks. She was baffled yet amused by how he acted as if he cared for the

&34;Mr. Grayson, are you sure that&39;s not how you feel?&34; she asked, her eyes narrowed at him in a
provocative stare.

Paul&39;s face turned grim immediately. He pointed towards Elisa, his voice trembling as he raised his
voice, &34;What are you implying?&34;

He had fallen right into Elisa&39;s trap. As soon as he felt the slightest hint of accusation, he felt compelled
to lash out in self-defense.

Elisa twirled a strand of her hair in amusement as she watched Paul squirm. He had fooled himself into
thinking he cared about the company, but she knew better. He was only in it for himself.

Elisa took out a file and slammed it down in the middle of the meeting table. The executives and
directors exchanged nervous glances before taking a document each. Their eyes bulged out of their
heads as soon as they saw what was on the document.

The document revealed that Rochelle had embezzled millions from the company and sold off the
company&39;s confidential technology.

It also described in detail how Rochelle obtained the director position through Paul&39;s connections.

Elisa sipped her tea and said, &34;Mr. Grayson, you&39;re acting like a hypocrite. You said that promoting
Bella through connections would make the employees feel upset. But this is what you&39;re doing behind
everyone&39;s back? Rochelle has schemed such despicable acts using your name. Are you unaware of
this, or have you been feigning indifference all this time?&34;

Paul slumped in his chair, defeated. His confidence, which had been so strong before, had been
completely shattered by Elisa&39;s exposure of his lies.

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