Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 1827 In My Position

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The color drained from Paul&39;s face, and his eyes widened with fear.

He had been caught red-handed, and he knew it.

Elisa had exposed him in front of everyone; it was no different from a public execution.

Rochelle noticed Paul&39;s gaze staring at her. She hung her head, staring at the ground. Paul&39;s eyes
turned cold with indignation.

She had caused a mess, and now Paul was left holding the bag.

Elisa ignored their interaction and turned to the other stakeholders. She raised her voice and asked, &34;If
people like Rochelle can become the director of our project department, then why can&39;t Bella take up
the team leader position?&34;

Rochelle, who was brought into the company by Paul, was now being brought down by Elisa, who was
exposing her past schemes.

Paul felt a sinking feeling in his stomach as his face turned crimson with rage.

&34;I believe Rochelle should be held accountable for her actions,&34; he said, his voice tight with tension.
&34;However, she has also been a valuable asset to the company. I propose we dock her pay for the next
three months as punishment. As for Bella, I believe she is more than qualified to be a team leader, and
I approve of her assignment.&34;

Paul tried to downplay the situation by giving Elisa what she wanted, but it wasn&39;t enough. Rochelle

should be in prison for embezzling the company&39;s funds. There was no way Elisa would let her off the
hook by merely docking her salary for three months.

He was proposing a solution that would have benefitted them greatly, but he acted as if he was on the
losing end.

His tone implied he didn&39;t mind taking the fall for this matter as long as the company didn&39;t go into

As expected, he continued, trying to deflect the severity of the matter. &34;Elisa, you&39;re still young. You
don&39;t have the experience of handling a matter like this. The company will lose its stability if it is not
handled properly.&34;

Rochelle knew Paul was trying to protect her, so she readily agreed to his proposed action. She also
vowed to guide Bella well in her work.

Everything seemed to be going according to plan.

After all, Paul had finally decided to give the team leader position to Bella.

But Elisa wasn&39;t here to discuss matters with them.

She had the authority to determine what happened to them.

&34;It would be the company&39;s greatest mistake to keep someone who betrays everyone else&39;s trust,&34; Elisa
asserted in a commanding voice. &34;Ms. Matterson, you&39;re fired. Your position will be taken over by Ms.
Wickam with a probation period of three months.&34;

Elisa said it all in one breath, leaving Rochelle in utter shock. Even Bella was stunned to hear her
announcement. Elisa had never brought up the possibility of taking up the role with her before.

Rochelle had already walked over to Paul, begging him in tears to keep her in the company.

Rochelle broke down into tears as she clung to Paul. He would have to comfort his lover later.

But she was begging the wrong person.

Paul&39;s veins bulged in his neck as his eyes narrowed at Elisa. &34;What are you trying to achieve?&34; he
asked indignantly. &34;Are you not afraid of losing the support of the people who have been here for
decades and have helped build this company?&34;

Elisa stood up from her chair and walked to the middle of the meeting table. She placed her hands
firmly on the table and stared at everyone with a pressuring gaze.

&34;Everyone here has contributed greatly to the company,&34; she said in a clear and determined voice. &34;I
would never take that for granted. However, I have my principles and my values. I would not tolerate
anyone who goes against what my company stands for. It would be a dereliction of my duty as CEO to
let Rochelle go today.&34;

Elisa emphasized the gravity of her words, making sure that everyone understood the importance of
her decision. She had made everyone stand in opposition to Paul.

Seeing how no one disagreed with her remarks, she gave Paul a visceral look of satisfaction.

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