Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 1821 Deep Resentment

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As she recalled what happened just now, Bella&39;s hands started to tremble again. One of the police
officers passed her a blanket, but she continued to shiver in fear.

&34;Did the stranger say anything?&34; Elisa inquired.

Bella shook her head. &34;I tried to warn the person that I had already called the police, and they were on
their way. I asked who it was, but they continued to knock on the door vigorously without replying to a
word I said,&34; Bella&39;s voice quavered weakly, her breath growing thin and ragged. Her eyes had widened
so large, and her body froze as if being pulled back to her memories of what had happened. She buried
her head in her arms, struggling to figure out why this was happening to her.

The police officer at the side helped her explain, &34;The person ran away as soon as we arrived. They
had been trying to smash open the bathroom door with a hammer. They would have gotten to her if we
had arrived a few minutes later.&34;

Elisa felt her stomach churn at the thought. She felt terrible that Bella had to go through this. She
hugged Bella and reassured her again, &34;You&39;re okay now.&34;

Bella had never been this emotionally distraught, even when her ex-fiancé and best friend betrayed
her. It was all down to the pressure of being alone in a different city, getting oppressed by the
executives in the company, and getting so close to death that all the compounded stress opened up her
bottled-up emotions like a broken dam. She just wanted to cry and let it all out.

Even Gareth, who usually appeared cold and distant, couldn&39;t help but pity his cousin. His eyes
softened as he stared at her, thinking about who might&39;ve done this to her.

But according to Bella, this wasn&39;t even the first time that something like this had happened.

Bella&39;s phone call in the middle of the night was because she noticed someone following her. She also
received a bouquet from an anonymous sender. She never thought much about it but suddenly realized
everything could be connected. The flowers weren&39;t sent as a sign of love or admiration but as a threat.

Elisa&39;s face darkened. &34;Bella just moved to Bayswe. There&39;s no way she could have made an enemy
here in such a short period. Even if she did, they wouldn&39;t have such deep resentment towards her. If
we narrow down the possibilities, there&39;s only one person...&34; Elisa trailed off, not wanting to say the
name out loud.

She shot a glance at Gareth, signaling for him to follow her outside so they could talk privately.

Bella was in a very vulnerable state, so Elisa wanted to stay by her side. She also didn&39;t want to say
anything that might trigger her.

Hence, Elisa stayed by Bella&39;s side and waited for her to fall asleep before leaving.

Gareth was leaning against the wall by the door, smoking a cigarette. His right hand was on the railing,
and his body was slightly curved forward. He held the cigarette in his left hand and let out puffs of
smoke from his mouth. The smoke from his cigarette obscured his face, making it impossible to read
his emotions.

When he saw Elisa exiting the room, he stubbed out his cigarette in the trash can and stood up.

&34;How is she?&34; Gareth&39;s tall, lean frame stepped closer to Elisa, casting a shadow over her features.

Elisa stared at him, wondering if she should tell him he didn&39;t need to put out his cigarette. She decided
to keep it to herself.

&34;She&39;s asleep,&34; she said.

Gareth nodded. &34;That&39;s good.&34;

Elisa didn&39;t say a word as she leaned against the wall, mirroring Gareth&39;s posture from a moment ago.

Gareth stood before her, his eyes glinting with curiosity. &34;What were you going to say just now?&34;

Elisa kept quiet momentarily, her eyes slowly lifting to meet his. &34;Bella just moved to Bayswe. Although
she can sometimes be a little reckless, she would never go overboard. I don&39;t believe anyone would
have such deep hatred towards her that they would plot something like this to scare her. Only one
person in Bayswe would do something like this.&34;

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