Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 1811 The First Time He Detested Her

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Gareth laughed but didn&39;t refute Elisa. He was satisfied with moments like this. Although Elisa wouldn&39;t
allow him to express his affection overly, she didn&39;t repel his presence anymore, which was a good

Gareth became more confident that Elisa would accept him sooner or later as long as he persisted.
When there is a will, there is a way!

Three days later.

Around ten at night, Bella and her team were still working in the office. Ever since Bella turned to Elisa
at Bayswe, Elisa saw her potential and offered her a position in her company to work as a project

Bella proved herself by winning a project with a major client. So, she was preparing a report now.

If they secured this collaboration, it would generate substantial revenue for that year.

Bella and her team had been working many late nights to work on the proposal and had been the last
ones to leave the company. Tonight was no exception.

After ten o&39;clock, her team members started going home. Bella exhorted her colleagues to text her
once they got home safely. Then, she continued finishing up the proposal.

She was a meticulous and dedicated person. Everyone who worked with her praised her for her
attention to detail and boldness and acknowledged her as an outstanding partner and manager. This
proved that Elisa had made the right choice to employ her.

It was only a matter of time before Bella became Elisa&39;s dependable right-hand man.

After completing the proposal, Bella stretched and sent the document to Elisa. Then, she switched off
her laptop and was about to return to her rented house.

While walking back home, Bella felt something was off. She could hear hurried footsteps as if someone
were tailing her. However, there was no sign of anyone when she turned.

As she continued walking, she could hear the footsteps again, but she still saw no one when she
turned around. What was even more terrifying was that the rhythm of the footsteps mimicked hers. The
mysterious person seemed to keep a distance from her intentionally. Even when she tried to catch the
person out of the corner of her eye or turned around abruptly, she saw nothing.

Bella thought she was just imagining things because she was exhausted from overworking. She shook
her head and continued walking without paying attention to the sound.

The street was not usually quiet, but because it was almost midnight, there were only a few passers-by.
Bella felt a chill as she continued walking. She rubbed her arms as a sudden gust of wind gave her

Feeling unnerved, Bella took out her phone to call Elisa, hoping to talk to someone to boost her
courage. The call was soon answered.

Elisa was lying on the couch, instructing Gareth to do chores.

She was surprised to receive Bella&39;s call at this hour and asked if something urgent had happened.

Bella didn&39;t tell Elisa about her suspicion because she had no evidence and didn&39;t want Elisa to worry.

So, they ended up talking about work.

Gareth became salty when he finished washing the plates and walked out of the kitchen. He expected
to receive a kiss or a hug from Elisa as a compliment or at least watch a show together on the couch.
However, it turned out that Elisa was occupied on the phone.

It was the first time Gareth detested his dear cousin.

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