Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 1813 Are You Shy?

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&34;Mr. Wickam, you didn&39;t have to go through the hassle just to send me lunch.&34;

Gareth chuckled softly in a low, attractive sound.

He looked down at Elisa from his height. His gaze wandered before finally resting on her lips. Elisa had
beautiful lips, which were charming even without lipstick.

&34;Elisa, I came all the way to have lunch with you. You won&39;t turn me down, will you?&34;

Oh well, he&39;s pretending to be pitiful again.

Elisa couldn&39;t bring herself to reject Gareth, so she took over the lunch box. It was her favorite pesto
pasta, and the food was still warm.

Just then, Elisa recalled something and pushed Gareth away. She took her phone and was about to
call Bella, but the perceptive Gareth raised his brows and blurted, &34;I&39;ve had Thomas send Bella lunch
and asked her to eat at the staff dorms so she won&39;t disturb our lunch date. She disturbed us yesterday,
so I hope you can spend time with me today.&34;

Elisa looked at Gareth in surprise, not expecting him to be this thoughtful.

She said in resignation, &34;You&39;ve arranged everything. What else can I say? Come and eat together.&34;

Having anticipated this response, Gareth sat down immediately after getting Elisa&39;s approval.

The couch was too small to fit two people. Gareth&39;s unique, invasive scent soon filled the room.

It was a pleasant lunch. There was nothing better than eating one&39;s favorite food after a busy morning.

Gareth barely ate but kept smiling while staring at Elisa, which made her feel uncomfortable.

She waved her hand in front of Gareth. &34;What&39;s wrong with you? Why do you keep staring at me?&34;

Gareth held back his laughter and shrugged. Flustered, Elisa put down her cutleries and stared back at

Moments later, Gareth grinned and made a cheeky remark. &34;Yeah. You&39;re my cup of tea.&34;

Elisa rolled her eyes at him and said, &34;Quickly finish your food and leave. If you talk nonsense again, I&39;ll
ask the security guards to throw you out.&34;

Gareth quickly raised his hands in surrender. &34;Okay, okay. I&39;ll stop. Are you shy?&34;

Elisa pretended to call the guards, but Gareth pressed the hang-up button so that she couldn&39;t make
the call.

Elisa shot a glare at Gareth, which made him laugh more heartily. This glare wasn&39;t filled with hatred
and disgust like before. Previously, Elisa would even ignore him. He could tell that Elisa was not really
angry and found this mode of interaction very satisfying.

Gareth smiled. &34;Sorry about that, but let&39;s finish our food first. After all, I came all the way to deliver
lunch for you. This effort is commendable, right?&34;

Elisa couldn&39;t do anything about him. So, she sat down and continued eating.

Suddenly, Bella knocked on the door. Elisa put down her cutleries and wiped her mouth before asking
Bella to come in.

Bella entered the room with some documents in her hand. For some reason, she sensed a bizarre
coldness when she walked in. Is the air conditioning so cold in this room?

Noticing Elisa was still eating, Bella said apologetically, &34;I&39;m sorry to disturb your lunch hour, Ms.
Benett. I just finished eating and thought of sending these documents to you.&34;

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