Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 1809 Her Mind Was a Mess

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Elisa&39;s heart sank. This question had finally come. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. When
she opened her eyes again, their confusion was replaced with clarity. She turned around to face
Gareth, who was gazing at her fervently. He did not loosen his grip on her hand, worrying that she
would run away when he let go.

In fact, Elisa, too, intended to have an open and honest conversation with Gareth.

Gareth said, &34;Elisa, the fact that you didn&39;t push me away proves that you don&39;t detest me. Maybe, you
have feelings for me too. Don&39;t deceive yourself anymore. Don&39;t suppress your feelings, alright?&34;
Gareth was nervous when he said those words, fearing Elisa might refute him.

Elisa remained silent with her eyes downcast.

Gareth continued, &34;I know I&39;ve let you down in the past. I hope you&39;ll give me a chance to make it up to
you. I wish to share our future together. Do you understand?&34;

Elisa turned to look at him. Gareth was relieved to see no hint of disgust in her expression.

They could see their reflections in each other&39;s eyes while the atmosphere was filled with tenderness
and affection.

&34;Gareth, we were once husband and wife. We&39;ve known each other for a long time, and I once treated
you sincerely. I would be lying if I said I have no feelings for you.&34;

Gareth&39;s eyes instantly lit up.

&34;But…&34; Elisa hadn&39;t finished her sentence. &34;All this shall pass. Right now, I only feel grateful toward
you, nothing more.&34;

Elisa was conflicted, but one thing was clear – at that point, she couldn&39;t bring herself to treat Gareth
with hostility and ruthlessness like before.

Do I… like him a little?

Elisa was shocked when the thought flashed across her mind.

Gareth didn&39;t notice Elisa&39;s subtle, odd look as he was contemplating her words.

In fact, no answer was the best response. At least Elisa didn&39;t detest or brush him off like before, so he
still stood a chance.

Even if it was mere gratitude, it was better than disgust.

Gareth&39;s attractive face lit up with excitement; joy filled his otherwise aloof eyes. He couldn&39;t contain his
elation and stood up to embrace Elisa. At that moment, this powerful and influential man was like a kid
who had received his beloved toy.

He hugged Elisa in an irresistible yet tender manner.

&34;Do you know how long I&39;ve waited for you to accept my kindness? Do you know how long I&39;ve been
waiting for this chance?&34; Gareth whispered into Elisa&39;s ear, giving her a tingling sensation.

Elisa was stunned. Gareth seemed to have mistaken her meaning! She attempted to push Gareth

away, but the latter pretended to wince in pain, having noticed her intention.

Elisa dared not move, worrying that she would touch his wound.

A triumphant smile spread across Gareth&39;s face.

The hug lasted for several minutes before Gareth reluctantly let go of Elisa.

He apologized thereafter, expressing that he was overjoyed and didn&39;t mean to take advantage of her.
He didn&39;t forget that Elisa hated it when her will was disrespected. His action just now was out of strong
affection but not disrespect.

Elisa didn&39;t answer; her mind was a mess.

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