Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 1810 Mischief

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The woman who was usually eloquent was now at a loss for words. Gareth held Elisa&39;s hand gleefully
and led her toward the door.

Elisa tried to break away from his grip but to no avail. So, she heaved a sigh and gave in.

Thomas, who was waiting outside the room, was flabbergasted when he saw Gareth holding Elisa&39;s
hand, walking out in high spirits.

He clearly remembered how cold and repulsive Elisa was toward Gareth ever since they divorced. So,
he was impressed at how Gareth managed to make Elisa accept him.

While going downstairs, Thomas still felt astonished. Gareth glared at him, sending a chill down his

Did I do anything wrong? Thomas thought. Elisa said while he was in a fluster, &34;It&39;s getting late now.
Let&39;s all stay for dinner.&34;

Only then did Thomas realize why Gareth glared at him. Of course, he didn&39;t dare to let Elisa cook for
him or stay and disturb their dinner date. Otherwise, Gareth would definitely tear him into pieces!

So, Thomas sensibly turned down Elisa&39;s invitation and fled with the other subordinates as if they were
chased by a fierce dog.

Elisa was confused. She turned to look at Gareth and pointed at herself. &34;Is my cooking that bad?&34; She

Gareth held in his laughter and shook his head seriously. &34;Not at all. Your cooking is amazing. They just
didn&39;t want to trouble you.&34;

Elisa nodded and stopped thinking about it. Then, she rolled up her sleeves and entered the kitchen.

Gareth wanted to follow her but was stopped.

&34;The cooking smell can be strong; your wound has yet to recover. I can manage it myself.&34;

Gareth&39;s response left Elisa speechless. &34;But I want to be with you.&34; He said solemnly while staring at
Elisa with sparkling eyes.

Staggered, Elisa started preparing the ingredients and refused to respond, worrying that Gareth would
make other shocking remarks.

She planned to make some simple dishes, so she didn&39;t stop Gareth from assisting her.

Elisa cooked at the stove while Gareth washed and cut the vegetables, creating a harmonious scene.

After a while, a main dish and an appetizer were served. They were simple home-cooked dishes, but
for some reason, Gareth thought Elisa&39;s cooking was exceptionally delicious.

Perhaps it was because she would occasionally incorporate medicinal ingredients, but Gareth enjoyed
eating the food she prepared.

He even felt his mood brightened whenever he ate Elisa&39;s food.

Even at the dining table, Gareth couldn&39;t take his eyes off Elisa.

His gaze was so intent that Elisa had no choice but to respond to him.

&34;This is good for your recovery.&34; She picked up a piece of vegetable and placed it on Gareth&39;s plate.
Gareth nodded and immediately ate it.

Then, he propped his head with one hand and continued gazing at Elisa.

Disturbed, Elisa put down her cutleries and looked into Gareth&39;s eyes. &34;Why do you keep staring at

Gareth smiled, thinking the flustered Elisa was extremely adorable. &34;Because you&39;re beautiful.&34;

Staring at her delicate face, he couldn&39;t help reaching out his hand to pinch her cheeks.

As expected, Elisa hit him with her spoon, but it was worth it.

&34;Stop acting up. Also, are you gonna be full just by staring at me? Quickly finish your food and clean
up.&34; Elisa rebuked sulkily.

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