Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 1805 Testing

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Gareth elbowed Mr. Carrerra in his usual quick and precise manner.

Before the attack, he shot a glance at Elisa, who instantly understood what he meant. She took out her
phone instantly as he trusted her completely with his back.

Their relationship had forged a trusted bond between them. However, he was not as adept as before
due to his injuries, so some weak points were exposed in his attack.

Mr. Carrerra was not an easy opponent either. He quickly stepped back to avoid the attack and
grabbed Gareth&39;s arm. In a vicious attempt, he was about to use the other arm to break Gareth&39;s elbow.

Gareth frowned slightly. Under such circumstances, he knew he could not retrieve his arm in time;
worse—he might have dislocated it.

Hence, he sent a kick to put some distance between them. Right after that, he launched an attack at
Mr. Carrerra&39;s neck, forcing him to retreat to avoid being flipped over.

&34;You&39;re as skillful as ever, Mr. Wickam.&34; Mr. Carrerra was panting slightly as he eyed Gareth sharply, as
though his gaze could bore a hole in the latter.

Gareth knew that their sparring was only a means to test each other&39;s limits.

Despite the splintering pain caused by the reopening of his wounds, he remained calm.

He knew he would not survive the next fight. Precisely because of that, he knew he could not show a
single trace of fear to protect Elisa.

&34;Same goes for you, Mr. Carrerra. But I have to remind you that this is not Moranta. Fights are
uncommon here; people might even report you to the police. You know this is my turf very well—I have
no problems walking away from the police. But what about you?&34; he asked nonchalantly.

Mr. Carrerra&39;s expression slightly changed, but he quickly regained his cool and guffawed.

&34;Mr. Wickam, I know you&39;re a hero here, but I&39;m not a coward. I came here through immigration. Since
I&39;m not here via illegal means and I haven&39;t broken any laws, what is there for me to worry about?&34; He
looked around ludicrously.

Some passersby glanced at them, but they didn&39;t want to stir up any trouble, so they left when they met
Mr. Carrerra&39;s eyes.

He exuded a different sort of oppression compared to Gareth.

Gareth would make one feel pressured with his gaze, but he always came across as a gentleman.

On the other hand, Mr. Carrerra seemed like a wild tiger who could swallow one up without leaving a

Hence, no one dared to report it to the police.

After all, Mr. Carrerra looked like a wild gangster; no one wanted to be involved with such a menace.

Elisa chuckled, breaking the tension. Mr. Carrerra looked at her with a gaze filled with mixed feelings.
There was curiosity, admiration, and the desire to possess her.

She ignored his gaze and replied, &34;Of course, you have nothing to be afraid of, Mr. Carrerra. No matter
your plans, I bet it doesn&39;t feel good to have every action monitored by the police here. If you are smart
enough, you will leave now. Insisting on following us won&39;t bring you any good—I&39;ll make sure of this.&34;

Unmoved by her threat, he remained immobile, giving her a derisive stare.

Elisa&39;s gaze darkened. He probably heard about Gareth&39;s injuries.

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