Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 1806 Saved

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Elisa had no idea where he received such news, but she knew they had to handle the situation well.

Gareth and Elisa noted silently to stay cautious as they exchanged gazes.

Mr. Carrerra didn&39;t give them much time before he prepared himself for the next round of the fight,
looking as if he might pounce onto them any moment.

Gareth remained protective in front of Elisa regardless of his pain.

His stubbornness and insistence to protect her froze her on the spot. He had done the same thing a
few times, with a complete lack of regard for his condition.

As she was the closest to him, she could hear his ragged breathing.

It must hurt a lot. Even so, he didn&39;t reveal any weaknesses.

Conflicted feelings bubbled up within her. Though they just had an open conversation about their
situation, and she already decided to leave him, she was touched by his actions.

&34;Don&39;t worry. I&39;ll protect you.&34;

His voice rang hoarsely, perhaps because of the pain from his injuries. It sounded as though they were
in a life-or-death situation.

She was taken aback by his promise.

At the same moment, there was a commotion at the supermarket entrance—Thomas was running over
to them with a group of bodyguards in black.

A few security guards from the supermarket were behind them, attempting to stop their advance.
However, they gave up upon seeing how powerful the group seemed; they merely yelled out
instructions but didn&39;t dare to take action to stop them.

Hence, they could only follow Thomas to ensure the rest of the customers were not alarmed.

Still, everyone who witnessed that was shocked as they looked at Thomas and the team of

Elisa heaved a sigh of relief. Thank God he&39;s here on time. I was wondering if he could make it when I
called just now.

Gareth, however, merely glanced at them before refocusing on Mr. Carrerra, who was only a few steps
away from him.

His entire body was tense as he prepared to defend himself, worried that Mr. Carrerra might take
advantage of their preoccupation to strike.

Perhaps Mr. Carrerra truly had that plan in mind, but Gareth left no room for him to do so.

As Thomas and his group got closer, Mr. Carrerra had a hunch that things would soon spiral out of his

&34;I&39;ll be back for you, Ms. Benett.&34; he snarled, his eyes reflecting a wicked glint before he left.

Thomas was about to ask the team to chase after him but was stopped by Gareth.

&34;Let&39;s not chase someone driven to a corner. We don&39;t know how many people he brought along. It&39;s
not a worthwhile sacrifice.&34;

Thomas nodded and started making arrangements to send Gareth to the hospital. However, Gareth
rejected him.

&34;I&39;m not going. I&39;ll just get treatment from my personal doctor.&34;

He suddenly lost his balance and leaned on Elisa for support.

She instinctively wanted to push him away, but her resolve softened when they touched.

Hence, she switched to supporting him instead of shoving him away.

Gareth noticed that and smirked furtively when she wasn&39;t looking.

Meanwhile, Thomas noticed that and thought, Aha, his plan worked on Ms. Benett again. You really
have to resort to playing some tricks to win girls over these days, and this works very well on Ms.

Elisa slowly helped Gareth to the car with a group of tall, burly men behind them.

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