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Chapter 864 - Shouyi is a Little Embarrassing

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Chapter 864: Shouyi is a Little Embarrassing

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The next morning, it was raining on the beach.

Lu Jingzhi got up in advance to prepare the ingredients, because he had promised all the fathers yesterday that he would teach them how to make a decent breakfast for their children.

At seven o’clock in the morning, the fathers rushed to the cabin with a pair of dark circles under their eyes. After that, they all took out their cell phones, and prepared to record the steps that Lu Jingzhi took to prepare the breakfast for his son.

“Let’s talk about the milk brewing process first. If the milk bottle has already been used the day before, it would be best to disinfect the milk bottle first. After that, when brewing the milk, add warm water of about 45 degrees into the bottle. According to Shouyi’s habit, he drinks about 60ml of milk every day. So, I will add 60ml of water first.”

“After adding the water, I will add the milk powder. We usually use 30ml of water for a spoonful of milk powder. So, we can add two spoonsful of milk before shaking it then.”

“Brother Lu, why didn’t you put milk powder first?” The male singer asked.

“It will be easier to control the water temperature by putting the water first. Moreover, if we put the milk powder first, when the water goes down, it will be difficult to control the ratio. This is because the milk powder will agglomerate.” Lu Jingzhi also personally demonstrated it to them as he explained these steps to them.

“It turns out that there is so much knowledge about brewing milk.”

The fathers were convinced, patient, and they continued to learn.

At this time, Shouyi woke up and got out of bed as he went to the kitchen with his messy hair to look for his father.

“Daddy, I’m hungry.”

“I have already prepared your milk for you. Go and brush your teeth and you can drink it then.”

“I got it, daddy.” Shouyi rubbed his eyes, patted his hair, and turned around to head to the bathroom. Because he was not tall enough, he went to the bathroom with a small stool and squeezed a little strawberry toothpaste onto a children’s toothbrush. He brushed his teeth by himself.

The cameras in the house started working since the father and son were both up.

It was just that everyone was surprised by the shot of Shouyi, a four-year-old child being independent enough in many things.

He brushed his teeth and wiped his face again before stepping down and returning the stool to its original position.

At this time, Lu Jingzhi’s loving omelet was also out of the pan.

Shouyi ran into the kitchen, took his own milk bottle, took a few sips, and waited until Lu Jingzhi finished his work. After that, as he was drinking his milk, he pulled Lu Jingzhi’s pants and said, “Daddy.”

Lu Jingzhi wiped off the cold water on his hands and knelt down as he asked, “What’s the matter?”

“Shouyi is a little embarrassing.” Shouyi leaned into Lu Jingzhi’s ear and whispered, “Shouyi’s pants were worn upside down…”

Lu Jingzhi looked down and realized that it was really the case.

“It’s okay, no one will laugh at you. After you finish breakfast, we can change it back.”

“Then can you block me for a while.” Shouyi knew how to feel embarrassed now.

When they saw how the father and son got along, the other fathers were also envious. They did not know when their babies would be able to be so close to them, instead of crying and looking for their mother when they woke up.

However, they knew in their hearts that if they acted like Lu Jingzhi and if they could squat down every time, and listen to the child’s request while talking to him on an equal footing, instead of relying on being an adult to decide everything about them, then the children would naturally be willing to be close to them.

Several fathers recorded the video and quickly said goodbye to the father and son from the Lu family. After all, the children in their own family should also be awake at this time.


Why were they so different when they were all men?

Lu Jingzhi walked out of the kitchen with Shouyi in his arms. At this time, people from the production group came over and asked Lu Jingzhi to record a short video for him to talk about Shouyi’s thoughts.

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