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Chapter 852 - Praise Your Child

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Chapter 852: Praise Your Child

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The other three boys, probably didn&x2019;t dare to come over to say hello because they were shy. At this time, the cutie with long hair walked up to Shouyi and introduced himself: &x201C;My name is Xiao Naicha.&x201D;

After she was done speaking, she blushed and ran back to her father&x2019;s side. After that, she looked up at her father, as if she wanted her father&x2019;s encouragement.

However, the well-known writer Ren Ge might not have understood Xiao Naicha&x2019;s courage. So, Xiao Naicha&x2019;s eyes dimmed in an instant.

At this time, Lu Jingzhi looked at the father and daughter before he said to Brother Ren: &x201C;Praise your child.&x201D;

Brother Ren was wearing a plaid shirt and a black fisherman hat. He glanced at Lu Jingzhi and then at his daughter. At this time, he seemed to understand, so he patted Xiao Naicha&x2019;s head and said, &x201C;You are very brave.&x201D;

Xiao Naicha jumped happily, and almost tripped over her princess dress.

&x201C;Be careful, sister.&x201D;

Shouyi&x2019;s voice was very soft and gentle, and this showed that he had good temperament and upbringing.

When the male singer saw this, he squatted and encouraged his son, &x201C;Baby, go and hug your little brother so that you can have new friends.&x201D;

After the little boy got the encouragement from his father, he quickly ran to Lu Shouyi and gave him a hug as he said, &x201C;My name is Chengcheng. I am four and a half years old and I am your big brother.

The few friends got acquainted with each other, and then they saw several people walking out of the hotel door hand in hand.

This was something that several other guests did not dare to think about when they saw Lu Jingzhi and his son.

Because according to their thoughts, Lu Jingzhi would certainly be holding his son from beginning to end, and they thought that he would be preventing him from contacting anyone.

But now it seemed that they had been overthinking everything.

After walking out of the hotel, all the guests gathered in front of the bus. At this time, the staff of the program group also came to announce: &x201C;Dear dads and children, how are you! I am very glad you are here to participate in the new season of . In a while, everyone will get on the bus, and then head to the island of Yinzhou, where we will spend three days and three nights. After that, we will complete the tasks assigned by the program group. I hope all the little ones can cheer up and complete it with their daddy. This is going to be a super big adventure!&x201D;

&x201C;In addition, our amateur group guest, who serves as a consultant this time, will work with the program group to protect and ensure everyone&x2019;s safety!&x201D;

Compared with the entertainment nature of the past few years, the current would be more inclined to charity activities. The content was either to take children to explore the jungle and learn about nature, or to open a desert route, explore cherishing water sources, and experiment with science to understand the space and universe better&x2026;

The production group has not officially announced the theme.

The guests got on the bus one after another. As the production group was advocating simplicity, there was no separate car for the trip. However, there seemed to be an odor on the bus. So, when the children got on the bus, they started complaining a lot.

The few fathers hurriedly coaxed their children. Only Lu Shouyi stayed quietly in his father&x2019;s arms, as if he had lost his sense of smell.

Was his father too strict?

Was the reason why Shouyi did not dare to say anything because he feared getting disciplined by his father?

The male singer couldn&x2019;t tell whether it was envy or sympathy. So, in the end, he mustered up the courage to speak to Lu Jingzhi who was sitting in the back row: &x201C;Brother Lu, Shouyi has always been so obedient all this while? Won&x2019;t he cry or make trouble?&x201D;

Lu Jingzhi looked down at Shouyi and shook his head: &x201C;Perhaps it is because he is already used to it.&x201D;

Several other guests: &x201C;???&x201D;

How could he possibly get used to this?

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