Novel Name : Sweetest Top Actress in My Home

Chapter 851 - This was too Exciting!

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Chapter 851: This was too Exciting!

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After a whole morning of gathering, the five groups of guests finally arrived within the agreed time. Because they were all insiders, the celebrity group guests greeted one after another.

Three of the male guests brought their sons, and only one male guest had a daughter. Amongst them were singers, actors, and a producer, and one was a famous writer.

The writer was a little old and he had a daughter, and had a dull personality, but the artistes knew him because he has appeared in more or less of his works.

&x201C;Brother Ren, you have a little princess so you will certainly be the favorite of our group. I heard that in our entire team your little baby is the only baby girl.&x201D; The male singer amongst them was very good at talking, and was very good at chatting up, &x201C;I don&x2019;t know but I can&x2019;t help but wonder who the fifth group of guests were. Who on earth is this mysterious guy?&x201D;

Several other guests shook their heads.

The four of them each held their children and talked about the children, but obviously, compared to Lu Jingzhi&x2019;s work, the others were all in the show, to take care of the children because of the remuneration that they would receive. They were definitely not familiar with their own child and only the actor showed the naturalness of getting along with his child.

The few children were considered very well behaved in their hands, but they don&x2019;t speak much and they were mischievous.

Of course, most of this was due to the recognition of Shouyi.

&x201C;Wait a few moments, the fifth group of guests is still recording the interview. So, he might come here a few minutes later.&x201D; The production crew came to explain.

&x201C;It&x2019;s okay.&x201D; Several people showed generosity, but in fact they were vaguely uncomfortable.

After all, they had always been big celebrities and the others were always waiting for them. When was it ever their turn to wait for others?

&x201C;Actually, the father and son arrived at 8 o&x2019;clock in the morning. They should have been the earliest to finish recording, but when they heard that you were all here, they let you go first.&x201D;

The production group meant that the rest of the guests took too long.

A few people suddenly understood and they sat down in the lobby of the hotel and started chatting.

Although they wanted to talk about children&x2019;s affairs, they have limited ability.

However, they were also calm as they chatted honestly, &x201C;I am busy with work on weekdays, and I really don&x2019;t have time to communicate with my children. So, I haven&x2019;t taken care of them on my own before. I really feel guilty.&x201D;

It was sufficient for the few people to listen to each other, and they don&x2019;t want to question their motives. After all, this was a variety show, and it was also a popular variety show at home and abroad.

Lu Jingzhi was not doing this to improve his relationship with his son, because he already had a good relationship with his son.

He was doing it to fulfill his wife&x2019;s wish.

Soon, Lu Jingzhi and his son, also under the guidance of the staff, arrived in the lobby of the hotel. At this time, several other groups of guests craned their necks and looked over. Then, they were all like a group of students who had a shocked expression when they saw their dean.

This was too exciting!

Lu Jingzhi!!!

The people in the entertainment circle knew more or less about Lu Jingzhi.

Therefore, the world was deeply in awe of this man.

Now, this father and his son were going to appear in a variety program?

Was he actually here to catch someone?

Several people were so scared that their sitting postures changed.


&x201C;No need, no need&x2026;&x201D; Several people waved, &x201C;We all know Mr. Lu.&x201D;

The people in the program group were speechless: &x201C;But Mr. Lu doesn&x2019;t know you.&x201D;

Several people: &x201C;&x2026;&x201D;

If they knew that the production group was going to be so extreme, who would participate in this season? After that, the production group introduced their names, occupation and their babies&x2019; names and age.

At this time, Shouyi suddenly pulled at the corner of Lu Jingzhi&x2019;s clothes, &x201C;Daddy, there are some brothers and sister here.&x201D;

Lu Jingzhi listened patiently, and knelt down before he said, &x201C;Then introduce yourself to your brothers and sister, okay?&x201D;

Shouyi thought for a while, nodded, then walked to the group of people and said to everyone, &x201C;Hello, my name is Lu Shouyi. I am four years old this year. Brothers and sister, you are so cute.&x201D;

Several people were shocked again!

What kind of education was this?

The four-year-old baby was so confident and could express himself so clearly?

No, they could not accept it!

They were frightened!

The few people comforted themselves in their hearts, as they assured themselves that this was all just an act.

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