Novel Name : Sweetest Top Actress in My Home

Chapter 819 - One Person is Full, the Whole Family is Not Hungry

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Chapter 819: One Person is Full, the Whole Family is Not Hungry

Late that night, there was only a yellow chandelier left in the cafe. The dating atmosphere was very good, but for Ren Xinghe, who had to review her homework, it was very strenuous. She barely brushed through half of the question and her eyes were very painful.

Ku Jie bent his legs and sat on the side, as if he had realized something. So, he knocked on the tabletop, and said to Ren Xinghe: &x201C;Take a break.&x201D;

Ren Xinghe quietly raised her head and looked at Ku Jie&x2019;s mixed-race face: &x201C;Can I ask two questions?&x201D;

Ku Jie was also tired, and he tilted his head back and said: &x201C;Ask, it is up to me to answer or not.&x201D;

&x201C;I don&x2019;t know your name yet.&x201D;

&x201C;The name is just a code name.&x201D; Because he could not reveal that his name was Jiang Muyang or Ku Jie.


Ren Xinghe asked this question, and Ku Jie opened his eyes and sat up straight and looked at her with sharp eyes.

Ren Xinghe immediately explained: &x201C;If you are married, I shouldn&x2019;t delay your time.&x201D;

She was serious.

&x201C;One person is full, the whole family is not hungry, and, am I not a paparazzo? How can I get married?&x201D;

Ren Xinghe buried her head after hearing Ku Jie&x2019;s answer, because she knew that Ku Jie&x2019;s words were not true most of the time, but it should be right that he was still single.

&x201C;Actually&x2026;that woman is guarding me at everything, I may not be able to help you too much&x2026;&x201D;

&x201C;Did you finish the question just now?&x201D; Ku Jie changed the topic impatiently.

Ren Xinghe nodded and handed the test paper to Ku Jie.

Kujie took it, took a few glances, and ticked the wrong question.

In fact, he knew that the reason why Ren Xinghe said this was entirely because of her feeling of insecurity. She had to be careful enough for him as he was a &x201C;good-hearted person&x201D; who appeared out of nowhere. She was afraid of Ku Jie&x2019;s help, so she would take it back when she said it was taken back. She was afraid that if he said he would disappear, then he would really disappear.

Ku Jie took the trouble to correct her wrong question, then pointed his chin to the lounge inside and said, &x201C;Go in and sleep.&x201D;

Ren Xinghe nodded, did not resist, perhaps because she realized that Ku Jie didn&x2019;t like others talking too much.

She quietly packed her schoolbag, and then walked towards the cafe lounge, but in fact, how could she sleep?

A girl&x2019;s precautionary awareness reminded her that staying in a space with a strange man meant that she always had to be awake. Therefore, she was planning to wait until after Ku Jie fell asleep like the last time, then she would leave straight away and returned home, and squat outside the door all night.

Ku Jie sat on the outside, leaning on the sofa with his arms folded in front of him, and said to Ren Xinghe who entered the room: &x201C;Lock the door.&x201D;

Ren Xinghe obeyed, and locked the door.

But this did not help her to relax her much, but she had nowhere to go.

Since the woman married into Ren family&x2019;s house, she had been thrown out from time to time, but 80 or 90% of the time before this, she stayed at the door overnight.

Now that she thought about it, she might as well squat in front of the house and suffer because of the cold wind.

Ren Xinghe&x2019;s sense of security was very pitiful.

Finally, she simply opened the door and looked at Ku Jie so that she could feel more at ease.

In the quiet cafe, there was a long corridor between them.

Ren Xinghe thought that Ku Jie would have fallen asleep long ago, but at this time, Ku Jie suddenly asked: &x201C;Why didn&x2019;t you apply to live on campus?&x201D;

&x201C;Grandma has no one to take care of her.&x201D; Ren Xinghe replied faintly, but her voice was too bleak, making her sound particularly lonely.

From this, Ku Jie could be sure that there was no one in this world that Ren Xinghe could trust.

She built a high wall between herself and the world.

Originally, Ku Jie didn&x2019;t want to worry about it anymore, because all this had nothing to do with him. However, thinking that this eighteen-year-old child was experiencing the sufferings when he was young, he really couldn&x2019;t persuade himself to rest, so he moved towards the room and shouted: &x201C;Come out.&x201D;

Ren Xinghe didn&x2019;t know what Ku Jie was going to do. She only knew that she would suffer even more if she continued to stay in this strange place.

So, she followed Ku Jie into the car.

In the darkness, she pulled her schoolbag tightly, not knowing where Ku Jie was going, until Ku Jie was off-road and stopped around her villa.

When she reached a familiar place, her nervousness obviously began to drop.

After listening to the car, Ku Jie turned on the air conditioner and left a gap for ventilation. Then he said to Ren Xinghe, &x201C;Can you sleep now?&x201D;

Ren Xinghe only found it incredulous. Why did it seem as though the man in front of her could see right through her heart, knowing her true thoughts and knowing she was afraid?

&x201C;Also, keep a few more keys next time.&x201D;

Then, Ku Jie hugged his arms and fell asleep coolly in the driver&x2019;s seat.

Ren Xinghe fell down in the back row, pinching her down jacket, and finally a trace of fatigue&x2026;


The next day, Ren Xinghe woke up cold in the back row of the off-road. When he sat up, she found no man in the car.

Ren Xinghe put on her coat and went home with her school bag. At this time, the servant who was trimming the flowers and plants in the yard was shocked when she saw her: &x201C;Miss.&x201D;

Ren Xinghe gave a hum and went home, but after entering the door, she ran into her father who was sitting on the sofa with a pale face: &x201C;Where did you go last night?&x201D;

Ren Xinghe glanced at the woman who was having breakfast, and closed his eyes: &x201C;Classmate&x2019;s house.&x201D;

&x201C;Ren Xinghe! Do you think your dad is such a fool? Where are your classmates? With your personality, who wants to be friends with you?&x201D;

Ren Xinghe has nothing to say: &x201C;I am very tired and I have to go to school.&x201D;

&x201C;Did you look for a man outside? You are just an adult and want to be like your mother?&x201D;

After hearing this reprimand, Ren Xinghe couldn&x2019;t bear it. He pointed to the woman on the side and said, &x201C;I was locked out by her all night, do you even know about it?&x201D;

After listening to her words, he snorted coldly: &x201C;When I came back at one o&x2019;clock in the morning, where were you?&x201D;

Ren Xinghe knew this would happen, and laughed mockingly: &x201C;If you don&x2019;t want to raise me, don&x2019;t raise me. I feel sick when I see the both of you.&x201D;

Ren Xinghe&x2019;s father was so angry that his facial features were distorted: &x201C;If you have the ability, would you tell me that again?&x201D;

At this time, Grandma Ren finally walked out and stopped her granddaughter: &x201C;Little Star, Grandma will take you away, let&x2019;s go out and live.&x201D;

&x201C;Grandma&x2026;your body&x2026;&x201D;

&x201C;If I continue to live here, sooner or later I will be pissed to death.&x201D; After Grandma Ren finished speaking, she dragged Ren Xinghe back to the room, and the both of them simply packed up and prepared to leave the Ren family&x2019;s house.

Ren Xinghe had nothing to miss, so she only brought her review materials.

The grandmother and granddaughter both carry small bags and they did not care about anything.

Ren Xinghe&x2019;ss father sat in the living room, his face had always been ugly. Although he didn&x2019;t care about his mother, he didn&x2019;t want to be insulted by his offspring. However, Grandma Ren had a hard temper, so she pulled her granddaughter and left home.

&x201C;Mom&x2026;how are you going to see a doctor for your body?&x201D;

Grandma Ren didn&x2019;t want to talk to the two people in the living room at all, she took Ren Xinghe with her without looking back.

Ren Xinghe also thought about all the consequences of living with her grandmother in a short period of time. She was an adult and could do a few jobs. Even if she was tired, it would be fine if she did not need to face these two people.

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