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Chapter 813 - [Ku Jie’s Side Story] I Can Break the News with You

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Chapter 813: [Ku Jie&x2019;s Side Story] I Can Break the News with You

Jiang Yuning once said that her brother had low self-esteem, and the staff of the whole X Society gave Ku Jie the evaluation that there was no human breath.

Ku Jie had a lot of erratic characteristics. He was indifferent, liked to be alone, and looked heartless. In this world, only one Jiang Yuning could cause his mood swings, as if no one else existed in his eyes.

Ku Jie was a full-fledged brother-in-law, and the entire X Society knew that since the first day of its establishment, they have known the meaning of X Society&x2019;s existence.

At the same time, Ku Jie was still mysterious, his whereabouts were erratic, his mood was uncertain, and finally, his preferences changed day by day.

Ku Jie usually had his own room in X Society and no one knew where he was fixed in, and sometimes even suspected that he was not a person at all. This situation has continued for several years. Even now Jiang Yuning no longer needed to rely on X Society, but their boss&x2019;s character still hasn&x2019;t changed much.

He looked like a playboy, but in reality he was in stagnant water. Only when he was in front of Jiang Yuning, he looked like a man. He could pick up on whatever feelings, but he never gave anyone the sincerity, which makes him add a little bit of absurdity on the basis of cynicism.

According to the young paparazzo, he was a terrible contradiction.

He could make jokes with anyone in X Society, but no one could walk into his heart.

Ku Jie sometimes felt upset. At this time, it was mostly related to Jiang Yuning. The sister who has lived on each other for five years has recovered the beloved one, and was getting more and more distant from him. Although it did not bother him, he felt uncomfortable. This was especially so when he learned that Jiang Yuning was pregnant.

Of course he was not jealous, nor resentful, but willing to be bound by the Jiang family, but he suddenly couldn&x2019;t find the meaning of his existence.

He never showed a dark side in front of Jiang Yuning, but when he returned to his own space, he could completely submerge himself in darkness.

During that time, the X Society didn&x2019;t have many tasks, and it had to pick up business. In order to keep himself busy, Ku Jie went out with Xiao K to follow the film. The other party was a female singer, but there were a lot of dirty things behind it.

With Jiang Yuning&x2019;s need for X Society to be diminished, X Society has more and more rules for taking orders. For example, in front of this, celebrities did not shoot indoor dynamics, even if they were shot, they would never burst.

But even so, this female singer was still photographed a lot.

&x201C;Brother Jie, we are all like this. The other party is still not constrained. This is the third time. Can&x2019;t you change places?&x201D; It was already ten o&x2019;clock at night, and the both of them were still in the car with cameras, in front of the singer&x2019;s house as a family fight was being staged.

&x201C;She was a good girl but she gets slapped at every turn.&x201D;

Ku Jie held the car window and looked at the villa not far away. At the door of the villa, an elegant woman stood on the steps, educating a girl in school uniform and carrying a school bag. The both of them had a very intense dispute.

The girl was very tall, with long waist-length hair, and since it was just after the spring, she had a pair of straight long legs.

&x201C;Brother Jie, I don&x2019;t like to watch this kind of family ethics drama, I&x2019;ll go to the convenience store first.&x201D; Xiao K hates watching family conflicts the most, so he handed the camera to Ku Jie and got off the car.

Ku Jie took the camera and was fiddling with it. Unexpectedly, a minute later, he heard the sound of someone knocking on the car window.

Ku Jie looked up and saw the girl in school uniform outside. He rolled down the car window, looked at the other person&x2019;s red cheeks, and asked, &x201C;What&x2019;s the matter?&x201D;

&x201C;You are following that woman, aren&x2019;t you?&x201D; The girl resisted her tears and asked, &x201C;I can tell you what you want to know.&x201D;

Ku Jie looked at each other, looked into the other person&x2019;s hateful eyes, took out a tissue from his right hand and handed it to the little girl: &x201C;I want to record it myself.&x201D;

The girl took the tissue and kicked Ku Jie&x2019;s car body: &x201C;Are you sick? Are you afraid that I will tell that woman?&x201D;

Ku Jie lowered his head and glanced at her name. Ren Xinghe in the third city middle school: &x201C;How tall are you?&x201D;

The girl blew a cool breeze, calmed down, and replied: &x201C;Why should I answer you?&x201D;

Ku Jie did not ask any more, and pointed at the rear car door with his chin: &x201C;Come up and sit down by yourself. The temperature is going to be lower tonight.&x201D;

Ren Xinghe looked at Ku Jie as if she was looking at a monster. Then, she took out a knife from her schoolbag and got in the car while protecting herself.

Xiao K just got back to the car for convenience, and found that there was one more person in the back row, and she was holding a fruit knife in his hand.

&x201C;Brother Jie&x2026;this&x2026;&x201D;

Ku Jie handed the camera over: &x201C;You continue.&x201D;

Xiao K: &x201C;&x2026;&x201D;

What kind of weird scene was this?

Isn&x2019;t this girl the daughter of the female singer? Could Ku Jie continue to shoot? Moreover, the children were very temperamental.

The three of them stayed in the car for almost two hours in a very strange posture, and it was almost twelve o&x2019;clock.

Xiao K yawned, and asked Ku Jie: &x201C;Brother Jie, we are about to finish work, she&x2026;&x201D;

Ku Jie turned around and looked at the girl.

Ren Xinghe squeezed the fruit knife in her hand, and got out of the car at the fastest speed.

&x201C;Brother Jie&x2026;she&x2026;&x201D;

Ku Jie didn&x2019;t say anything, just staring at the back car seat. Of course he knew she would not go home, but she was also homeless.

&x201C;Children nowadays, it is really troublesome to be rebellious.&x201D;

Xiao K sighed, unable to understand, but Ku Jie knew why she was like this.

&x201C;You go back first, leave the car to me.&x201D;

Xiao K was already very tired, and didn&x2019;t think too much, nodded, and after packing all the equipment, he left the villa area with his hat on.

However, Ku Jie was holding the steering wheel and staring at the position where the girl was squatting.

Soon after, the female singer came out, hugged a bunch of girl&x2019;s things, hit her directly on the head, and kicked her in the leg.

The girl yelled at the woman, and then ran out of the iron gate holding her schoolbag.

Ku Jie drove up and followed the girl all the way until the girl stopped in a very dilapidated neighborhood.

Soon after, an old couple came out and dragged the girl in.

Ku Jie was in the car and saw everything with his own eyes.

He originally planned to drive away, but at this time, the girl suddenly ran out, rushed to the front of his car, and knocked on his window glass.

Ku Jie put down the glass and saw the other party throw a bag of things: &x201C;You paparazzo, it&x2019;s really hard work.&x201D;

After speaking, Ren Xinghe turned her head and left.

Ku Jie calmly took a look at her with a bag of hot milk in his hand.

Ku Jie wanted to throw the milk back, but found that there was the girl&x2019;s belongings left behind in the back of the seat, an English workbook for the third year of high school.

After returning p X Society, Ku Jie flipped through it, and the girl&x2019;s beautiful picture came into view.

This was the third time he has photographed Ren Xinghe being beaten. Of course, he also vaguely knew why Ren Xinghe was getting beaten.

At this moment, the girl&x2019;s watery eyes flashed back in his mind, stubborn and unwilling to admit defeat.

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