Novel Name : Sweetest Top Actress in My Home

Chapter 809 - One Dared to Write, the Other Dared to Read

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Chapter 809: One Dared to Write, the Other Dared to Read

No one thought that Jiang Yuning would return in this way. She had just received the Best Actress Award and immediately took the international blockbuster heroine lead again. Her life seemed to be the addition of countless auras.

On the day of the signing of the contract with the American company, Ku Jie and Guangying Media&x2019;s team were present, and the two parties had a full day of intense discussions on the contract.

The content of the contract was mainly for works. As for the other supplementary agreements, the other company was generous and willing to respect the Asian entertainment culture, coupled with Ku Jie&x2019;s eloquence, so he won many rights for Jiang Yuning.

Everyone thought that Jiang Yuning was lucky and has a brother like Ku Jie, so she could be invincible. In fact, it was because many actresses understood that even if the same conditions were placed on themselves, they wouls never be able to do that. One in ten thousand.

It was just because it was Jiang Yuning, so all this made sense.

Soon after signing the contract, the American Comic Company released the video of Jiang Yuning&x2019;s audition at that time.

Netizens originally thought that Jiang Yuning&x2019;s little archaic face was not suitable for playing the role of an American super heroine. However, when they saw her wearing Sophora&x2019;s outfit, the netizens exclaimed that it did not violate peace at all. Heroic and righteous and she made people feel very comfortable.

Although it was just a few minutes of video, netizens also saw Jiang Yuning&x2019;s hard work and seriousness.

She could be Lin Ping&x2019;er, a healer who loyally protected the Lord and would rather die than surrender in , or Li Zhimong, the hero who defended her family and the country and sacrificed her life in , or she could dare to love and hate in where she acted as Duan Hanyan, who was lonely and desperate. Last but not least, she could even be the single mother of the widowed marriage family in . Now, she could still become the superhero, Sophora who saves mankind.

She really regarded and took on each of her roles very carefully, and she also presented her best works in front of the audience.

Although Jiang Yuning used to be the most blacklisted actress, she had now become one of the best actresses around.

After the signing of , Jiang Yuning would start running between the two places, because the young paparazzo could no longer be her assistant, so he found a new person for her who was a well behaved person called Sansan.

When Jiang Yuning saw her new assistant for the first time, she almost called her Xiaosan. But fortunately, they got along very well.

Jiang Yuning discovered that Sansan was always staring at her between her events or during the flight, and she had the habit of taking notes.

Then one day, Jiang Yuning finally found out what Sansan was up to.

This little girl was actually writing a love story between her and her second brother, and the title of her story was &x201C;The Little Descendant&x201D;!

Moreover, Jiang Yuning saw it secretly. The little girl obviously had never been in love, or even held hands and kissed. However, when she wrote about the intimate scenes, they were all set, making Jiang Yuning feel that she was under the bed at home. Some people were very scary.

Jiang Yuning wanted Sansan to stop this hobby, but after a second thought, it seemed that it was the right of others, and her assistant only had one hobby. She had to be really clear but how embarrassing was it between the two of them?

Therefore, when one dared to write and the other dared to read, Jiang Yuning has gradually developed a good habit of hiding her embarrassment.

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