Novel Name : Sweetest Top Actress in My Home

Chapter 802 - Prove Your Worth

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Chapter 802: Prove Your Worth

The casting for the role of was very lively, and some of the actresses were very high-profile. However, when other brokerage companies were still trying to match up, Ku Jie brought Jiang Yuning directly to the United States.

Before Jiang Yuning left, she was very reluctant because she could not bear to leave the second young master and Shouyi, and she had a very long farewell with them. Ku Jie almost died of envy at that point.

After arriving in the United States, Jiang Yuning and Ku Jie immediately met up with the other company. They also learnt that the other party was actually feeling very optimistic about Jiang Yuning&x2019;s strength, but felt that her appearance was not suitable because the heroine setting of was that the female lead would be a little strong and ugly. However, Jiang Yuning was too beautiful.

Jiang Yuning never thought that being too beautiful would be a hindrance to her taking on any roles in a movie.

&x201C;So, I&x2019;m sorry, we are looking for more suitable candidates.&x201D;

Jiang Yuning and Ku Jie exchanged glances with one another. These two brothers and sisters were powerful enough to put anyone in their place when they were apart, not to mention that they were now together. The two of them could easily understand each other&x2019;s plans simply by looking at each other. So, Ku Jie said, &x201C;Okay, nevertheless, we still hope that you will give us one last chance. I wonder if your company has any of the costume that you will be using for the movie? My sister can dress up and show you the effect now.

&x201C;In addition, with the rise of the Asian film industry, it has formed an inseparable whole image with Europe and the United States. We all know that your company has developed many new roles in recent years, and each has its own characteristics. Choosing an ugly female character may arouse the resentment of Asian audiences, especially amongst the female audiences, because in their opinion, such women cannot represent them at all.&x201D;

&x201C;I have no other meaning in this expression, but no matter what it is, beautiful things resonate more.&x201D;

The other party still did not waver, but gave Jiang Yuning a set of costumes and props for the heroine, Sophora and gave Jiang Yuning an empty meeting room to change.

Jiang Yuning changed into this female lead&x2019;s costume, borrowed the signature pen that they put on the desk, painted herself with the unique justice mark on the heroine&x2019;s face in the comics, and painted some shadows on her cheeks. It seemed that her facial features were more three-dimensional and more recognizable.

Ten minutes later, the office door was opened and Jiang Yuning walked out with Sophora&x2019;s weapon, causing all the Americans in the office to scream.

Jiang Yuning, who put on red high heels, could almost reached two meters in height and she looked like the perfect figure and representation of Sophora.

The person in charge of the other party looked at Jiang Yuning seriously for nearly two minutes. Finally, he touched his chin and asked Ku Jie: &x201C;Can she put on this dress and fight?&x201D;

&x201C;I&x2019;m afraid she will not be able to do it here.&x201D; Ku Jie looked at the crowded office and found it a little difficult. &x201C;But in a place like this, she can put on this outfit and make tea for you, write calligraphy, check your pulse, and promote Asian culture.&x201D;

After listening to Ku Jie&x2019;s words, Jiang Yuning thought to herself that there was a limit to bragging. It would be perfect if she could simply stand in a stable manner in this outfit.

However, the Americans really changed her venue, and Jiang Yuning simply started showing off show of her fight moves in front of the group of muscular men. She showed the strength and flexibility of the Asian martial arts actress. Although the last few people in charge did not change their mind in the end, they were asked to stay in the United States for a few more days when Jiang Yuning was leaving.

Jiang Yuning didn&x2019;t plan to stay any longer because she wanted to be with her husband and children. Ku Jie also felt it was really unnecessary, so according to their original plan, he booked a flight ticket with Jiang Yuning to return home.

In the evening at the hotel for dinner, Ku Jie also told Jiang Yuning not to feel too burdened. &x201C;You have worked hard but at the very least, you did not lose out because of your strength. Instead, you lost because of your appearance. There is no way around it. The Europeans and Americans have strong principles, but I didn&x2019;t know that they would be so disgusting that they would stick to their casting conditions so strictly.&x201D;

Because it represented fairness.

Jiang Yuning nodded. Although she still felt that it was a pity, she did not feel dissatisfied.

The both of them continued walking in a hurry. Before they realized what jetlag was, they appeared in the airport terminal again.

Jiang Yuning and Ku Jie wore sunglasses together and sat in the VIP waiting hall to rest. There was about forty minutes before boarding. The young paparazzo called Ku Jie and the both of them quarreled over the phone. Jiang Yuning shook her head helplessly. At this time, she saw Ku Jie hanging up on the young paparazzo&x2019;s phone and answered the second line.

Immediately afterwards, Ku Jie got up from his seat and communicated with the other party in fluent English. After a while, he returned to the seat, picked up his passport and air ticket, and said to Jiang Yuning: &x201C;Tell the person at your house, that you cannot go back temporarily.&x201D;


&x201C;Huh what? The other party asked you to audition again, according to the most formal process, to try the role of Sophora once.&x201D;

It was really hard work.

&x201C;This time the other party will find clothes that suits you, so you better prove your worth.&x201D;

Jiang Yuning felt that all her temper had been used in the United States these days. The both of them couldn&x2019;t leave, so they returned to the comic company. This time, someone arranged the right clothes and makeup for Jiang Yuning.

But after looking at Jiang Yuning, the group of people felt that the makeup artist was not as good as what Jiang Yuning drew on herself with a signature pen. Therefore, they immediately took out the video of Jiang Yuning earlier that day and asked the makeup artist to come back and make her up the same way. This was the most formal audition, because the director and producer of the film were all here. Everyone was in a warehouse with a huge fan, and a few examiners were sitting behind a long table, and it was not much different from domestic auditions.

The content of Jiang Yuning&x2019;s re-examination was still a fight scene, and there was no physical performance as she was being attacked by wild monsters.

Jiang Yuning looked very weak, and very slender, and the several examiners really could not connect her with the word &x2018;power&x2019;, until she took a shot. It was only then, did several examiners see the charm of Jiang Yuning&x2019;s Kung Fu.

Before Jiang Yuning entered the role, she was no different from a normal girl, but as soon as she entered her role, that heroic spirit was fully reflected.

In this woman, the examiner saw the strength of men and the tenacity of women.

The impatience that the few people felt from the beginning had evolved into a heated discussion later. After an audition, Jiang Yuning was panting with exhaustion, and several examiners also quarreled fiercely.

But&x2026;the content of their argument was not because Jiang Yuning was inappropriate, but because they were arguing whether the clothes were inappropriate, whether they should be changed, and whether they should be concrete and rich.

When Jiang Yuning took off the costumes, she felt that she was already sweating madly. However, to be able to perform such a hearty performance was also a satisfaction for her.

Jiang Yuning took a shower in the other company&x2019;s employee bathroom. When she came out, she saw that Ku Jie was already talking about collaborating with the other party.

Of course, the other party also told them directly: &x201C;All of the actresses who come to audition are scored based on points system. I&x2019;m sorry that we can&x2019;t cast your actress for the role right away, because we want to be fair to others. For now, Miss Jiang has got the highest score. Thank you for your support to Sophora&x2019;s role, and I hope we can become friends.&x201D;

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