Novel Name : Sweetest Top Actress in My Home

Chapter 784 - I Don't Want. I am Jealous

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Chapter 784 - I Don&39;t Want. I am Jealous

Today, he also brought a lot of guests with him, including Xu Liangzhou and a few other people. Even Xu Beishen came along.

Her expression was still very cool, but her face was filled with delight, as if she had found a good relationship.


These people brought a bunch of gifts with them.

The things they sent during this time have already filled up the utility room.

Jiang Yuning was really helpless.

"Sit down...sit down."

Jiang Yuning greeted the few people, but she noticed that they were staring at her abdomen.

At this time, Wen Luo patted Xu Liangzhou on the thigh, and then asked him: "Doctor Xu, do you know if it's boy or girl? Otherwise, let's make a bet!"

Jiang Yuning felt that these people were really too bored.

"Are you stupid? I was undergoing a birth check in his hospital. Wouldn't he know if it is a boy or girl?"

"That's right! Only the father Lu Jingzhi doesn't know about it." Wen Luo deliberately picked things up.

Lu Jingzhi sat next to Jiang Yuning, as he naturally acted as a human cushion for his ancestors: "Is my temper too good these days?"

"Jingzhi, my sister-in-law is waiting for delivery soon. So, you cannot kill." Wen Luo immediately admitted.

Jiang Yuning suddenly laughed.

"Sister-in-law, I will teach you a little trick. After our little niece is born, the first thing you should do is to teach her to call out for her father, so that when our little girl is hungry, she will call for her father. Wouldn't that be great then?"

After listening to this, Jiang Yuning glanced at Lu Jingzhi and felt that this was really not a good idea. After all, she would be jealous.

On the contrary, Lu Jingzhi felt that this proposal was good, and he also highly agreed with the fact that Wen Luo believed that she was going to be a daughter.

"I have no other expectations but I simply want her to be looking for her father all the time."

But because of Lu Jingzhi's identity, this wish probably cannot be realized.

The few people stayed in the Royal Dragon Villa for a long time, and accompanied Jiang Yuning to relieve her boredom for a long time. When the few people left, Jiang Yuning was suddenly feeling very uncomfortable as she faced the deserted living room.

"Wen Luo and Xu Liangzhou are really too noisy."

"However, Wen Luo made a good suggestion that when our daughter is born, we should let her learn to call her father first."

When Jiang Yuning heard this, she objected: "I don't want that. I'm jealous."

Lu Jingzhi rubbed her head and said helplessly: "I want you to worry about nothing after giving birth."

"If you really want to listen to her call you dad first..." Jiang Yuning paused, and then suddenly approached Lu Jingzhi's ear and called out without burden, "Dad..."

Lu Jingzhi knew that he swallowed immediately. After that, his whole body stiffened and even his voice became hoarse: "Don't move around casually."

Jiang Yuning smiled playfully when she saw this.


As the only person working at the Royal Dragon Villa was Sister Liang, the old master Lu asked Jiang Yuning to move back to the Lu family mansion during the final month of her pregnancy.

Jiang Yuning considered Lu Jingzhi's tight nerves, and without any resistance, she nodded and agreed to his proposal.

However, during this period, Lu Jingqi was also at home and no one knew what was wrong with him as he was staying in the room all day to sleep.

Hasn't he been recording any dance variety show recently?

"Yuning, look! Does that look like he is heartbroken?" Chen Jingshu saw Lu Jingqi slouched even when he was eating, and she suddenly whispered to Jiang Yuning.

Jiang Yuning frowned as she looked at Lu Jingqi, feeling a little worried.

Because from what Wang Jing had already told her, she could clearly know that there were no girls around Lu Jingqi.

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