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Chapter 783 - Live with Dignity

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Chapter 783 - Live with Dignity

On the media's side, they used various methods and they even asked the nurse to ask Granny Yuan what she meant so that she could ask her if she would like to express her opinion about her sons abandoning her.

The nurse was forced to do it. So, she simply raised a few words in the ward.

The neighbor aunt couldn't stop her at all.

However, Granny Yuan, who was gradually sobering up, only replied a brief sentence: "I have no sons."

The old woman was very determined.

The family members of the two unfilial sons knew that there was an old woman in the family. They wanted to use various methods, to come over and put on an act and beg Granny Yuan to speak for them. Now there were too many negative news and they were already exhausted in debt. But Granny Yuan was resolute and asked the neighbors and aunts to throw out all the things sent to her by the two families.

The two families were not reconciled, and they even sent her grandsons to her again, thinking about the fact that elderly people usually liked having their grandson by their side the most?

However, these tactics were not very useful for Mother Yuan.

If her sons were dead, they were dead, and their sons had nothing to do with her.

During this period, the neighbor's aunt told Granny Yuan about Jiang Yuning's affairs carefully. Granny Yuan said that she only wanted to meet Jiang Yuning, and she didn't want to talk to anyone else.

After this incident was learned by the media, netizens were surprised, but they also understood it.

According to most of them, although the two unfilial sons have done all the bad things, after all, their children were also grandsons of Granny Yuan. Many netizens felt that Grandma Yuan would still compromise with the two unfilial sons for the sake of her grandchildren in the end, but Grandma Yuan did not look at the two families at all.

After that, the two families were sealed up and they went bankrupt, and the two unfilial sons went to jail.

Netizens expressed their opinions on the internet.

[Mother-in-law was really too temperamental! I wish you a long life!]

[You can also see how desperate it was when Granny Yuan was abandoned by two unscrupulous offspring.]

[I hope that the elderly can recover as soon as possible. As for the two unfilial sons, they deserve it!]

[Granny Yuan is really superb, and she lives with dignity.]

During this period, Granny Yuan recovered well in the hospital.

After being able to get out of bed on her own, Granny Yuan was reluctant to live in the hospital because she knew that it was expensive and she could easily be disturbed.

During this period, Jiang Yuning went to the hospital to visit her once when she had a checkup to do.

Granny Yuan heard that when she was undergoing the operation, Jiang Yuning who was pregnant for five months actually waited outside the operating room for three hours. She immediately grabbed Jiang Yuning's hand and said, "Child, you are filled with kindness and blessing, but this time it is not in vain. Child, you don't have to feel guilty. This is my life, and it has also let me untie the frustration in my heart for many years. Thank you. I heard that you are a big celebrity and you are already pregnant for seven months. Don't visit me anymore in the future. When you give birth in the future, tell me about it so that I will feel at ease."

Jiang Yuning nodded.

From that day on, Jiang Yuning completely entrusted Granny Yuan to her neighbors.

In fact, Granny Yuan also had savings herself.

She later joined the neighbor's house and gave all of her savings to the aunt.

When the neighbor aunt looked at her savings and saw that she had 200,000 yuan, she was shocked: "Granny"

"After preparing the tomb for my husband a few years ago, I also prepared one for myself. If I were leave in the future, you don't need to do anything. Just bury me quietly. I have no other use for the money, but you still have two college students in the family who needs support and you can simply consider it as my food expenses in the future."

After the two families formed a family, the neighbors really treated Granny Yuan as their biological mother and took good care of them.

There were five people in a family, and they led a lively life.

As for the two brothers and Tang Ke, they went to prison separately.

This was already two months later, and now Jiang Yuning's movement was already very inconvenient.

had been broadcasted for more than a month because of it has sixty episodes. During this period, it had become popular in various ways. By the way, Su Jinhang and An Youqing have also become popular.

The activities of these few people were now very intensive. Although various activities regret that Jiang Yuning could not attend, they understood that she was almost eight months pregnant and she would always arrange for other ways to make up for it.

Although Jiang Yuning was not there, Su Jinhang and the other have always done well in publicity activities.

He believed that he was the second lead, and had never done anything to go beyond this matter.

An Youqing also broke the news that during the filming, the both of them had a conflict and admitted that she had done something bad, but Jiang Yuning dragged her back.

At this time, the media suddenly sighed, because it was true that Jiang Yuning's legend was literally everywhere.


At eight months of pregnancy, Jiang Yuning was too lazy to move, and she only worked at home.

She was currently finalizing a new script with Hou Da, which was the plan made for Yu Shaowei before.

After the performance of , they had to make good use of his appearance. The youth urban drama was the best breakthrough, which would be of great help to him.

As for Tang Feng, after , he was seamlessly connected and he went to the crew of director Shen Guobang and picked up a very difficult villain role.

On the contrary, it was Qiqi, who was now the player with the most active screens, because she had now started to host a new variety show independently, and she was really a very good host.

Jiang Yuning was very fortunate to have found a suitable star paths for these people.

Because Jiang Yuning could not go to work at Guangying Media anymore, most of her burden has already fallen on the young paparazzo. Now the young paparazzo was getting more and more admired by Shen Yichen, and he actually took over the entire public relations department.

"Oh, Director Tao, you are now a celebrity in front of my uncle." Jiang Yuning teased him deliberately.

"Hey, Sister Yuning, can you just let me do my work in peace? Moreover, I still hope that you can go back to being an actress." The young paparazzo scratched his head and smiled.

Jiang Yuning didn't speak, as she has not thought that far.

"By the way, Sister Yuning, I got a piece of news about Yao Fan and the actor Song Chenxing."

"What's wrong with them?" Jiang Yuning knew that they got married before this and that Yao Fan was pregnant. After that, there was no news. She heard that Yao Fan went abroad to raise a baby. According to the time, she should have given birth by now.

"I heard that the child was not saved before, but now it has been dug up by the media and they are all discussing who the father of the child is."

Jiang Yuning: "&x2026;"

Jiang Yuning really about those two people.

Jiang Yuning was still considering whether to call Yao Fan and but at this time, the second young master Lu suddenly came home.

Although he didn't say anything on his mouth, Lu Jingzhi was obviously more nervous than his wife who was the pregnant woman.

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