Novel Name : Sweetest Top Actress in My Home

Chapter 782 - You Beg Me

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Chapter 782 - You Beg Me

The young paparazzo held the materials and waited at the door of the meeting room. After the meeting was over, he greeted Jiang Yuning and supported Jiang Yuning as he said, "Sister Yuning, there are some information."

"Go back to the office and tell me about it."

Before doing public welfare, the two brothers had been reported because their food ingredients did not comply with the Food Sanitation and Safety Law.

It took a lot of energy for the young paparazzo to find the old news. The two brothers' shops were fined and closed for rectification.

The two brothers wrote a letter of guarantee and joined charity again. They started their business again, but they were still accused by their partners from time to time.

"Fortunately, there are brothers running the food safety line of news, so I can know more about them. The two brothers have done a lot of wicked things, but we have no direct evidence.

"Do we need that?" Jiang Yuning took a seat on the chair cautiously, and then looked up at the young paparazzo. "There is a method used in the industry called drawing out the mastermind. Spend some energy to help these two brothers with their advertising, publicity, and praise for public welfare. After they have gained a certain degree of popularity, they will join the former victims and come out to complain and report to help the two brothers make things worse, but be careful not to involve Granny Yuan in this matter."

"I see, this trick is also called drawing out the mastermind. Sister Yu Ning, is your ultimate goal to see those two people to be exposed and ruined?"

"Just do it."

The second young master Lu often said that he was never afraid of trouble.

And the little descendant firmly grasped this essential.

When returning home that night, Jiang Yuning told Lu Jingzhi about the incident. Unexpectedly, she was ridiculed by Lu Jingzhi. "Has your current fighting scope expanded to the whole society?"

"Although Granny Yuan doesn't care, but knowing that there are two horrible sc.u.mbags out there, I just cannot let it go because I am not reconciled."

"Then...if you beg me, I can make things easy."

The both of them were lying on the bed and Jiang Yuning was already sleepy.

As soon as she heard Lu Jingzhi's words, she laughed as she said, "Okay, I beg you."

In fact, she didn't hear what the second young master said clearly.

After she was done speaking, she fell asleep.


A few days later, the young paparazzo who was ordered to pave the way for a plan to kill, suddenly received news from Ku Jie that the brothers' factory had already been sealed up. The reason was because all the raw materials in this factory were found to be substandard and included contraband and dangerous goods.

This was a gamechanger.

There were reports on the social news, but not many people attracted attention but Jiang Yuning knew that it was enough.

"Sister Yuning, why did things happen so suddenly, as if God is helping us?"

Jiang Yuning looked at the news and laughed. At this time, she seemed to remember something: "Isn't it?"

She vaguely remembered that she knew Lu Jingzhi saying that he would do something if she begged him, but she didn't take it seriously.

Now that she thought about it, it was very likely that Lu Jingzhi was behind it.

Those two brothers were indeed in bad luck, but unexpectedly, the media learnt that these two brothers were the sons of Granny Yuan and now they were working hard to write news.

Now that Granny Yuan was recovering well, Jiang Yuning really doesn't want her to be stimulated anymore. So, she called Granny Yuan's neighbor and aunt and asked about her condition.

In particular, she asked if Granny Yuan knew about the two brothers.

"Speaking of this, I encountered the media today and they wanted to sneak in to interview Granny Yuan. Fortunately, my son stopped them in time. Granny Yuan knows about it but she didn't say anything and she didn't express her opinion. I don't know what she is thinking...I'm so scared that she will forgive the two unfilial sons!"

"She won't!" Jiang Yuning said confidently.

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