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Chapter 781 - Just Like an Elementary School Student

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Chapter 781 - Just Like an Elementary School Student

The operation time was very long and it would take about three and a half hours.

Jiang Yuning read the information over and over, and she successfully put the young paparazzo to sleep.

They were two successful entrepreneurs with a happy family, but they completely disregarding their own biological mother who raised them up and paid for their education. In fact, they acted as though their mother did not exist at all. Ironically, the both of them also had the title of a philanthropist.

Jiang Yuning looked at the background of the two men and she finally waited until Xu Liangzhou's operation was over.

The medical staff pushed the old woman out of the operating room, followed by Xu Liangzhou.

"The operation went well, sister-in-law. You can be rest assured, because I believe this old woman can survive."

Jiang Yuning saw the sweat on Xu Liangzhou's forehead and she was very grateful: "Thank you for your hard work."

"It's my job to do so. Anyway, the old woman will be transferred to the intensive care unit of neurosurgery for a while and there will be specialized medical staff to take care of her. Sister-in-law, don't stay in the hospital all the time. Go back and wait for news."

Jiang Yuning nodded: "You can rest now."

"Aren't I excellent?"

Xu Liangzhou suddenly started making jokes again and Jiang Yuning couldn't help but laughed as she said, "Yes, you are the best. At most, I won't beat you next time when we play cards."

"You finally laughed." Xu Liangzhou took off his mask and gloves, revealing an exquisite and handsome face as he said, "I finally have an explanation for the second young master."

The young paparazzo was awakened by the conversation between the both of them and he looked at Xu Liangzhou who was dressed in a white coat in a daze, and he felt that he was simply heroic.

"Brother-in-law's friends are all gods!"

The both of them watched Granny Yuan being sent back to the ward and made sure that she was in good condition. They decided to leave the hospital then. However, Jiang Yuning left a bodyguard behind with the old lady because she had concerns.

"Sister Yuning, Brother Jie called and said that there are many media at the entrance of the hospital. I will attract firepower. You and the bodyguard can leave through the back door."

"Go to the hospital to deal with it, I believe they will be very happy."

The critically ill patient in Zhikang Hospital was sent to Xu Liangzhou, and everything was solved. Wasn't this something worth showing off?

However, there was only one message Jiang Yuning wanted the hospital to convey, that was, Granny Yuan's operation was successful.

After the news spread, netizens were also very happy, when they knew that the elderly was finally out of danger. They also hoped for a speedy recovery for Granny Yuan.

Of course, there were also more attentive netizens who expressed their concern about the life of the elderly in the future. Would such severe injuries affect her quality of life in the future? Would she not be able to sell bananas in the future?

[Does anyone know what happened to this elderly's family?]

[Are there any channels to donate? We want to do our best to make the elderly's life better in the future.]

[When I was hanging out in the backstreet of bars in the past, I have always had an impression of this old lady. When I was studying, I met her selling bananas at the intersection every night. She was really cute.]

The netizens have a lot of questions, and they started a dangerous human search for the old lady's family members.

Jiang Yuning didn't want to let everything get out of control, so she posted online: "First, Granny Yuan is in a stable state after the operation and is out of danger to her life; secondly, Granny Yuan is a decent person and she does not need the sympathy and charity of others. So, you can give your donation to those who need it more instead. Thirdly, Granny Yuan has no family members but she has neighbors who treat her as family. Therefore, I hope that the majority of netizens will not disturb the peaceful life of Granny Yuan in future. They don't need a camera or attention, and please stop all the searches for her family members. All actions of concern should be carried out on the basis of the law."

After posting this on her social media account, the following were all the netizens who responded.

[Understood. I wish Granny Yuan a speedy recovery.]

[Since Empress Jiang already said so, then we can rest assured.]

[I hope her neighbors are reliable, so that Granny Yuan can spend her old age in peace.]

[With Jiang Yuning intervening, Granny Yuan will definitely be fine in the future.]

[Granny Yuan is really good, she never steals the scale when selling bananas and she only gives more. She has never charged me a single extra cent before!]

[There is Jiang Yuning. So, don't worry!]

[Rest assured +1]

Fortunately, things did not get out of control in all other directions, and Jiang Yuning promptly cut off signs of online violence.

She was not afraid that the two beasts' identity would be revealed. However, she simply did not want Granny Yuan to be disturbed.

There were some things that could not be done on the surface.


Granny Yuan's neighbors were so happy after they found out that her operation was successful.

The auntie immediately took out the business card left by the young paparazzo and called Jiang Yuning, as they were wondering when they could go to the hospital to visit her.

"Granny Yuan is in the intensive care unit now. When her condition stabilizes, we will notify you. Thank you for treating her as a relative and not leaving her with no one to rely on."

"What is there to thank you for? Granny Yuan has always been very kind to our whole family. Also, my family has always been worried about her before. Thank you for helping us to relieve Granny Yuan from the media and reporters' pressure." The aunt praised Jiang Yuning as she said, "You are a good person, and my daughter did not like the wrong person."

"Is she my fan?"

"Yes...she said that you taught her a lot."

"Then I will give her my autograph next time." Jiang Yuning said to the aunt very readily.

After the both of them finished talking on the phone, Jiang Yuning asked the young paparazzo to find the poster of before she signed on the poster, and asked the young paparazzo to take charge of mailing it out.

Sometimes, she doubted the world, but more often, she knew that this world was developing in a positive way every day, because there were still countless people living with kindness every day.

"Sister Yuning, after posting the poster, what should I do about the brothers then?"

The young paparazzo went back to the office to ask Jiang Yuning's opinion after finishing the work that he had been tasked with.

"I don't believe that these two people with depraved morals will have clean companies and enterprises. Ask someone to find out."

If they could really find something, then they would be making a contribution to the country.

"I hope that these two good-looking hypocrites can pay the price sooner."

On the afternoon of the day after the successful operation of Granny Yuan, the police station wrote a letter saying that Tang Ke and Liang You had written an apology letter.

Jiang Yuning did not believe that the both of them would sincerely repent, so she didn't bother to read it.

But this needed to be made public.

Although their writing was as hopeless as that of elementary school students, Jiang Yuning still asked the employees of the public relations department to release the photos.

What netizens criticized was that they were neither literate nor intelligent at all.


Five days later, Granny Yuan passed the dangerous period safely and gradually recovered.

This had a lot to do with Xu Liangzhou's surgery skills.

Therefore, there was no blind advertising on the hospital side.

During these five days, the young paparazzo had been busy all day, just to complete the tasks that Jiang Yuning gave him.

Jiang Yuning just finished her meeting at this moment because Qin Wen was going to participate in a classic cover variety show.

In addition, the theme song of the movie has been given to Qin Wen.

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