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Chapter 780 - Why Isn’t This Kind of Person Struck by Lightning?

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Chapter 780 - Why Isn’t This Kind of Person Struck by Lightning?

Lu Jingzhi was cold and indifferent since his childhood.

This kind of person was destined to be unlovable, and they would not get much attention.

The label that everyone placed on them was that they were not needed and no one needed them.

There were very few people in the world, who was like the little descendant, who could empathize with his emotions from the very beginning, aside from his mother.

Therefore, these two women became the two most important women in his life.

She could empathize with his emotions, understand his grief, and ignite a warm light source to keep him warm at all times.

In her world, no matter how complex human nature was, there was still a difference between good and evil, and both good and evil would receive their due reward and retribution.

In the past, the second young master Lu didn't believe in such things as magnetic fields in this world. However, ever since he got together with this little ancestor, and looking at the relatives and friends around her, he could instantly understand that her ability to conquer others was certainly more often a charm instead of personality.

Her verbal pursuit of decency has made many people break through the fog and understand the true meaning and value of life.

"Second brother, I will go to the hospital tomorrow and wait for the good news from Granny Yuan."

"With bodyguards."


That night, the young paparazzo didn't sleep and was looking for the two unfilial sons who had abandoned Granny Yuan.

After obtaining the sons' names from the aunt's neighbor, the young paparazzo finally located them and he found out that they were still in Luo City. The two brothers were also supporting one another and they were running a food ingredients company together.

The brothers were supporting each other?

They could support one another, so why couldn't they support their mother?

It's would be fine if their living conditions were not good, but the two brothers were now living in big villas, and their children and grandchildren were all enjoying life to the fullest.

This made people feel so angry as soon as they saw this. The most important thing was that when the both of them were interviewed on television, they actually said that their parents had long passed away?!!!

Why isn't this kind of person struck by lightning.

The young paparazzo did not know whether the brothers heard the news about Granny Yuan's accident or whether there was a conscience between the two brothers at all.


The next day, Jiang Yuning rushed to the hospital before Granny Yuan's operation. At this time, Xu Liangzhou and the medical staff were preparing for the operation.

The media heard about it, but fortunately was stopped by the front desk downstairs in the hospital.

"Sister-in-law, you could just wait at home. Why come to the hospital to smell the disinfectant?"

At this moment, Xu Liangzhou has already put on sterile clothes and a mask, so he was speaking in a low voice but it did not stop him from nagging at her."

"I will have to depend on you to take care of Granny Yuan."

"After this operation, I want to enjoy a big meal. Ask the second young master Lu to prepare the banquet for me."

After he was done speaking, Xu Liangzhou closed the door of the operating room, and the cool figure quickly disappeared from behind the induction door.

"Sister Yu Ning, come and sit down." At this time, the young paparazzo with two dark circles under his eyes, stepped forward and helped Jiang Yuning, "This is the information I found last night. Look at it."

When Jiang Yuning saw his face, she was speechless: "Should I ban you from doing things at night in future?"

"I'm young, and I will be fine if I do this, one or two times. When I was with the crew, I often do things like this."

"I see. So, you can go and rest for a while now. The bodyguards are here. No one will come near me." Jiang Yuning gestured with her chin to ask him go to the family waiting area and lie down for a while. There was no one on the bench anyway.

"I'm angry, I can't sleep." Now the young paparazzo simply wanted to find the two unfilial sons!

Jiang Yuning glared at him, and she felt that this fool really had a heart of gold.

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