Novel Name : Sweetest Top Actress in My Home

Chapter 779 - 782: Do You Know That There is Light in You?

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Chapter 779 - 782: Do You Know That There is Light in You?

As soon as she heard the words 'nowhere else to go, Jiang Yuning suddenly did not know how to answer his question anymore. She only felt that a certain part of her heart was hurting and feeling a little uncomfortable.

"Okay, I got it. Sister-in-law, I will go back to the hospital first."

Since they were unable to contact the old woman's family, Jiang Yuning could only ask the young paparazzo to inquire about the old woman's residence. So, she left work one hour earlier and asked the young paparazzo to drive her over to take a look at the woman's residence. Perhaps, the neighbors would something about the old woman's information.

The old woman lived at a farmhouse on the outskirts of the city. There were various tenants in the same courtyard.

The old woman lived alone in the last room, with an area of &x200B;&x200B;only about ten square meters but it was very clean. In addition to a small bed, there was also a simple kitchen. In addition, there was a photo on the head of her bed. It was a picture taken with her husband when she was young.

"What are you doing? Granny Yuan is not at home..."

The neighbor next door was wearing an apron as she walked in front of Jiang Yuning and the young paparazzo. It seemed that she had heard some movement.

"Auntie, are you familiar with Granny Yuan? We want to help her, but we don't know where to start."

When the other party saw Jiang Yuning speaking softly and saw that she was pregnant, she dropped her guard and waved her hand as she said, "Wait, I will turn off the fire first."

After a while, the aunt walked out again and brought out a stool for Jiang Yuning: "Sit down, young girl."

The young paparazzo quickly helped Jiang Yuning to sit down.

"My family and Granny Yuan have already been neighbors for more than ten years. That old lady has a very hard life. Her husband left early and left her as a widow with two orphans. From then on, Granny Yuan went out to work and she set up a stall and she was always working day and night no matter how tired she was. As long as she was about to make money, she was satisfied. She finally managed to save enough money to send her two sons to university. She initially thought that she could relax and enjoy the happiness at last. Unexpectedly, after her two unfilial sons found a job, they simply ignored their mother and they did not even come back to see her even after so many years."

"Granny Yuan doesn't complain at all but she supports herself by selling bananas. Since we met her, she has always lived in such a decent way. Sometimes, she also uses her own savings to help our neighbors. When we heard that she had an accident, all of our neighbor also collected some money and went to the hospital a few days ago to pay for her hospitalization bills. However, we found out that someone had already paid for her already. So, we came back and looked after her house for her instead."

"If God really has eyes, then he should punish her two unfilial sons instead!"

The auntie burst into tears and her eyes were flushed red.

However, Jiang Yuning felt a little more relived because although the old woman had no son, she had neighbors in the neighborhood.

"After Granny Yuan comes back safely, I have already discussed this matter with my family. We will treat her as our own mother. We just don't know if the old woman can survive and pull through this crisis or not."

Jiang Yuning sat in the yard and chatted with that aunt for a while.

From Jiang Yuning's level of understanding and based on all that the auntie knew about Granny Yuan, Jiang Yuning could believe that this neighbor was really kind, honest and simple.

Jiang Yuning left nothing behind and she did not even reveal her identity. As they were going home, she suddenly said to the young paparazzo: "Ask my brother to help me find where Granny Yuan's two unfilial sons are."

"According to my speculation, the two sons of Granny Yuan should be in the prime of their lives. If they are found at this time, then their family will be affected, and it might also affect Granny Yuan in a way."

"I don't want their identity to be exposed." Jiang Yuning interrupted the young paparazzo as she said, "On the one hand, I want to let them know that their mother will be very comfortable in the future. On the other hand, I want them to be filled with remorse for the way that they had treated their mother all this while.

Jiang Yuning simply wanted to maintain a low profile this time.


On the other side, the auntie who chatted with Jiang Yuning earlier, prepared dinner a little later that night. After that, when she brought the food to the table, she realized that her daughter was watching television and the woman in the television&x2026;

Why did she look so much like the pregnant young lady just now?

"Girl, what is this actress's name?"

"Mom, you don't know her? She is our Empress Jiang, Jiang Yuning..." The aunt's daughter replied immediately.

"Is she pregnant now?"

"Ah, yes! Where did you read the gossip?"

"She came to our courtyard just now..." The aunt replied slowly, "She was the person that I was talking to. She was the one who...asked about Granny Yuan. It's no wonder why I feel that her temperament was unlike any ordinary people."

When the girl heard that Jiang Yuning came here earlier, she screamed: "Mom, are you dazzled? Is it really her? Is it true?"

"Isn't there a video surveillance camera in our courtyard? It's the anti-thief one. Go and see for yourself."

After that, the girl did not even finish her meal as she ran out of the dining room and immediately looked at the contents of the video surveillance camera.

"It's really her. Ohhh, you really didn't encounter the wrong person. So, Jiang Yuning came here even though she is already pregnant? She speaks so softly, and she is so educated! Mom, did you save the earth in your previous life? You actually managed to chat with my idol at such close proximity! The most important thing is that she really cares about Granny Yuan and she keeps asking whether Granny Yuan has taken medicine and what she is allergic to. By the way, Jiang Yuning is also the person who arranged for Granny Yuan's surgery for her."

After listening to her daughter's words, the aunt suddenly smiled relaxedly: "Then Granny Yuan can finally be saved!"

However, this aunt also had a son who liked to act cool. He always enjoyed going against his sister.

However, after taking a look at the video, he patted his sister on the shoulder and said, "Okay, I won't say anything back about her from now on."

"Hahaha! Just admit it! When I entered your room last night, you were watching secretly&x2026;"

"That's...that's just a coincidence." The youngest son didn't want to admit it and say that Jiang Yuning's acting skills were really beyond his expectations.


After returning home, Jiang Yuning sat on the sofa silently.

The second young master Lu actually got off work early today and walked out of the study when he heard some movement outside.

"What's wrong? You look tired..."

Jiang Yuning stretched out her hand and hugged Lu Jingzhi's waist: "Second brother, people are really complicated. I went to Granny Yuan's house today and heard about her as a person. She was truly good, nice and beautiful but life is so unfair for her."

"You became so compassionate after getting pregnant?"

"Don't you think so?" Jiang Yuning raised her head, and her eyes were filled with doubts.

"Your appearance is a positive affirmation for her. I believe that there is no lack of similar people around her. A person who is always upward can see this light and warmth. So, she chose to be happy and grateful instead of complaining about it."

Little descendant, do you know that there is light in you?

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