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Chapter 778 - 781: It’s Just That No One Dared to Do Anything

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Chapter 778 - 781: It’s Just That No One Dared to Do Anything

In the morning, the police officers came to arrest the both of them. Unexpectedly, Liang You and Tang Ke felt relieved when they heard the police.

It seemed as though if they did not open the door quickly, they would not have any chance to continue living in this world today.

The both of them were taken back to the police station and they hurriedly confessed to their collusion with Yang Yang to frame Jiang Yuning.

However, the police were very curious. They could not understand why these two people had a sense of urgency for the police officers to lock them up immediately?

Under the police's interrogation, the both of them explained the matter carefully and clearly. The main reason behind their actions were simply because of their resentment towards Jiang Yuning.

After hearing their confession, the police officer slammed the pen directly as he asked, "Are you still human? Why do you want to hurt the old woman even if you have to solve some personal grievances? Do you know how innocent the old woman is? She is still in the ICU, and her life and death are still unknown. Do you know that you have committed attempted murder?"

"It's really inexplicable!"

"Besides that, things have reached this point but you are not even as guilty at all? Do you have no family or parents?"

"You are simply too heartless!"

The police officer gave the both of them a reprimanding and a lesson, before detaining them.


The condition of the old woman was really serious. She was very old and she was severely beaten up that night. She had various complications on her body. She had not shown any signs of improvement until now.

After the police took over this matter, this was considered to be a reversal for Jiang Yuning, but the matter regarding the old woman could not be determined yet.

News came from the hospital, and the situation was not optimistic.

Jiang Yuning asked the young paparazzo to understand what problems there was.

The young paparazzo went to the hospital. After returning, he brought news to Jiang Yuning: "Now the old lady has a congestion in the brain. Because of the large amount of blood at the location, the risk of surgery is very high. Now the doctors at the hospital can't make up his mind, and if the operation is not successful, there may be corresponding sequelae. For the old woman, life is better than death."

After listening to this, Jiang Yuning felt very miserable. Although it was not her fault from the beginning to the end, the truth was that Tang Ke and Liang You were trying to deal with her and this was the reason why the old lady had to suffer. It was impossible for her not to feel any guilt at all.

Now, the only person Jiang Yuning could think of was Xu Liangzhou.

So, she hurriedly called Xu Liangzhou: "Liangzhou, are you busy?"

"Sister-in-law, is the baby having a problem? Don't panic first..."

"It's not me." Jiang Yuning replied quickly, "I'm fine. I'm fine, it's the incident on the news these days. The old lady who was innocently affected by the incident is now in a very critical condition. I want to help her transfer to your hospital. Can you operate on her instead?"

"Which hospital?"

"Zhikang Hospital!" Jiang Yuning replied.

For life matters, Xu Liangzhou put down the patient's information and looked at his own arrangements: "Sister-in-law, why don't we do this instead? I will go to check out the situation in the afternoon. Zhikang Hospital is our partner hospital. I have to see the elderly lady first and perform a consultation there first."

"I will have to trouble you then. I owe you another favor."

After Tang Ke and Liang You were arrested, the old woman's critical condition also appeared in related news and hot searches.

In addition to being angry, netizens also felt very distressed.

An old woman in her seventies or eighties suffered such a disaster because she was simply pushing a banana cart at night and got attacked by others.

Because of their impatience, the netizens speak out on the internet and they were a bit extreme.

[In the final analysis, this matter started because of Jiang Yuning. Why didn't Jiang Yuning say anything?]

[I don't know if the old lady has any family members who knows that she has been beaten so badly or whether there are any children who can stay by her side.]

[Help the old lady. She is so pitiful!]

[Jiang Yuning just clarified that she was not the one who hurt the old lady, so are you going to start a new round of online attack on her? Jiang Yuning is also a pregnant woman and she did not want this to happen. What do you want her to express? She is also a victim in this matter!]

[I agree!]

[Like +1. The reason why Jiang Yuning is reluctant to come out to clarify it is because she knows that this kind of things is endless. So, I hope everyone will be rational and stop causing so many tragedies and trouble for her.]

[I am a nurse at Zhikang Hospital and an ordinary netizen. Just after lunch earlier today, Xu Liangzhou, the famous surgical master came to our hospital to check the condition of the old lady. He is currently having a consultation with her doctor. That's right, Dr. Xu was invited by Jiang Yuning, and he said that he was entrusted by others to check on the welfare of the old lady. Therefore, I hope that netizens could stop spreading rumors before finding out about the actual situation.]

[I went to check on that Xu Liangzhou and I was really shocked. He is only 30 years old and his medical skills are so good?]

[The son of the Xu family is really awesome.]

[Everyone should wait for the news. Jiang Yuning will definitely not ignore that old lady although this matter is not her fault at all.]

[Jiang Yuning has always done more than she needed to do. So, we should trust her.]

Xu Liangzhou stayed in Zhikang Hospital for several hours, and finally came to the conclusion with the attending doctor that the operation had to be done, because the impact of congestion on the mother-in-law was huge and life-threatening at any time.

It was just that no one dared to use this hand.

In the end, after everyone discussed it, Xu Liangzhou had to have the courage to perform this operation on his own.

So, in the afternoon, at Zhikang Hospital, he transferred the old lady to his hospital.

It's just that, because this incident had already aroused huge social attention, when the old lady was transferred to another hospital, some media heard the news and surrounded them.

Xu Liangzhou was still wearing a white coat at the moment, but it was not the white coat of Zhikang Hospital.

However, he looked too young and no one guessed that he was the surgical master, Xu Liangzhou.

So, when the media surrounded him, they started pushing him away.

Xu Liangzhou frowned because he could not understand the media's thinking and mentality at all.

However, it was more important for him to save the old lady and time was running out. So, Xu Liangzhou followed him into the ambulance.

"Doctor, tell me about the old woman. How is she now?"

"Everyone cares about the safety of the elderly..."

The old woman's previous attending doctor simply put her left hand in her pocket, then raised her right hand and pointed at the ambulance lane that had just started: "Since you want to know the situation of the elderly, why should you push Xu Liangzhou away? The one you pushed into the corner just now is the chief surgeon of the old lady tomorrow!"

Media: "&x2026;?!!!"

Was he that awesome?

Xu Liangzhou smoothly took the person away, and then called Jiang Yuning to explain the situation of the old woman.

"Sister-in-law, I still need more information. So, can you contact the family of the elderly lady?"

"The news from the police is that the old woman lives alone and she sells bananas for a living. She has two sons. However, after getting married, they are nowhere to be found and they could not be contacted at all. Her husband should have passed away already..."

"In other words, she has nowhere else to go?"

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