Novel Name : Sweetest Top Actress in My Home

Chapter 777 - I Want to Go, I Don’t Want to Stay Here

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Chapter 777 - I Want to Go, I Don’t Want to Stay Here

At a quarter past ten, Lu Jingzhi opened the door and saw his little descendant lying on the reclining sofa. He immediately turned off the television for her.

"Didn't you agree that you will go to bed before nine o'clock? If you're like this, I can't let you continue to work."

When she saw Lu Jingzhi approaching her, Jiang Yuning hurriedly sat up straight and tugged Lu Jingzhi's arm: "Second brother, what happened to those people? What are you and my brother planning? Just call the police, don't make things worse..."

"Are you telling me that you are not going to rest because of this?" Lu Jingzhi put his palm on her head gently as he said, "Go up and take a bath and I will tell you the details. Do you think that those people are worth losing sleep over?"

"Just...I'm afraid that you will overdo it."

After all, she was very clear about the strength of the two masters. One of them could easily destroy a section of the road, and when the both of them were combined, Luo City might be in trouble.

"It's nothing like that. As long as you are fine, nothing is more important than anything."

Jiang Yuning sighed and touched her abdomen, as if she was talking to the baby: "There is no way out of this matter. Who would let your father and uncle protect their shortcomings?"

She could only imagine the miserable situation of those people.


This night was undoubtedly difficult for Tang Ke and Liang You.

The both of them have half packed their luggage, and now they could only lie on the floor of the bedroom, wanting to sleep but they did not dare to close their eyes.

Liang You kept crying and she was frightened, but Tang Ke became even more irritable when he heard her crying: "Can you shut up? Do you think I am not annoyed and frustrated enough?"

"I want to go, I don't want to stay here." Liang You hugged her knees and leaned on the foot of the bed and sobbed aggrievedly.

"I really want to strangle you now!" Tang Ke really couldn't stand the depressed atmosphere, so he got up from the bedroom and walked out the door.

But he did not have the courage to open the door and rush out.

He thought that if the other party wanted to look for someone, that person would at least hold on until tomorrow, right?

He did not know why but the people outside the door seemed to have heard movement inside, and started to knock again...

The knock on the door seemed extraordinarily gloomy and terrifying in the middle of the night, making people inside feel creepy.

Tang Ke was just preparing to smoke his cigarette but he suddenly stopped because he felt the knocking and he seemed to be shaking as soon as he heard it.

"People inside, come out, we know you are there!"

Liang You was so scared that she cried louder, covering her ears. After a while, she seemed to be unable to stand it anymore. She gathered up her courage to get up from the room and ran to the living room: "I'm going to surrender!"

The both of them were scared to death. They seemed to have tasted the most terrible torture in the world.

Liang You even thought that she might as well go to the police station immediately.

It was really miserable for the two people to be so miserable. This kind of mental torture was as powerful as a victim in a horror film.

In fact, the fact that they were able to hold on to this point, was originally very unexpected by Kujie.

If they had the courage, they would never come out.

People were prone to problems in a highly urgent environment.

This lesson should be enough for them.

So, early the next morning, Ku Jie asked Yang Yang to surrender to the police station and confessed the identity of the two culprits...

Soon, the news spread in the entertainment circle.

[It turns out that it was the cheating couple who framed Jiang Yuning. Do you really think you are not cool enough?]

[You could actually do this kind of thing? Are you that crazy?]

[I want to ask the court for a heavy sentence. They do not deserve to live!]

[I'm very curious to find out how the case was solved and who was the mastermind behind it.]

[Curious +1!]

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