Ku Jie originally knitted his eyebrows together. Hearing Jiang Yuning's questioning, he suddenly loosened">

Ku Jie originally knitted his eyebrows together. Hearing Jiang Yuning's questioning, he suddenly loosened">

Novel Name : Sweetest Top Actress in My Home

Chapter 776 - Intention to Murder

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Chapter 776 - Intention to Murder

Jiang Yuning was shocked at this speed. He didn't sleep, to take the person out?

"Brother, you are up so late?"

Ku Jie originally knitted his eyebrows together. Hearing Jiang Yuning's questioning, he suddenly loosened his eyebrows: "It's okay."

"Really okay?" Jiang Yuning didn't believe it.

The police did not have this speed.

It's not because the police didn't have this ability, but because it happened in the entertainment circle. As the owner of the biggest paparazzi site, Ku Jie knew all the gossip in the circle.

He had a good memory and could quickly capture information that others could not find.

"Call you, just to tell you, I will deal with these people."

Jiang Yuning knew that the words 'leaving her with no descendants' made Ku Jie very unhappy.

"Brother, leave it to the police."

"You don't have to worry about anything, just take care of your body at home."

After speaking, Ku Jie hung up the phone.

Jiang Yuning looked at the disconnected phone call. In fact, she knew that under normal circ.u.mstances, whenever Ku Jie said that he did not need her to intervene, there would always be the second young master Lu behind him. Furthermore, she did not know what these two men would do... Would they demolish the other party's house? After all, it was not as if this kind of thing has never happened.

The police must come in and deal with this matter, but before that...

Late at night, the young paparazzo led people to find the gangster who came out of the bar, and looked for the culprits behind the matter.

According to Ku Jie's instructions, the young paparazzo directly asked Yang Yang in front of them, dialed the phone number of the two sc.u.mbags, and told Tang Ke and Liang You that Jiang Yuning already knew that they were behind this entire incident.

"I'm just reporting in advance to let you know that Jiang Yuning's people have already found me. I am so scared now because the old woman is still in the hospital and is not out of danger. Will I go to jail?"

Tang Ke and Liang You were locked in Tang Ke's house at the moment.

When they received the call, they had just woke up, and they suddenly panicked when they heard such a breaking news.

"How did Jiang Yuning know?"

"It seems as though that Jiang Yuning has entrusted X company to investigate!" Yang Yang held the phone, and she was crying as she said, "I didn't expect X Society to be so magical. How long will it take to find me? I am so scared now. What if the police arrest me? It's the both of you who asked me to do this. When the time comes, you must take this responsibility!"

As soon as they heard the word responsibility, both Tang Ke and Liang You's faces paled in shock.

Liang You got up quickly and went to lock the door firmly.

"It's you who beat her up so...what does it have to do with us? We are not afraid!"

Tang Ke was in a panic and he slammed the pot and cut off the phone call immediately. By the way, he also blacklisted the phone number: "That stinky woman, it only takes a while, and we have already been exposed!"

"Then what should we do now? Will Jiang Yuning come to trouble us? Should we go out to avoid the limelight?"

Liang You got up from the sofa in a hurry, but was caught by Tang Ke.

"Where do you want to go? The most dangerous place right now will be the safest place. Let's watch the changes first!"

"Oh, okay...okay!" Liang You had already completely lost her own thinking at this point.

She thought that this incident could be hidden, and the police would not be able to find them, but who knew that Jiang Yuning would actually invite X Society to deal with this matter on her behalf!

Now the both of them were waiting for Jiang Yuning's reaction, and they were just watching the changes. In fact, they just did dare to move.

They were also afraid of Jiang Yuning's revenge, so the both of them have been in a situation of fear since they knew the news.

The both of them could not do anything now. They did not even have an appetite for eating. They only dared to stare at their phones and their homes.

They were afraid that Jiang Yuning or someone from the police would kill them directly.

However, after a whole day, nothing happened.

Tang Ke gradually relaxed some of his vigilance, and he could not help but wondered if Yang Yang was deliberately deceiving people.

However, as he thought of the brilliant record of X Society, he warned himself in his heart not to be reckless.

As for Liang You, she looked a little nervous because of fear all day.

As long as the wind blew and the grass moved, she would freeze in fear.

"Tang Ke, let's...go, let's go."

If they continued hiding at home, sooner or later they would be found.

Tang Ke thought about it carefully, and he was afraid that there would be an ambush outside the door. So he still shook his head: "Wait..."

The both of them sat like this until midnight, and they did not even dare to turn on the lights, they did not dare to make any movement or rest. They were clearly embarrassed to the extreme, but...at this point, neither of them dared to close their eyes.

Just in this silence, Tang Ke put down the cigarette between his fingers, suddenly got up, and pulled Liang You: "Pack your things."

"Okay." Liang You wanted to run away a long time ago, but she was afraid of falling into the trap.

Now that Tang Ke changed his mind, she couldn't be more happy. The both of them immediately entered the room to pack their luggage, and at this time, the sound of knocking on the door came into their ears.

"Is there anyone? Is there anyone?"

The both of them were so scared that they did not dare to make a sound. One sat on the ground and the other on the bed.

"Is anyone there?"

The knock on the door lasted for four or five minutes, and then stopped.

Liang You was about to cry at the moment, and lowered his voice: "It must be the police here. It's downstairs. As long as we go out, we will definitely be arrested.

No way! Tang Ke had to throw away the suitcase and simply did nothing.

"I knew it, I shouldn't have listened to you to frame Jiang Yuning. Now we are all done for!"

"Are you done whining?" Tang Ke pulled Liang You by the skirt and pushed her hard, "At this time, you only know how to cry. Don't you know that it's useless?"

In fact, Ku Jie didn't call the police right away. He had to make the two people suffer.

Therefore, Ku Jie asked her to make the call deliberately.

His motive was to make Tang Ke and Liang You feel nervous.

Then, he looked for someone to knock on their door, three times a day because he didn't believe that these two people could stick to it and not go crazy.

Of course, this kind of murder and condemnation was indispensable for the second young master Lu.

The bottom line was that Ku Jie could still discuss this matter with Lu Jingzhi.

One was the brother and his sister was the most important.

One was the husband, and the wife was his closest relative.

Lu Jingzhi stated his position a long time ago. In order to protect his little descendant, he was not afraid of the darkness behind him.

At this time, Tang Ke's house was completely silent, and the both of them did not even dare to make a mess of the atmosphere, as if they were afraid of disturbing the people outside...

Go? Where else could they possibly go?


Late at night, the Royal Dragon Villa was still brightly lit.

Jiang Yuning felt very hot, so she opened the floor-to-ceiling windows at home and sat on the sofa in the living room enjoying the sea breeze.

On the television, the fourth episode of was being played at the moment.

Duan Hanyan at this time, although cold tempered, still believed in love.

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