"Really?" The young paparazzo immediately followed to confirm, "It's">

"Really?" The young paparazzo immediately followed to confirm, "It's">

Novel Name : Sweetest Top Actress in My Home

Chapter 775 - Too Cute

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Chapter 775 - Too Cute

Ku Jie searched for the information at will, and then he suddenly found something: "This Yang Yang, Liang You and Tang Ke belonged to the same company?"

"Really?" The young paparazzo immediately followed to confirm, "It's true! Brother Ku Jie, your eyes are the best."

Then, Ku Jie posted the photos of the three people on the blackboard with magnets, and told all his subordinates: "Pay close attention to these three people."

The entire X Society was still busy because of Jiang Yuning, but as the party involved, she climbed onto the big bed on time at ten o'clock in the evening. This was the order of the Lu and Jiang family.

Lu Jingzhi answered two calls at eleven o'clock at night. When he went to bed lightly, his little descendant was already asleep, but she was asleep with her eyebrows furrowed.

Lu Jingzhi leaned over and gently pushed her away, feeling a lot of guilt in his heart.

Having a five-month pregnant belly, she had to go to a press conference and prove her innocence in front of so many people. She said she didn't care, but she still cared.

And there was not much that he could do for her.

This little descendant had never been willing to pull him into the water. Secondly, this little descendant was very competitive.

As he thought of this, Lu Jingzhi got up and lost sleep.

Yesterday, many people vowed to support his little descendant on her social media account, but she had not had time to thank them. Therefore, Lu Jingzhi picked up his little descendant's cell phone, and he thanked all of them in person.

Actually, it was not a big deal, but because the call was made by Lu Jingzhi, everyone was a little afraid.

But after one or two exchanges, the other party could immediately feel Lu Jingzhi's gentleness.

This was especially when he said that Jiang Yuning had taken a break and he wanted her to be understood.

The other party were proud of him.

For example, the kid, Jin Mingchen...

After hanging up the phone, he looked shocked as he said, "Oh my god? Brother-in-law called me personally!? Ah! I was greeted by Lu Jingzhi himself."

Seeing that Jin Mingchen went crazy, the team members could only shake their heads. He was so silly, don't you feel that there was something wrong with what you said?


The next day, the ratings of came out and a new number of records were set. This was a good result that the television circle hasn't had in recent years.

At this time, the media began to frantically tout Jiang Yuning again.

Jiang Yuning received a lot of congratulatory calls when she got up early, and by the way, she learned that a certain man did something good last night without sleeping.

Jiang Yuning could not help but feel a little embarrassed when she received a phone call to update her about the situation.

This call was from Qin Wen.

"Yuning, you are really lucky and happy. What kind of identity do you actually have that the heir of the Lu family can actually lower his posture for you? He is using his own actions to show you that he is not someone else, but your husband, even though this kind of thing is not really convenient for him to come forward. He is also telling you in his own way that he has been there, even if he is doing trivial things."

"In my eyes, everything he does is so cute." Jiang Yuning suddenly laughed, "So, your Japanese course is over? You passed the psychology exam?"

"It is over and I passed. When I came back this time, I also took a big prize and an invitation with a lot of money. I will not let you down." Qin Wen said with confidence.

"Where is your parents?"

"Hehe, I am no longer the weak self I used to be. Just wait and see."

Jiang Yuning felt relieved when Qin Wen said this.

"I'm looking forward to Guangying Media being able to produce a decent singer, but I may have to end the call first. I have to deal with an urgent matter."

"Okay, I will see you later." After speaking, Qin Wen hung up the phone, and Jiang Yuning also answered Ku Jie's phone.

"Big Brother?"

"Found it." Ku Jie put the phone between his ear and shoulder and said two words coolly.

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