Novel Name : Sweetest Top Actress in My Home

Chapter 774 - Looks Good!

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Chapter 774: Looks Good!

As Ku Jie expected, after Jiang Yuning&x2019;s press conference, major media and forums joined the discussion team.

This was mainly because this fact was simply too weird.

The person had Jiang Yuning&x2019;s face, Jiang Yuning&x2019;s former figure and Jiang Yuning&x2019;s clothes, but that person was not Jiang Yuning.

How terrible would it be if Jiang Yuning was not pregnant?

Everyone from all walks of life came out to analyze this matter and they felt that the incident was creepy.

Then, a post called reached tens of thousands of views within an hour.

In this post, netizens expressed their opinions and made various assumptions but they were not close to the truth at all.

This was until&x2026;a netizen who posted a short video replied in the forum: &x201C;Why is it so complicated? There are now a lot of imitation makeup on short videos. I have seen a video master who imitated Jiang Yuning before. I was also shocked because the video blogger was very skillful. Thinking about it now, perhaps she is the suspect.&x201D;

What kind of prophecy was this&x2026;?

X Society also paid close attention to this post, but did not notice the reply from netizens.

Because in their opinion, even if it was imitation makeup, it was impossible for a person to imitate it to such a degree that even Lu Jingzhi would be amazed.

This was until there was another netizen who posted the blogger&x2019;s imitation makeup video on the forum and asked: &x201C;Do you think it looks like her?&x201D;

Ku Jie saved it immediately and clicked to open it.

This video was only one minute and twenty seconds and the title of the video was, .

Ku Jie watched the entire one minute and twenty seconds and suddenly felt his brain exploded.

&x201C;Find out all the Internet celebrities who make up short videos, especially this one. I want to see their information at night.&x201D;

After that, the video link on the forum was deleted. Fortunately, Ku Jie already saved the video.

It was also because the other party deleted the video so suddenly, that this made Ku Jie feel even more suspicious.

And, when he went online to search for this video in various ways, the whole network was gone.

What was happening here?

Therefore, Ku Jie directly said to his subordinates: &x201C;You don&x2019;t need to find all the short video celebrities, just find this one!&x201D;

Some people come out to delete posts as a public relations method, and that meant that some people were afraid.

She actually knew how to be afraid!

Was it because Jiang Yuning expressed her opinion? That she would definitely punish the real perpetrator behind this crime?


After the press conference, Jiang Yuning clarified herself thoroughly, and then returned to Guangying Media to continue working.

The verbal abuse from the outside world did not give her much emotional fluctuation because she, as the Ginger Candies said, no longer cared what the outside world thinks of her.

Many netizens apologized to Jiang Yuning on the internet, but they were not forgiven by Jiang Yuning because Jiang Yuning did not respond at all.

She had always been so rigid and always so fierce.

What&x2019;s the point of apologizing? After other things happen, they would still be at the forefront of insulting artistes.

But because of the guilt of netizens, when started broadcasting at night, everything went smoothly. Whether it was viewers who liked the subject or not, they turned on the television to at least express their guilt and remorse.

After watching it for ten minutes, they suddenly felt that it seemed pretty good.

Because used flashbacks, the first episode was Jiang Yuning&x2019;s dressed in black. Duan Hanyan dressed in black was ruthless and murderous. However, behind this cruelty, Duan Hanyan was scared, lonely and desperate.

At this time, the audience discovered that Jiang Yuning was also a show-off.

With the image of Duan Hanyan, who could equate with Jiang Yuning now?

After the two episodes of were broadcasted, netizens felt that they were still unfinished.

Because although was an adaptation from a ReadNovelFull, Hou Da had also spent a lot of effort in polishing the script. She knew that novels and film and television works were not the same. Novels could be imagined, but film and television works had to be intuitive, and the opening and introduction must be straightforward. Therefore, she worked very hard to take into account the logic of the film and television drama on the basis of the original work.

The audience watched it heartily and the book fans felt that it was more than perfect. Coupled with the actor and Hou Da&x2019;s care, the level of sophistication of was indeed beyond the imagination of netizens.

[ is beautiful!]

[The production is also very sophisticated and the plot is very compact.]

[I think that in the novel, Duan Hanyan&x2019;s grief is the most hurtful because that can be imagined, but after watching Duan Hanyan played by Jiang Yuning, I actually cried for forty minutes.]

[The fiercer she is, the heavier the injury behind her. The more murderous she is, the more I want to cry.]

[There is not a decent person, nor a villain in .]

The topic of the first day came out, and Hou Da who was sitting at home was completely relieved.

She wanted to make a phone call to Jiang Yuning to express her feelings, but she felt that Jiang Yuning was pregnant and that she might still be feeling troubled. So, she felt that she should not be calling her.

The police did not have any clues and the investigation was very slow.

The old woman pushing the banana cart was also still in the ICU and her condition had not been relieved.

Everyone was under great pressure.

Because of this, Liang You and Tang Ke put their hearts down again, thinking that since they have already deleted the previous imitation makeup video, this time they should be foolproof.

However, they didn&x2019;t know that Ku Jie was staring at this weird behavior.

If these two people were smart people from the beginning, they would not just be an influencer in the short video, nor would they not be able to solve the problem of the girlfriend after they became popular.

Ku Jie made people trace the imitation makeup blogger.

Now, the information had already fallen into Ku Jie&x2019;s hands.

What kind of existence was X Society in the entertainment industry?

Who was the boss of X Society? No one knew his true identity, but bullying Ku Jie&x2019;s sister?

&x201C;This Yang Yang used to be a beauty blogger, but because her style was not very popular, she turned to imitation makeup blogger. Also, because the imitation makeup technology is very good, so she has a lot of fans. She imitated many artistes but in the videos collection that she had now, the only person that she didn&x2019;t imitate is Sister Yuning. So, it is obvious that she has a guilty conscience.&x201D;

&x201C;I quietly went to the backstreet of the bar to inquire about this matter, and took a picture of her to ask the bartender. As a result, it was very rewarding. This woman often appeared in that area. Therefore, I think she is very suspicious. What we don&x2019;t know now is, why would she do this?&x201D;

The young paparazzo took out all the information and analyzed it with Ku Jie.

&x201C;What&x2019;s the problem with this? Why don&x2019;t you find an opportunity and ask if you can find out about it? And her social relationship, haven&x2019;t you checked it?&x201D;

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