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Chapter 773 - It’s Okay, She Does Not Care

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Chapter 773: It&x2019;s Okay, She Does Not Care

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The video clip of Jiang Yuning clarifying the matter during the press conference quickly appeared all over the internet. The netizens really did not expect that after haunting and reprimanding Jiang Yuning for a few days, she was actually already five months pregnant!

What did this mean?

They scolded her for a long time, but she turned out to be innocent!

Jiang Yuning did not do anything at all.

Even though she has not done anything before, she was haunted and reprimanded by the netizens and they even cursed that she would never have any descendants!

[Ahh! Ahh! Jiang Yuning is innocent!]

[This incident is too weird and it seems to be directed at Jiang Yuning. However, the other party definitely did not expect that Jiang Yuning would be pregnant.]

[In fact, I thought of several public relations methods that Jiang Yuning would be using in my heart, and I even guessed that Jiang Yuning might use one of them. However, I didn&x2019;t expect&x2026;that she would not need to use her brain at all this time.]

[I really thought that Jiang Yuning won&x2019;t be able to whitewash herself anymore!]

[Those naive people who haunted Jiang Yuning and cursed at her, should come out and apologize to her, right?]

[I really thought that Jiang Yuning would be done for this time!]

[After Jiang Yuning clarified this matter, I am going to chase and watch later in the evening. At the same time, I am very curious about the identity of that woman in that video.]

[Can I say, some time ago, when I was watching a short video, I saw someone imitating Jiang Yuning&x2019;s makeup? At that time, I could only sigh at how others are so good at doing makeup to imitate other celebrities. Now that I think about it, I cannot help but feel terrified.]

[Okay, I know now that Jiang Yuning&x2019;s personality will not collapse and she is serious about being a good person.]


Because Jiang Yuning was already five months pregnant, all the rumors on the internet were self-defeating.

After all, aside from the seemingly shocking appearance, the woman in the video did not fit Jiang Yuning&x2019;s current state at all.

Everyone initially thought that it was over for Jiang Yuning this time&x2026;

Unexpectedly, she could come back against the wind.

This woman never disappoints.

And the netizens who have scolded Jiang Yuning before, especially those who cursed Jiang Yuning and said that she would never have any descendants in this life, probably felt that they were too extreme. After that, they came out and sincerely apologized as they felt that they were indeed too much.

[Before this, because I sympathized with the old lady, I really disliked Jiang Yuning very much and I also scolded her for a long time. Now, I would like to apologize to Jiang Yuning.]

[Sorry, Jiang Yuning!]

[I also cursed Jiang Yuning. Sorry, I hope that you will forgive my ignorance.]

[I would also like to apologize to the Ginger Candies.]

However, the Ginger Candies were all very cool and indifferent at this time: &x201C;It&x2019;s okay. She doesn&x2019;t care, so we don&x2019;t care either.&x201D;

No one cared about your scolding or your apology.

They were just a bunch of clowns who did not have any distinguishing ability. They felt that the internet was a place outside the law, so they simply wanted to vent their anger. In fact, they did not care about the truth at all. They simply wanted to watch the show and join in the fun. They wanted to resolve the emptiness, loneliness and failure of their own real world.

These people&x2026;were not worthy of her attention at all. So, she could not be bothered with them.

The Ginger Candies knew Jiang Yuning very well. So, they also understood why she held the so-called clarification press conference at the last minute.

The most important thing right now was to find out the suspect in the video, and find out the culprit who hurt the old woman and brought such serious negative effects to Jiang Yuning.

What is it that made them so crazy?

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