Novel Name : Sweetest Top Actress in My Home

Chapter 763 - So, the Man Already Has a Girlfriend?

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Chapter 763: So, the Man Already Has a Girlfriend?

[But suddenly, Tang Ke&x2019;s real girlfriend posted the photos to all of her groups on her cell phone, including his fan groups!]

[Fuck! This scumbag!]

[Isn&x2019;t this the pair of famous love line now? So, the man already has a girlfriend?]

[He does not only have a girlfriend, but the both of them were high school classmates and they have already been dating for many years. They have even met each other&x2019;s parents! The woman has also sacrificed a lot for this man! As a result, she realized that he had been cheating on her. She also found out that this adulterous couple has already been cheating on her ever since they joined the crew. Don&x2019;t ask me how I know everything for certain. I am just one of the witnesses too!]

[Wow, this is really disgusting&x2026;He already has a girlfriend but he is still coming out to portray a love line? He is simply too despicable, right?!]

[I already told her to be careful when dating this kind of men in the past! I was worried about this kind of things happening before. I even reminded her to pay attention to it. At that time, the woman was stupid and she was completely overwhelmed by her love and emotions for him. I really feel very sorry for my girlfriend. I hope that the adulterous couple will get their just desserts!]

[How sad must she be feeling to make such a tough and decisive decision?]

[Sister, you did well!]

[Sister, you are really cool too!]

[I really cannot forgive this scumbag after finding out about what he did!]

[I was actually rooting for this love line in the past but now it is simply too disgusting!]


There was a lot of ridicule on the Internet, which was really disgusting.

Tang Ke&x2019;s team members already found out about this matter, but because Tang Ke was still recording, they couldn&x2019;t pull him away directly.

Now, they were just waiting for the live broadcast to stop. After that, they immediately stepped forward to stop him and said, &x201C;Something bad happened. You&x2019;re done for!&x201D;

Tang Ke didn&x2019;t know what was going on. So, he took the cell phone from the agent and saw the hundreds of messages and dozens of missed calls that he had.

After that, Tang Ke opened his WeChat and saw all the group messages&x2026;

For an instant, his mind went completely blank and panic swept all over his body.

&x201C;Why&x2026;how could this happen? What should I do now?&x201D;

&x201C;I have already warned you a long time ago to pay attention and to deal with it. I told you not to overdo it with Liang You. Look, what&x2019;s the result of it all?&x201D; The agent was very frustrated and he said, &x201C;Forget it, I don&x2019;t want to talk to a couple who refuses to listen to my advice anymore. I will talk to the company directly.&x201D;

Basically, there was nothing left to say.

Now, the whole world knew that he and Liang You were both having an affair behind his girlfriend&x2019;s back. At the same time, they were still advertising a fake love line when he was cheating and already had a girlfriend. Now that the photos had already been exposed, everyone felt very sickened, and now was already useless to do any public relations.

This was not the most terrible thing.

The most terrifying thing was the WeChat chat records that were exposed by Xu Jialu.

It involved a lot of shameless sorrows by the team who were behind Tang Ke, including when they asked Tang Ke to star in the plagiarism drama, . Even their own people said that this was a plagiarism script.

[Plagiarism, shady, and they even created a pair of fake love line. When my girlfriend watched it, I persuaded her to have a bit of aesthetic interest. She also laughed at me for being too hypocritical. Now I can only say that there was no problem with my eyes at all!]

[They dared to speak of the plagiarism so blatantly and they were rushing to broadcast their drama before the other party. Don&x2019;t you think that they are really shameless?]

[It turned out that they copied Hou Da&x2019;s script from . It was no wonder why the book fans were creating a scene before this. However, they were persuaded by Hou Da, and then Jiang Yuning also advertised for . Now that I think about it, I cannot help but feel a little nauseous because this group of people are simply disgusting!]

[Furthermore, they intentionally delayed the progression of the drama so that it would collide with ! The director and production team are simply too outrageous!]

[Scumbags and bitches, hurry up and get lost already!]

[This pair of adulterous couple has probably never been popular before. That is why they don&x2019;t know the consequences of being popular. They are all so undisciplined. After the show is broadcasted, they should have just lived honestly since no one knows what they did in private. However, they had to choose to be demons instead&x2026;]

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