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Chapter 752 - Too Scheming!

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Chapter 752: Too Scheming!

Because of Yan Muqing&x2019;s face, the Yan family did not call the police but they went directly to the Li family.

Although they had a legitimate husband and wife relationship, Li Bao was simply too vicious. Sooner or later, he would certainly kill her. He tied Yan Muqing to the bed for three days and three nights just because of a fight. If no one found out about her, Yan Muqing&x2019;s life or death would still be uncertain at this time.

The Li family saw Yan Muqing&x2019;s wounds and they immediately knew that they were in a disadvantage. Li Xueshan wanted to be a peacemaker, but he was pushed aside by Yan Muqing&x2019;s best friend.

&x201C;You don&x2019;t have any back pain when you stand and talk, do you? You don&x2019;t know what kind of scumbag your brother is? Do you know that he is going to kill someone one day?&x201D;

Li Xueshan looked at the marks and wounds on Yan Muqing&x2019;s body, and he suddenly couldn&x2019;t speak at all.

Even if the other party was being very arrogant, he did not dare to refute it.

At this time, Li Bao was still at the airport when he was blown up by his family just as soon as he turned on his cell phone. When he returned home, the two families had already discussed almost everything.

Therefore, before Li Bao could even asked what had happened, he was slapped twice by Li Jianxiong immediately.

&x201C;Don&x2019;t try to convince us anymore. You can just bring your credentials with you and go to the Civil Affairs Bureau to go through the divorce formalities with Miss Yan in the afternoon.&x201D;

This way, Li Bao was basically in a state of being scolded as soon as he opened his mouth. No one gave him a chance to ask what happened, let alone give him an opportunity to explain himself.

He suddenly thought of the Yan family calling him to inquire about Yan Muqing&x2019;s whereabouts, but how did Yan Muqing got injured? What happened to him?

Moreover, the Yan family was humiliated to this point. Li Bao also had a temper and that afternoon, he immediately accompanied Yan Muqing to the Civil Affairs Bureau and he agreed to a divorce again in confusion.

Yan Muqing was really badly hurt. It was also very difficult to walk. Fortunately, it was winter, and she was wearing a turtleneck sweater so she could hide the marks on her body.

The two families have discussed this matter and the two children could not be forced to live together after that. After all, no matter how harsh the Yan family was to Yan Muqing, it was completely impossible for them to take their daughter&x2019;s life for granted. Business continued as usual, but the two families would never been as close as before.

Their words were very nice, but everyone knew that without the relationship of marriage there was no way for them to bind each other. Who could keep the integrity without this sense of security?

When he walked out of the Civil Affairs Bureau, Li Bao could not help but cursed.

Maybe no one could stop him from going out to have fun anymore, but did Yan Muqing ever care about it anyway?

After this act, although she suffered some grievances, Yan Muqing didn&x2019;t know how refreshing she felt to get rid of the scum of Li Bao.

&x201C;Let&x2019;s go. We can go home now.&x201D; After seeing Li Bao&x2019;s walking away, the expression on Yan Muqing&x2019;s mother&x2019;s face improved immediately. &x201C;Whoever marries that beast in the future will definitely be ruined.&x201D;

Yan Muqing and her best friend exchanged a signal with one another and the meaning was obvious. Yan Muqing was thanking her for this matter.

Her girlfriend raised her eyebrows in return. It&x2019;s really enjoyable and Yan Muqing felt that she had been acting in a play these days.

Even after he was divorced, that stupid Li Bao could not understand what was going on. It was so dark and any ordinary people would not be able to understand.

Later, Yan Muqing and her best friend talked to one another and discussed that if they wanted to make their debut as an actress. After all, it would be a waste of their skill that was inexplicably amazing.

When Li Bao came home and listened to his sister filling him in on the whole process, it was only then did he finally realize that he had been set up.

Yan Muqing was really ruthless.

In order to achieve her goal, she actually tied herself up and stayed locked up in the room for several days and nights.

Li Bao wanted to refute everything and argue that it was not him, but Yan Muqing had a video of him cheating on her with a celebrity outside and she even had evidence of a quarrel between the both of them. Who would believe that it was not him?

&x201C;Bitch! Too scheming!&x201D;

When he came to a realization, it was already too late.

Li Bao took this dumb loss blindly and he held a grudge against Yan Muqing because of this.


Yan Muqing has been locked up at home for several days and she had lost weight. However, she gladly treated it as a diet. The first thing she did when she was back to good health was to make an appointment with Jiang Yuning for dinner.

In fact, she made a lot of phone calls but Jiang Yuning didn&x2019;t agree to it. In the end, Jiang Yuning couldn&x2019;t help Yan Muqing&x2019;s flamboyant acting skills and she had to agree to meet her for a simple dinner.

Compared with the pompous ladies like Li Xueshan, Jiang Yu would rather contact Yan Muqing like this.

At this time, Li Yunxiang had already settled down abroad. At present, her mood and physical health have basically recovered.

However, Jiang Yuning knew that after the Li family&x2019;s affairs were exploded, the scandal involving Li Yunxiang would most likely be picked out by netizens. However, Li Yunxiang was no longer in this vicious circle. There was something to be done. Explosive! Jiang Yuning would have to let the employees of the public relations department learn some skills from her then.

She discussed this matter with Li Yunxiang and Li Yunxiang wanted to leave it to her to deal with it over there. In fact, Li Yunxiang didn&x2019;t dare to hope for anything more than the current result.

Time quickly entered March, and Yu Shaowei&x2019;s finally announced its launch.

Jiang Yuning went to the hospital during the day to complete her body check-up, and then sje promised to honor Yan Muqing&x2019;s dinner that night.

Today, Lu Jingzhi accompanied her halfway through the obstetric checkup. After that, he did not know who came over and called him directly.

Jiang Yuning faintly felt that it was a major event, so she asked the second young master to leave quickly as Xu Liangzhou was watching her.

The bodyguards were also there, so there could be no trouble.

Lu Jingzhi accompanied her to the completion of the examination and left without waiting for the report.

That person was stubborn, but she was not weak enough to need someone to stay close to her step by step. Moreover, she could distinguish the priority and she was not deliberately trying not to be sensible, but she simply felt that it was unnecessary.

After the examination, Xu Liangzhou personally read the report and discussed with the obstetrician and gynecologist before he finally told Jiang Yuning that the fetal heart rate and yolk sac were normal but he was still dissatisfied with Jiang Yuning&x2019;s long working hours.

At this time, Jiang Yuning would just refute his words.

&x201C;Forget it, even if I tell you, you don&x2019;t know how to listen to me. So, I will have to tell the second young master Lu then.&x201D;

&x201C;I will listen!&x201D; Jiang Yuning replied as she nodded heavily, &x201C;I know my own working hours.&x201D;

&x201C;Also, it&x2019;s time for you to add some more nutrition. The doctor prescribed some of it. Remember to eat it on time and according to the quality.&x201D;

&x201C;I understand, I will adjust the alarm for it.&x201D;

Xu Liangzhou successfully intimidated his sister-in-law and had a good time doing so. However, it was not too much because he knew that Jiang Yuning also attached great importance to this baby and was very nervous.

Jiang Yuning didn&x2019;t doubt him. After she figured out everything, she walked out of the hospital with the bodyguards. Then, she went to the hotel for her appointment.

Because it has only been in the early two months, her lower belly was not obvious and no one could see it.

But Yan Muqing&x2019;s enthusiasm made her overwhelmed.

This was especially so because of the table full of dishes, Jiang Yuning could not help but reacted when she saw all the very oily dishes. Pregnant women really could not take this at all.

Yan Muqing saw Jiang Yuning&x2019;s reaction and she was taken aback: &x201C;Feeling unwell?&x201D;

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