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Chapter 749 - She Left. You Satisfied Now?

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Chapter 749: She Left. You Satisfied Now?

&x201C;I do not only want to get rid of your child but I also want to completely delete a garbage like you directly from my life. If you dare to go out and explode or reveal any information about me, I will make sure that the scandals regarding your family fly all over the sky. At the very least, I will just suffer because of you! From now on, don&x2019;t contact me again. I have already sold the house too.&x201D;

After she was done speaking, Li Yunxiang picked up her evidence again and took it away with her.

Li Bao wanted to go crazy, but he didn&x2019;t have the guts to do so.

He was not afraid of Yan Muqing, but he was afraid of his uncle, who would certainly bury him alive.

Yan Muqing watched as Li Yunxiang left and she felt that this woman still had a bit of a temper. Although she met a scumbag, she didn&x2019;t cry or cause any trouble for anyone. Instead, she simply tried her best to break up and get rid of all the connections that she had with the scumbag. Of course, she could also see that Li Yunxiang was already prepared to die together with Li Bao here today.

&x201C;She left. Are you satisfied now?&x201D;

Yan Muqing snorted before she took the evidence and left the hotel.

Li Bao would never expect that Li Yunxiang was actually colluding with Yan Muqing because today&x2019;s theme was to get Li Yunxiang out of Li Bao&x2019;s control.

Jiang Yuning had already told Yan Muqing time and again that her business was not so simple. First, she had to take Li Yunxiang out of this situation and mess. This was because Li Yunxiang was an actress and the involvement of the actress would definitely attract media attention. As long as she could hold evidence in her hand, then she should just let Li Yunxiang go first before they thought of a way out for Yan Muqing.

Therefore, Yan Muqing suppressed her urge to rush immediately to the Civil Affairs Bureau for a divorce with Li Bao. Instead, she helped Li Yunxiang to fulfill what she had been desperately trying to do.

This was because she had seriously underestimated Li Bao&x2019;s shamelessness. He could actually say that Li Yunxiang could stay when she gave birth to a son, and to just get lost if she gave birth to a daughter.

Only Li Yunxiang would have been able to tolerate him.

If it was Yan Muqing who was in Li Yunxiang&x2019;s shoes, she would have slam dunked Li Bao&x2019;s head directly. The only big deal was that she would enter the police station.

When meeting someone like Li Bao, you do not need to talk about common courtesy or mannerism with him.

This was because Li Bao was originally uneducated. Although he came from a well-known and reputable family, he had been idle since he was a child. He was completely different from Lu Jingzhi who was an academic master.

The Li family couldn&x2019;t control him. Later, it was Li Jianhui who cleaned Li Bao up and placed him under his control.

But he was cruel by nature.

Li Yunxiang really dreamt of marrying at that time, so she was easily deceived by Li Bao.

Actually, Li Yunxiang was probably greatly influenced by her native family. She had no father and she had always lacked paternal love. Girls who grew up in single-parent families would always look for objects and people according to their father&x2019;s appearance.

When Li Bao appeared at the time, he was tall, mighty, and machismo. It gave Li Yunxiang a sense of security but she didn&x2019;t expect that Li Bao&x2019;s hidden soul would be so terrifying.

Yan Muqing admitted that she was not a good person because she only accepted the marriage because of her family inheritance, but she felt that any bad things that she had done had never caused any harm to anyone at all.

So, Yan Muqing actually felt even more relaxed than ever when she was helping Li Yunxiang.

The next stop would be her own battle and she would follow Jiang Yuning&x2019;s words instead of fighting Li Bao directly at this time.

First, she would tell her family that she doesn&x2019;t care and would not divorce Li Bao but then, she would plant hatred and resentment in the Yan family&x2019;s hearts. After that, she would begin to inculcate various news to the family periodically and she would even expose to them the gossip that the Li family was being investigated.

According to Jiang Yuning&x2019;s words, there was no need to have a head-on conflict with Li Bao.

There was no need to waste time with him. Instead, to deal with that kind of person, even the most insidious tricks could be used. Of course, it was not aimed at innocent people.

Li Bao, could just wait and see.


After Li Yunxiang stepped out of the hotel, she took the company&x2019;s car and headed straight to the airport.

Jiang Yuning had already asked her to bring her agent with her directly on a vacation to recuperate, and that she should just leave the rest to her.

The rest of the matter would have nothing to do with the entertainment industry anymore. It would be all about the wealthy and prestigious families then&x2026;

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