Novel Name : Sweetest Top Actress in My Home

Chapter 726 - Comparing Oneself to Others Would Only Make a Person Angry

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Chapter 726: Comparing Oneself to Others Would Only Make a Person Angry

Several staff members from the crew greeted the cats and dogs when they were leaving. They found out that although they were not perfect or were already old, they were still very cute.

After the few people got in the car, they couldn&x2019;t help felt very amazed. &x201C;They are all male artistes and they are all celebrities. However, that person with the last name, Gong tried to gain so much attention and fame for himself just because he adopted a Scottish Fold cat. Look at Yu Shaowei! Yu Shaowei have paid so much and set up an animal rescue fund for all of these furry animals that he owned and he was even an honorary member of the Los Angeles Animal Protection Association. However, very few people know about it. Comparing oneself to others would only make a person angry.&x201D;

&x201C;Don&x2019;t worry too much. The both of them are pursuing different things. Gong Xinhai wants to gain fame and popularity but Yu Shaowei doesn&x2019;t value all these at all. He never did these things to gain anyone&x2019;s praise at all.&x201D; The assistant comforted as she said, &x201C;Besides that, believe me. I think that Yu Shaowei will definitely be popular in the future. His good luck has yet to come.&x201D;

&x201C;I was just feeling very upset because of Yu Shaowei. I even felt like sending Gong Xinhai a message at this time about this matter!&x201D;


And as expected, something really went wrong with Gong Xinhai within a few days&x2019; time.

This was because he suddenly announced that his Scottish Fold cat was sick.

The cat in that species was not too healthy to begin with. In addition to Gong Xinhai&x2019;s various tossing, the kitten had already apparently stopped eating or drinking and it looked very lethargic. When he tried to send it to the hospital, the doctor announced that it had contracted cat plague for more than one day. Before the day was over, the kitten had already died of its illness.

Gong Xinhai panicked because of this matter. His popularity had just risen, and the magazine had already arranged for the interview. Would all of it be gone just like that?

&x201C;Why don&x2019;t you go to the live broadcast room and cry about it? Just tell your fans that the kitten is dead and that you will try and rescue a few more cats then.&x201D; Gong Xinhai&x2019;s agent arranged for Gong Xinhai to stir up the compassion of his fans as they stared at the dead kitten&x2019;s body in the cage.

Just like that, Gong Xinhai cried sadly in his live broadcast room.

This caused his fans to feel very heartbroken too.

The fans also started comforting him.

[It&x2019;s okay, brother, you have tried your best. All of us know that you treat the kitten as your own family.]

[We can only blame the kitten. It does not have that blessing.]

[Brother, I have a cat in my house. Do you want to raise it?]

[Brother, you must be so sad. The kitten left just like that&x2026; Oh! My brother is really kind.]

Gong Xinhai still wanted to put on an act at a time like this?

Jiang Yuning knew that it was already time for them to begin their battle. So, she asked the employees of the public relations department to prepare for their battle. As long as they did everything correctly, then they would certainly be able to make sure that Gong Xinhai made it to the headlines.

Jiang Yuning asked the employees to head into the battle as they released all the information on their social media accounts.

&x201C;Come on! Come and watch Gong Xinhai&x2019;s whole process of &x2018;rescuing the cat&x2019;!&x201D;

&x201C;Gong Xinhai, I will make sure that you make it to the hot search today. I hope that the Animal Protection Association can come forward and take care of someone like you too.&x201D;

This account did not only expose the whole process of how Gong Xinhai purchased the kitten but it also exposed the breeder and the shop that Gong Xinhai bought the kitten from. This was because there was a litter of the brothers and sisters of the kitten bought by Gong Xinhai leftover in the shop.

After this expose on the internet, Gong Xinhai made it to the hot search.

[So, Gong Xinhai said that it was a rescue. In fact, he actually bought the kitten from a breeder. After buying the kitten and bringing it back home with him, the kitten subsequently died because of improper care?]

[Oh my god. Must he really try so hard just to get famous? I cannot help but wondered who could possibly have inspired him to do something like this?]

[Is he really that shameless? Is he simply desperately trying to compete with that male artiste from Guangying Media?]

[I suddenly thought of a piece of news that I saw some time ago. However, that news did not managed to make it to the hot search. It was about Yu Shaowei who had entered the police station because of a dispute with someone else because of some animals. I think that Gong Xinhai must have gotten his inspiration because of this.]

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