Novel Name : Sweetest Top Actress in My Home

Chapter 715 - Humans Have Contrary Scales That Hurts When It Is Touched

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Chapter 715: Humans Have Contrary Scales That Hurts When It Is Touched

This was a slap right to the face of Tang Feng&x2019;s fans. They could only blush in embarrassment and they could not say anything at all.

Jiang Yuning was not doing this for any artiste, but for her husband.

People have contrary scales that hurts when it is touched.

However, Tang Feng&x2019;s fans did not give up fighting for the rights and interests of their own idol. They continued making phone calls to Guangying Media and they even wrote long letters to Jiang Yuning.

Although the resources of the agency would be tilted, but was it too much to ask her to just take Tang Feng seriously?

The letters from Tang Feng&x2019;s fans were personally addressed to Jiang Yuning. So, she wasn&x2019;t angry at the enthusiasm of the fans. Instead, she took the time to read all the letters, especially the longest one.


The next day, chaos occurred at Murda Media to the point that even the police officers showed up to arrest him.

Jiang Yuning did what she said she would do with a lightning fast momentum so that the media quickly disintegrated.

No one knew exactly what she had in her hands, but the media should keep in mind, not to take Jiang Yuning so casually in future. Moreover, if they were to randomly make any publishing about her, they had better be sure not to randomly choreograph her romance.

In the end, the entertainment circle would end just like that.

Always remember that it would always just be the childhood sweethearts!

After the incident with Murda Media, Yu Shaowei went to see Jiang Yuning once in Guangying Media. However, she did not seem affected because of this incident, nor did she feel any embarrassment at all. She simply did what should be said and done, and there was no difference at all compared to the past.

Yu Shaowei had mixed feelings, but he had also thought about it very clearly in the past few days. If he did not correct his attitude, then this relationship with Jiang Yuning might not even work out.

Furthermore, he later heard about Jiang Yuning&x2019;s preparing all of Tang Feng&x2019;s resources for him. Thus proving that she was absolutely fair to the three of them and not just special to him in any way.

&x201C;I heard that the director had to fly out of town for the New Year because of her activities, and she really sacrificed a lot for the resources that she obtained for the three of you.&x201D; Luo Hangyi saw Yu Shaowei focusing his gaze on Jiang Yuning&x2019;s office and couldn&x2019;t help but reminded him, &x201C;So, you must never fail her good intentions.&x201D;

&x201C;Don&x2019;t worry, I don&x2019;t have any thoughts about it right now.&x201D; Yu Shaowei said this before he dragged Luo Hangyi away with him as they left Guangying Media. &x201C;I just can&x2019;t help but feel a little injustice for her. After all, for Tang Feng&x2019;s side, she has obviously put in so much effort.&x201D;

&x201C;That&x2019;s even less for you to worry about. She said that it was a means to solidify the fans&x2019; love and affection for Tang Feng.&x201D;

&x201C;At the risk of being misunderstood?&x201D; Yu Shaowei asked as he frowned.

&x201C;She has her own plans. Otherwise, with her means, it would be a matter of minutes for her to clarify the situation. Don&x2019;t think about standing up for her, or she&x2019;ll have a hard time clarifying your relationship again as you will only be stirring up ambiguity.&x201D; After saying that, Luo Hangyi pulled the car door open for Yu Shaowei.

Yu Shaowei knew that he had been holding back all this time. Otherwise, he would have opened his mouth.

In fact, Tang Feng also felt very guilty because of this matter.

Because he knew where all the big resources, he took down came from. However, because it hasn&x2019;t been made public yet, all his fans were still trying to seek justice for him.

Tang Feng was a practical person and he wanted to explain things to his fans, but he was stopped by his agent. This was because this was what Jiang Yuning told him to do. So, he would not be allowed to say anything until the day the resources are made public.

Both Qiqi and Tang Feng shared the same agent. Initially, their agent also thought that Jiang Yuning would favor Yu Shaowei. After all, agents are all exclusive. Wasn&x2019;t this a big bias?

It was only later that the agent realized that because both Tang Feng and Qiqi were more mature and carefree, and Tang Feng was less active in front of the stage, it was not the right time to give him an independent agent at all. Otherwise, the agent would have been idle all day.

Plus, Jiang Yuning has secured an important role as an artiste director.

For Tang Feng&x2019;s sake, she had to attend an event to return the favor. Even at the risk of getting misunderstood, Jiang Yuning wanted to solidify the fans&x2019; love and affection for Tang Feng.

The agent gradually put down the injustice and suspicion in his heart, and he started listening to every arrangement made by Jiang Yuning with ease.

Fortunately, the announcement of was coming soon. Otherwise, he suspected that Tang Feng would not be able to hold it in anymore.

The resources sent by Jiang Yuning were all gifts wrapped with her heart and soul. Even the most difficult artiste would be ignited by her passion.


She had to attend an award ceremony, so she couldn&x2019;t have dinner with her family on New Year&x2019;s Eve.

Although old master Lu wasn&x2019;t very happy about it, Jiang Zhitong forced him to play chess with him so that he could distract him a little.

The night before the trip, Jiang Yuning was at home packing her things.

When Lu Jingzhi came home, he saw her squatting in front of her suitcase, as she was packing up some of her cosmetics.

&x201C;Pack mine too.&x201D;

When Jiang Yuning heard the voice, she turned her head sharply and looked at Lu Jingzhi, who was taking off his jacket: &x201C;Second brother, don&x2019;t you have to work?&x201D;

&x201C;It&x2019;s a holiday.&x201D; Lu Jingzhi replied, &x201C;Moreover, it&x2019;s just an idle position, so how can I be that busy?&x201D;

Moreover, with the year&x2019;s end, there would be many people outside who would spread the rumors about the Lu family&x2019;s troubles. Although they all knew it wasn&x2019;t true, it was still somewhat harsh to hear.

&x201C;Grandpa agreed to this?&x201D;

Who was the old master Lu? As long as the gossip from the outside world was used as an excuse, the old man immediately waved his hand and agreed: &x201C;It&x2019;s good for you to go out, and make sure that they are no rumors at all.&x201D;

&x201C;But if I have to attend the award ceremony, I may not be able to accompany you. So, you&x2019;ll have to stay in the hotel.&x201D;

&x201C;It doesn&x2019;t matter.&x201D; Lu Jingzhi picked her up from the ground, &x201C;We have to spend the New Year&x2019;s Eve together, eh?&x201D;

Jiang Yuning was a little excited and she immediately struggled to get her cell phone: &x201C;I&x2019;ll call the young paparazzo right now and ask him to book the plane tickets and the best hotel.&x201D;

Although they could not spend the New Year&x2019;s Eve with their family, they could create their own ritual.


The plane was scheduled for New Year&x2019;s Eve morning, and the itinerary was made public.

No other agency&x2019;s artiste director, would enjoy the same attention as an artiste would, when they come to the airport. The Ginger Candies came as usual to send her off.

They could already sing the song well, and they still sung it when Jiang Yuning travels.

In order to avoid any trouble, Jiang Yuning arranged for the Lu Jingzhi to go first and to wait for her in the waiting hall. Otherwise, the both of them would certainly be surrounded by the passers-by again. She knew very well that Lu Jingzhi did not enjoy this kind of scene at all.

However, Lu Jingzhi insisted on walking behind her, which would also take care of her safety.

Jiang Yuning couldn&x2019;t disagree with him, so she could only obey.

The young paparazzo followed beside Jiang Yuning after entering the airport. The both of them walked quickly, and there were many Ginger Candies holding up their cell phones to follow her with the camera, but Jiang Yuning had long been used to it, so there was not much reaction from her at all.

After joining Guangying Media as the artiste director, Jiang Yuning&x2019;s fashion sense was completely different, and most of the time, she was dressed in a professional suit.

Even so, the Ginger Candies did not dislike the fact that professional clothes could also be very beautiful.

However, just as Jiang Yuning was about to take the VIP channel to enter the security checkpoint, a girl in a white sweater suddenly came running towards her as she yelled out Jiang Yuning&x2019;s name&x2026;

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