Novel Name : Sweetest Top Actress in My Home

Chapter 714 - The King of Jealousy at Home is Getting Angry

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Chapter 714: The King of Jealousy at Home is Getting Angry

The first thing that she needed to do was to disperse the rumors on the Internet.

The forum account that she was going to use had been verified under her own name.

At ten o&x2019;clock that night, Jiang Yuning put up the article that she had written after work, which took her about a whole hour of hard work.

However, she was actually just responsible for organizing and adjusting the content and the order of the article.

The content was just the history of Murda Media&x2019;s development to say again, which of course involved the adultery, the third party in the relationship, the humiliation of the ex-wife, as well as possible tax evasion. Jiang Yuning put everything up on the internet without holding back at all.

At the end of the post, Jiang Yuning also left a very strong message for the netizens.

&x201C;You guys are good at making up rumors and stories, but I&x2019;m better at this because I&x2019;m telling the truth.&x201D;

&x201C;Others are also welcome to blab but I&x2019;m sitting in an office now. I also have a verified forum account and I had the time to write this small essay.&x201D;

After that, the netizens who were already used to Jiang Yuning&x2019;s style and methods, affectionately read the article that she posted online.

[So, this media company called Murda Media spread rumor that Jiang Yuning was exclusively pampering a young actor. After that, Jiang Yuning directly exposed everything relating to the media company. Isn&x2019;t she simply amazing?]

[Thank you, for the explanation. Jiang Yuning is a bit ruthless, but the other party deserved it.]

[I don&x2019;t even know what to say, but I feel that the media company, Murda Media seemed to have a death wish, right? If someone were to mess with Jiang Yuning, then they should be prepared to pay the price and consequences for their actions.]

[Reading. There&x2019;s too much information. It&x2019;s bloody, but it&x2019;s fun to watch.]

[So, what&x2019;s the point of messing with Jiang Yuning? I&x2019;m not even surprised that she is setting out to destroy the other party completely now&x2026;]

[As a peer, Jiang Yuning, I have to admit that you&x2019;re excessively excellent.]

The fact that Jiang Yuning posted the article on the forum caught everyone&x2019;s attention and eventually, this matter made it to the hot search. At this time, Murda Media was not only ridiculed by the netizens but since it involved a possible crime and fraud, it also attracted the attention of the police.

Most importantly, Jiang Yuning had already said that she could write a small essay about the company at any time.

Therefore, her most important purpose of exposing Murda Media tonight was to warn the media that made up stories about her, that she was already a peer in this industry.

Murda Media was also facing a real tragedy.

Originally, the CEO held a fluke mentality and he thought that Jiang Yuning knew nothing and she was just trying to swindle him. As a result, Jiang Yuning did not only know everything, but she even had photos to prove all of her points. He would not even be able to deny these claims even if he wanted to.

In the future, whoever still wanted to make up some rumors about Jiang Yuning and the young actors, would have to be very careful then.

At the very least, they should know that Jiang Yuning wouldn&x2019;t put up with it.

She was going to deal with you directly and she would not perish with you!

The rules of the entertainment circle were all completely disrupted because of her!

How annoying!

In fact, Jiang Yuning got rid of the rumors really quickly and the young actor was nothing more than a momentary joke.

However, this matter was deeply planted in the heart of Tang Feng&x2019;s fans.

In their opinion, this matter was a fact. No matter how much Jiang Yuning denied it, she obviously favored Yu Shaowei.

Therefore, Tang Feng&x2019;s fans continued to hum and complain about the matter.

[Jiang Yuning&x2019;s public relation tactics are as strong and bold as ever, but she is obviously being unfair towards Tang Feng.]

[If you really don&x2019;t want to lead Tang Feng, then please give him back to us. Don&x2019;t just give us hope and make us despair!]

[You can make a lot of noise to clarify your relationship with Yu Shaowei, but you are just paving the way for Yu Shaowei. Can&x2019;t you share some love with Tang Feng?]

That night, Jiang Yuning simply replied one sentence to all of these posts and complaints.

Jiang Yuning: &x201C;Misunderstanding! The reason for my clarification is simply because the king of jealousy at home is getting angry!&x201D;

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