Novel Name : Sweetest Top Actress in My Home

Chapter 707 - Dedication for Life, This is the Greatest Love

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Chapter 707: Dedication for Life, This is the Greatest Love

Each group of artistes gave the guests a complete makeover according to what they understood about what it means to be beautiful.

However, halfway through the makeover, there were some friction, mainly in Gong Xinhai&x2019;s group. This was because they did not communicate well with the guest at all. Gong Xinhai did not even respect the guest&x2019;s wishes in the slightest, and he had the makeup artist cut off the guest&x2019;s hair without even asking the guest for her permission.

Although the guest was a chubby girl who wanted to be pretty and beautiful. She had been keeping and maintaining her long hair that she had kept for many years.

The girl was in the dressing room, and a fight quickly broke out in the dressing room.

Gong Xinhai and the other two couldn&x2019;t handle it at all. The girl was crying so much out of frustration and this scared the cameraman so much that he hurriedly turned off the recording. After that, Mr. Lin stepped in to calm things down.


At this moment, a cameraman who was recording Yu Shaowei&x2019;s group heard about this matter.

When the duo heard about this matter, it was also time to handle the aunt&x2019;s hair.

Nuannuan leaned closer to Yu Shaowei and quietly said, &x201C;Brother Shaowei, you are really amazing. It seems as though the cleaning aunt has no worries at all.&x201D;

&x201C;Don&x2019;t talk about others. Hurry up and do something.&x201D;

Soon, the four groups were all ready and fully prepared. The eight celebrities were all invited by the host, to return to the studio.

The studio was now filled with spectators, and there were also fans of the various guests sitting amongst the audience, as they held their respective response cards in their hands.

Gong Xinhai naturally had the greatest number of fans at the scene and this also made Gong Xinhai feel even more satisfied.

But the one who garnered the loudest cheers and screams was Yu Shaowei. This was because his appearance, was really too brilliant and charming. Regardless of whether it was his front, back, or side profile, this would cause the audience to just scream on the spot.

At this time, the guests were all ready. However, after going on stage, they would first have to turn their backs to the audience, and the audience would have to perform a round of blind voting.

Of course, this blind vote was not absolute, and will be based on some materials in the backstage makeup, to make some guesses.

Gong Xinhai&x2019;s guest was at #2, while the aunt in Yu Shaowei&x2019;s group was at #4.

The greasy boy who delivered take-out was at #1, and the scruffy uncle who was fishing was at #3.

&x201C;Now, please take the first round of voting&x2026;&x201D;

Amongst them, the delivery boy, and the fat sister had changed the most after the makeover.

After all, both of them were still young.

So, the first round of voting came down to the both of them having the most votes. Moreover, Gong Xinhai had more fans, so in the first round of blind voting, Gong Xinhai narrowly won.

Mr. Lin looked at the result, and he teased most of the face-controllers on the scene. After that, the guests made an appearance.

As the young delivery brother turned around as he was dressed in a suit, this caused the audience to scream out loud. At this time, the brother&x2019;s head was not oily or greasy, and he looked very clean. Furthermore, he was very tall and thin, so after cleaning up, he simply looked like a Korean actor.

As for the fat sister, she had been forced to cut her hair. After the makeup artist&x2019;s sculpting and styling, her whole appearance looked like she was about twenty pounds thinner compared to before. Furthermore, Gong Xinhai confidently covered the flesh revealing part of the black A-line skirt, because of the presence of inferiority or fear of fat girls.

The uncle who was fishing was dressed up in a British style, and he was wearing a suit and a scarf. He looked very gentle and handsome.

The last one, was the cleaning lady. When she made an appearance, everyone was amazed because she looked so stylish.

She was wearing an inked cheongsam, and she had long wavy hair with no accessories aside for a set of very simple pearl earrings.

Where was the cleaning aunt? This was a completely different beauty that had been nurtured with a sophisticated aura.

She had a very comforting temperament.

Although her temples were white and her face was full of wrinkles, the dark pupils of her eyes were unexpectedly bright.

The audience present now were all feeling a bit regretful.

&x201C;The four guests have all made their appearances. Now, there will be a second round of voting.&x201D;

Without any suspense, the person who received the highest number of votes this time was the aunt of Yu Shaowei&x2019;s group.

The aunt had a gentle smile, and at a glance, she was a storyteller.

However, each of the four guests had prepared a background story for themselves. So, if you wanted to talk about feelings, you might not necessarily lose.

For example, the first person was the delivery boy, who said that because his parents abandoned him, he came out to work to earn money at a very young age. His desire in life is to buy a motorcycle of his own.

He had no education, but he was very optimistic and he was facing life strongly, and he was filled with determination. Even though he was devastated, he would never bow to his own fate.

The little brother looked like an ordinary man, and he also said the simplest words, but at the same time, this made the audience feel the same, teary-eyed.

The fat girl said that the key word in her life had always been discrimination. Because of obesity, she had missed out on too many things in life and because of obesity, she had suffered from ridicule and unfair treatment.

But she could not lose weight. No matter what she did, she could not weight at all. She tried taking and exercising but to no avail at all.

Being a girl, she naturally wanted to be skinny and beautiful.

The third uncle, talked about family harmony. He used to have a healthy family with sons and daughters, but because of his daughter-in-law and son-in-law&x2019;s problems, his family was also in a mess now. This was the reason why he goes out fishing every day. It was because he wanted to relieve the sorrow that he was feeling in his heart. He also sincerely hoped that his parents and children, would not become enemies just because of family trivialities.

Finally, the cleaning lady.

First, a family photo popped up on the big screen.

It was a family of five, and the aunt originally had two sons and a daughter.

At this part, the aunt choked and she couldn&x2019;t speak at all. When Yu Shaowei saw this, he got up from the guest stage, and he walked towards the aunt&x2019;s side and started explaining everything to everyone.

&x201C;Auntie comes from a pretty good family background in the past. She had once been very happy and contented too. Both she and her husband conceived three children, as you can see in the photo. They were a family of five, and they were a family that was filled with heavenly bliss.&x201D;

&x201C;But what you don&x2019;t know is that both of Auntie&x2019;s sons, who were narcotics police officers, died successively and unfortunately while they were all on duty. Finally, her daughter, also died in an unfortunate accident because the drug dealers wanted to take revenge as her sons were both narcotics police officers who had busted them&x2026;&x201D;

After hearing Yu Shaowei&x2019;s words, the entire audience was silent.

There was also someone in the audience who started to shed tears ragingly.

&x201C;But Auntie never blamed the world for this. Instead, she still loves life. Even though she&x2019;s already at this age, she&x2019;s still contributing to this city.&x201D;

&x201C;Those of us who can afford to give, should dedicate our lives to giving.&x201D;

&x201C;Even though her background story is not known to the public, she is still an angel that had been sent to us by God.&x201D;

&x201C;We are all mediocre, but we are never ordinary.&x201D;

After hearing Yu Shaowei&x2019;s words, the entire audience couldn&x2019;t help but stand up and applaud for the Auntie.

This was because she was worthy of being called a hero.

The third round of voting, of course, had no suspense at all. All the other groups of guests also lost convincingly.

After all, family love and dedication for a lifetime, this was the greatest love.

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