Novel Name : Sweetest Top Actress in My Home

Chapter 706 - Lastly, There Will Still be a Good Show

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Chapter 706: Lastly, There Will Still be a Good Show

Each of the four groups found the most beautiful scenery that they had in their minds. One group looked for a greasy looking delivery boy, another looked for an uncle who was fishing by the river, while Gong Xinhai&x2019;s group went to the famous street and his group found a short fat lady who did not dress up at all.

Although all of them really wanted to look for some beautiful young girls or handsome young men, if they were to look for someone who already looked good, then that would not reflect the word transformation at all.

This was also the inspiration that they received after seeing Yu Shaowei looking for a cleaning aunt who was out sweeping on the street.

At the same time, these guests felt that Yu Shaowei was very sly and scheming person.

He wanted to act noble, right?

Who wouldn&x2019;t?

As usual, celebrity guests would usually choose ugly but still decent looking people, as the contrast would be particularly high when makeup is applied.

Also, they tend to look for regular working-class people, and they were never as extreme as the people that the guests this time were all looking for.

But it had to be said that they were all very representative.

In fact, the other groups despised Yu Shaowei&x2019;s choice and they were all poking fun and making jokes at him and his teammate. But what was the end result? Why did they end up copying him instead?

But the show producers were happy to see it happen. This was because they had a feeling that this episode was going to blow up.

The next part of the show was the make-over phase for the people. This was also a stage where the guests would work together with the makeup artists to complete the person&x2019;s full transformation.

Of course, before going into this stage, they would have to enter the studio to introduce themselves to a few people. After that, they would have to take several shots and clips to show the audience what they originally looked like in the lives of an ordinary person.

&x201C;Shaowei, do you have any thoughts about Auntie?&x201D; The makeup artist specifically asked Yu Shaowei and Nuannuan what they thought about the aunt before the makeover. &x201C;Have you decided what kind of style you want? Rich? Elegant? Celebrity-like?&x201D;

&x201C;None of that.&x201D; Yu Shaowei replied before he took out his cell phone and opened an old photo and said, &x201C;She just have to be this beautiful.&x201D;

The makeup artist was shocked to see the photo of cleaning aunt when she was young. This was because she was indeed a classical beauty, with the standard big eyes and melon face.

&x201C;Auntie told me that she also came from a good family background in the past, but her family ended up in the wrong place.&x201D;

&x201C;And she was once rich.&x201D;

&x201C;Now she doesn&x2019;t want anything pretty, but she just wants to be clean.&x201D;

The makeup artist listened to Yu Shaowei&x2019;s words and she immediately understood what he meant.

&x201C;I understand. Why don&x2019;t you pick the clothes for her then? I&x2019;ll take care of the makeup, and the accessories with Nuannuan. Will that be okay?&x201D;

&x201C;Yes.&x201D; Yu Shaowei and Nuannuan replied as they nodded at the same time.

Tribulation could ruin a person&x2019;s life, smoothen a person&x2019;s heart, and hide a person&x2019;s light, but there was no way to erase the education she had received and the culture or elegance that she possessed.

Now, the several groups were all on the same starting line. Each of their chosen guests had gone through their own trials and tribulations. The program was simply waiting for their moment of magnificent transformation, so that they could finally determine which one of them truly had the greatest transformation at the end of the day.

It was intense, and exciting.

Each individual dressing room was busy to the point that the staff and guests were all running around on their feet.


At 4pm, after working for a while to see what time it was, Jiang Yuning asked the young paparazzo about the recording progress of the Yu Shaowei show.

The young paparazzo said that he was not done recording yet, and that they were still in the intense transformation phase.

After that, the young paparazzo also sent a few video clips that Luo Hangyi had shared to him, to Jiang Yuning.

In the videos, Yu Shaowei was doing very well, and he looked calm and serious.

&x201C;He&x2019;s quick to respond, and he was also very good at getting the essence of your words. He was very down to earth, but it&x2019;s pretty disgusting that the other groups of guests are picking up ready-made guests.&x201D;

&x201C;Whatever. Anyway, lastly, there will be a good show to watch then.&x201D; Jiang Yuning was convinced of this, &x201C;Just wait and see. The artiste that I choose, will never be wrong.&x201D;

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