Novel Name : Sweetest Top Actress in My Home

Chapter 698 - His Whole Person is More Advanced Now

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Chapter 698: His Whole Person is More Advanced Now

The director of received the photos passed by Jiang Yuning in the afternoon.

At this time, the director who had not been hopeful at all, rolled his eyes as soon as he saw Yu Shaowei&x2019;s set photos.

Jiang Yuning was really too great at captivating people&x2019;s hearts. In the collection of Yu Shaowei&x2019;s fighting poses, he looked so cold-blooded and fierce, with a trace of anger in his eyes. He really looked extremely evil and much more advanced now.

This was indeed very different from what the director had seen in any of Yu Shaowei&x2019;s photos before this.

At that, the director called Jiang Yuning: &x201C;Director Jiang, you should know that the photos alone would not be sufficient to convince me. He would have to have a set of good acting skills too.&x201D;

&x201C;Well, isn&x2019;t there a video attached below? If that is not to satisfy you, director, then you can still ask Yu Shaowei to attend the audition until you are satisfied.&x201D;

The other party could only raise his hand in defeat as soon as he heard Jiang Yuning&x2019;s answer. &x201C;Jiang Yuning, what else are you not capable of? Is there anything that anyone would not like about you? There is absolutely no reason for me to turn him down at all! You won!&x201D;

After that, the director hung up the phone before he contacted the screenwriter immediately. &x201C;We do not need to delete any of the scenes involving the third male lead anymore. Moreover, I also hope that you will be able to give him an even fuller character.&x201D;

Screenwriter: &x201C;???&x201D;

After a while, the screenwriter could only think to himself. I have already deleted more than half of the scenes. Director, are you okay?

Anyway, Jiang Yuning saved the role of the third male lead for Yu Shaowei.

Moreover, Yu Shaowei also listened to Jiang Yuning&x2019;s words very much. After going back home, he changed his social media profile picture to a cool avatar with a picture with a black and white tone.

After that, he changed his status: &x201C;Actually, I don&x2019;t like to talk.&x201D;

After the agent saw this, he almost had a myocardial infarction. However, as he thought about Jiang Yuning&x2019;s instructions, he took a deep breath and he reminded himself to let go. After all, there would be no way to release his anger anyway.

Yu Shaowei did not only change his profile picture, but he even posted a picture that Jiang Yuning took of him today.

It was a picture of him leaning against the railing. It was only a side profile picture, but he looked extremely cool and indifferent.

It was really who he was.

After being in the industry for so many years, Yu Shaowei finally started receiving hundreds of replies on his social media account. Because of Jiang Yuning, the number of fans and followers on Yu Shaowei&x2019;s social media account had finally doubled in amount recently and he finally had more than a thousand fans.

The reason why Jiang Yuning allowed Yu Shaowei to post whatever that he wanted to on his social media account was because she wanted to test the waters.

It turned out that when these people saw that Yu Shaowei was now completely different to how he was before, the fans could not help but exaggerated a little.

[Oh my god! He is too handsome, right? It seems as though he is much more advanced now!]

[Can I say that I have already been looking forward to Yu Shaowei&x2019;s improvement and changes after Jiang Yuning took him under her wings? Damn it! Jiang Yuning is really Jiang Yuning!]

[Is this really the same Yu Shaowei? It seems as though he has a completely different temperament now! Is this someone else?]

[I can totally accept this kind of Yu Shaowei!]

[Me too!]

[Please keep it up!]

[So, Jiang Yuning really has the magic ability to turn things around!]

[I hope that more and more people can see Yu Shaowei for who he is! He is so handsome! I really like his cool and indifferent attitude!]

Yu Shaowei suddenly felt an unprecedented sense of confidence after seeing these replies.

Jiang Yuning also started to expand and shift out Yu Shaowei&x2019;s changes after seeing all of these positive replies.

The first thing that she did was to change the company&x2019;s promotional photos.

After that, she decided that she would have to let more people see more of Yu Shaowei&x2019;s cold and evil side. Some people were born with this sense of alienation and this sense of alienation was something that he should be proud of.

Of course, after that, Yu Shaowei would also be taking part in the &x2018; which would be his firs public appearance as arranged by Jiang Yuning. The media and reporters were all prepared and looking forward to watching s great show.

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