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Chapter 647 - Play Hard to Get

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Chapter 647: Play Hard to Get

Another woman was interested in Lu Jingzhi.

Of course, Lu Jingzhi could not tell the little descendant about this matter all by himself. It would be a little silly for him to do so.

Therefore, Special Assistant Ho decided to tell Jiang Yuning about this matter in a much exaggerated manner.

“Young mistress, recently a fan girl has been trying to get closer to the second young master Lu. She would come all the way to his office every day and today, she was caught red-handed by the second young master Lu. He chased her out of his office and he instructed me to change her position and place of office immediately. Don’t worry. I will definitely help you to keep a lookout about this matter.”

When Jiang Yuning saw Special Assistant Ho’s text message when she was waiting to film her next scene, she frowned as she said, “What the hell?”

“Someone is interested in the second young master, young mistress.”

“Who is the other party?”

“She is a reputable young lady with a good family background,” Special Assistant Ho replied immediately.

“I got it.” Jiang Yuning replied in three simple words. This made Special Assistant Ho feel a little bewildered.

Did the young mistress have no sense of crisis at all?

Jiang Yuning also felt very speechless at this time. Who was her second brother? Jiang Yuning knew that her second brother hated this kind of thing the most. He hated it whenever anyone would chase or try to get close to him. This was the case with Xu Beishen in the past.

Wasn’t Xu Beishen infatuated with him back then? Furthermore, she was beautiful, had a strong family background and a good personality but what did she get in the end?

Now, this person was even bolder compared to Xu Beishen. She wanted to step in and ruin their relationship even though she knew that he was about to get married soon.

What was wrong with that?

The other party was trying to take advantage of the fact that her second brother seemed to be gradually losing power. Did she really think that she would be able to do whatever she wanted to just because of that?

Hahaha! She was too naïve!

“Second young master, why…didn’t the young mistress show any reaction at all? She does not seem to be jealous at all even after I told her about this.” Special Assistant Ho hurriedly told Lu Jingzhi of Jiang Yuning’s reaction when he saw the indifferent reply that she had given him.

“That is because she knows that I am even more annoyed than such things compared to her.”

If Lu Jingzhi did not have Jiang Yuning by his side, Special Assistant Ho would really think that the second young master Lu did not like women at all.

He had a first class resistance to any form on contact with women.

However, although Jiang Yuning acted as though she did not care about the matter at all, she could not stop herself from thinking about it. Therefore, she called her Lu Jingzhi directly and said, “Second brother, can you give me your office address? I want to order some flowers for you.”

Lu Jingzhi smiled slightly before he lowered his voice and said, “What else?”

“Since she liked watering flowers so much, then you can allow her to water the flowers for you as much as she wants to…”

“I will send my office address to you later,” Lu Jingzhi was very pleased and he was in an extremely good mood.

“Hahaha. Who does she think she is trying to snatch you from?” the little descendant continued complaining. However, since she was about to film her next scene, she had no choice but to hang up the phone quickly.

Lu Jingzhi was smiling when he put down the phone. After that, he sent his office address to Jiang Yuning before he instructed Special Assistant Ho, “You don’t need to change her position and transfer her away anymore. You can allow her to come over here to water the flowers everyday if she wants to.”

“What?” Special Assistant Ho was stunned for a moment.

Did he hear him wrongly?

Special Assistant Ho thought about it all night but he could not understand what Lu Jingzhi’s plan was. Everything only fell into place and made sense when the flowers that Jiang Yuning sent to Lu Jingzhi was delivered to the office the next day.

Special Assistant Ho finally realized…

Wasn’t the young mistress simply too dark?

If that Miss Li found out that the flowers that she was diligently watering everyday was in fact sent by Jiang Yuning, how would she react to it?

Furthermore, Miss Li was rather happy when Special Assistant Ho went to her office to tell her about this matter.

There were many thoughts running through her mind at this time. Does this mean that Lu Jingzhi was not rejecting her directly?

No matter what it was, she was extremely happy to be given the opportunity to get closer to Lu Jingzhi. However, she was not sure whether she would be able to successfully steal him away from Jiang Yuning.

With this thought in mind, Miss Li diligently went to Lu Jingzhi’s office to water the flowers.

However, she was not very lucky today because Lu Jingzhi was not in the office and the office was very quiet.

Miss Li originally thought that she would be able to see Lu Jingzhi tomorrow but for the next two to three days, Lu Jingzhi was never in the office and only the flowers were there to greet her daily.

What does this meant?

Miss Li left Lu Jingzhi’s office filled with doubts and confusion in her heart. At this time, she ran into the cleaning aunty who was responsible for cleaning up Lu Jingzhi’s office.

She originally wanted to conceal the fact the she was here to water Lu Jingzhi’s flowers. However, the other party who was holding a mop in her hand smiled as she said, “Miss Li, did you come here to water the flowers for Mr. Lu again?”

“I…um…Mr. Lu asked me to come and water his flowers for him,” Li Xueshan replied as she blushed slightly.

“I see. Mr. Lu and Mrs. Lu really have a very good relationship. Mrs. Lu is the one who send him those flowers every morning. I heard that she specifically imported those flowers from abroad and it is shipped here by air. Therefore, they are very expensive and precious to Mr. Lu. I guess that is the reason why Mr. Lu needs you to help him to water his flowers.”

After listening to the cleaning aunty’s words, Li Xueshan’s face flushed red as she asked, “What did you just say? Who gave him the flowers?”

“Mrs. Lu! Otherwise, why else would a man such as Mr. Lu buy flowers for himself every day?”

Li Xueshan felt very embarrassed as she looked at the cleaning lady. She was completely speechless and she did not know what to say at all. She felt utterly humiliated.

She wanted to go back into the office and ask Lu Jingzhi what he meant by this but then, she suddenly remembered that there was no one in the office. She stopped in her tracks immediately.

She would still be able to question him about this matter tomorrow.

In fact, Lu Jingzhi was the one who made sure that the cleaning aunty knew that the flowers were from his wife. He was intentionally planning for Li Xueshan to find out about this matter. Moreover, he knew that the other party would be restless as soon as she found out the truth. Therefore, Lu Jingzhi invited Jiang Yuning to have lunch with him as soon as she came back to Luo City.

“You know that I have to film a morning scene but you are still trying to make things difficult for me,” Jiang Yuning started complaining a little as she took the latest high-end server from her house to the company in disbelief.

Since they wanted to deal with the person, they would have to battle her heads-on!

Jiang Yuning filmed her scenes until noon before she asked for a two hours’ leave from the director. After that, she asked the young paparazzo to drive her down to Lu Jingzhi’s office building.

Special Assistant Ho came down to pick Jiang Yuning up in person. As soon as he saw Jiang Yuning, he could not help but feel a very strong superstar aura surrounding her.

“Young mistress…”

“Am I allowed to go in?” Jiang Yuning asked as she took off her sunglasses and mask as she looked at the building in front of her.

“You only need to sign in and register. All family members have special privileges.”

After that, Jiang Yuning was brought up to Lu Jingzhi’s office…

Lu Jingzhi was looking through some documents at this time. When he raised his head and caught a glimpse of the little descendant, he lowered his head before he said, “Come here…”

Jiang Yuning put down her bag before she walked over to Lu Jingzhi. At this time, Lu Jingzhi pulled Jiang Yuning into his arms before placing her directly on his laps.

“What are you doing?”

“I want you to accompany me…”

“Second brother, don’t you think that you are acting a little too leisurely when you are at work now?” Jiang Yuning asked as she looked around the surrounding environment. “Furthermore, isn’t it a little too inappropriate for us to be acting like this during working hours…”

“It’s lunch break now anyway,” Lu Jingzhi relied.

Special Assistant Ho saw what they were doing and he subconsciously closed the office door because he felt that this was a little inappropriate.

It was inevitable for the both of them to be kissing and hugging. After all, she only had a two hours’ break from work. Wouldn’t it be more worthwhile if he kissed her a bit more then?

Moreover, it was almost time for Li Xueshan to come over to Lu Jingzhi’s office to water the flowers.

As Special Assistant Ho thought about this, he saw Li Xueshan walking over to Lu Jingzhi’s office. Would Li Xueshan be able to endure what she was about to witness for herself?

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