Novel Name : Sweetest Top Actress in My Home

Chapter 636 - Cry Because They are Going to Lose All of Their Resources

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Chapter 636: Cry Because They are Going to Lose All of Their Resources

At this time, Jiang Yuning was helping Didi to prepare all the information to cooperate with the police.

Li Lanshan wanted Jiang Yuning to apologize to her, but Jiang Yuning wanted Li Lanshan to be locked up in prison.

Didi laid on bed as she watched Jiang Yuning got busy with work. After Jiang Yuning and the police officers left the hospital, she got on her cell phone before she posted a message online.

@FanDi: &x201C;Hello everyone. My name is Fan Di. I know everyone is very curious to find out the reason why Jiang Yuning hit someone. Now, I would like to personally explain the reason why Sister Yuning decided to beat Li Lanshan up. It is all because of me.&x201D;

Let me give you a brief introduction of myself. I am a college student from the School of Drama. I have been given the opportunity to play the role of the third female lead in the upcoming movie, . Shortly after I joined the crew, I started to get bullied by the second female lead, Li Lanshan. She has already been abusing me countless times by calling me into her room before she started insulting, punching and kicking me every single time.

I can only grit my teeth and suffer silently at that time because I thought that I would never have to see Li Lanshan again after we are done filming the movie. However, Li Lanshan started to get more and more abusive.

That day, Li Lanshan applied for leave with the director but he did not give her the approval for her leave. That was the reason why she held a grudge and she decided to look for me to vent all of her anger and frustrations. Sister Yuning was keeping me at her side but Li Lanshan did not give up and she simply came up with an excuse to try and take me away. During the verbal collision and confrontation between Li Lanshan and Sister Yuning, Li Lanshan raised her hand to hit me. However, Sister Yuning stopped her before she could hit me and she decided to hit Li Lanshan back instead. This is the truth behind the entire reason why Sister Yuning decided to hit Li Lanshan.

I am too weak and that is the reason why Li Lanshan could bully me over and over again.

I was wrong. I should not have swallowed my breath and tolerated everything on my own. I even allowed Sister Yuning to be attacked by the public and netizens because of me.

I sincerely hope that everyone will not continue to get her wrong because Sister Yuning is not the kind of person who will come out to explain herself even when she is being misunderstood.

As for Li Lanshan, Sister Yuning has already contacted the police to make a police report on my behalf. The police officers came to see me at the hospital yesterday to get the evidence and also record my official statement for the investigation. Sister Yuning has been helping me and staying by my side throughout this entire situation and this is the reason why I can be so brave and stand up to the bully who had been tormenting me throughout this period of time. I am planning to be courageous and file a lawsuit against Li Lanshan for abusing me. I only hope that the netizens can stop misunderstanding Sister Yuning and stop causing so much trouble for her. @JiangJianglovestheScenery @JiangYuningFanClub

As soon as Fan Di posted her message on her social media account, the Ginger Candies found the message and they quickly shared the message on the homepage of Jiang Yuning&x2019;s official fan page.

That was the entire truth relating to the matter and that was the reason why Jiang Yuning hit the other party.

However, as soon as Fan Di posted her message, Li Lanshan came out to refute her messages.

@LiLanshan: &x201C;You will be condemned for you lies! Jiang Yuning has already admitted that she was the one who hit me that day. So, why are you coming up with so many reasons just to protect her and make up an excuse for her actions? Wouldn&x2019;t it be better for Jiang Yuning to just come over and apologize to me instead? You said that you have already contacted the police and made a police report? Then, where are the police officers?&x201D;

The reason why Li Lanshan actually dared to be so arrogant was simply because she was certain that Jiang Yuning would not be able to obtain any evidence of her abusing Fan Di. After all, she had always made sure that she avoided all of the surveillance cameras even when she was outside.

However, she overlooked one thing. Drones.

Now that both sides have already put forth their arguments, and the netizens could not help but feel a little confused.

Fan Di did not put up any evidence at all but they know for certain that Jiang Yuning really hit someone.

The netizens were all very surprised because the young girl suddenly showed up from nowhere today. So, did it mean that Jiang Yuning only hit Li Lanshan because she was trying to protect her?

However, there were no pictures or evidence at all.

Please release the evidence if you have it.

Jiang Yuning was as calm and composed as she had always been and she simply logged into her social media account to reply to Li Lanshan&x2019;s message at this point.

@JiangJianglovestheScenery: The police are already looking for you right now. @LiLanshan: You will be condemned for your lies&x2026;

Are you really going to continue putting on an act?

Li Lanshan could not help but rolled her eyes when she saw Jiang Yuning&x2019;s message.

Is that so?

@LiLanshan: I am waiting! @JiangJianglovestheScenery: The police are already looking for you right now.

She really wanted to see what kind of evidence the police had to arrest her.

At this time, the police officers also posted a message on their official account.

@PoliceDepartment: Please open the door! @LiLanshan: I am waiting!


The netizens immediately noticed that this was a verified account. This meant that this was the official account used by the police department of Luo City!

So, was Li Lanshan about to die?

[Hahaha. It seems as though the police officers are really here!]

[This shameless woman really thought that Jiang Yuning would not be able to deal with her! Hahaha. I am so happy right now.]

Li Lanshan was shocked when she saw the reply from police department. She started to panic at this point!

This was impossible! She was certain that she did not leave any evidence behind at all! This must be a fake account!

Li Lanshan hurriedly clicked on the other party&x2019;s social media account and she realized that all of the information and authentication for the account was correct! It was indeed the official account of the Luo City police department.

Li Lanshan could not believe it. She wanted to reply to their reply to confirm the situation but she was afraid of the police officers. Therefore, she was completely at a loss at what to do.

No. Even if Jiang Yuning really contacted the police, the police would not possibly have any evidence at all. So, how could they possible incriminate her?

In the next five minutes, the police officers really arrived at Li Lanshan&x2019;s front door. Li Lanshan was subsequently taken away by the police officer for the charge of assault and battery.

&x201C;Officer! I was not the one who hit the other party! Did you arrest the wrong person?&x201D;

&x201C;Since we already have the evidence in our hand, we are certain that we are not arresting the wrong person!&x201D;

[According to the latest news and update, the actress Li Lanshan was taken away from her home by the police officers on the charge of assault and battery at nine forty in the morning&x2026;]

So, it seemed as though things had taken a one hundred and eighty degree turn for the arrogant Li Lanshan at this point.

This proved that Fan Di spoke the truth and the reason why Jiang Yuning hit Li Lanshan was because she could not hold back her anger anymore.

After that, Fan Di obtained the permission of the police before she released her own injury report and the videos of her getting abused and humiliated by Li Lanshan.

This way, all of the evidence fell in place, right?

The netizens quickly commended Jiang Yuning.

[Even though the Lu family is facing a crisis, Jiang Yuning is still as powerful as ever!]

[This goes to prove that no matter who the other party is, the truth will always prevail!]

[I was initially starting to get a little worried that Jiang Yuning will not be able to get married after all. Now, I simply feel that Jiang Yuning will be able to survive anything that comes her way.]

[Li Lanshan must be really very confused right now. I believe that she must still be wondering how she could actually get arrested for her crimes!]

[I suddenly feel that this is really a very funny situation. Li Lanshan was being so arrogant but the police officers suddenly showed up at her place.]

[I really pity Didi and anyone else who is getting abused at their workplace. I hope that all of them will have the courage and strength to stand up and resist their oppressors. After all, not everyone will be able to meet someone like Jiang Yuning. Even if they met a good person who is willing to help them, not everyone will be able to solve their situation like Jiang Yuning did for Didi.]

After the matter was clarified to the public, Jiang Yuning went off the grid again.

After all, she would have to take responsibility for the trouble that she had created. Since she was the one who got the second female lead locked up, then she would have to make sure that she retook all of the scenes with the second female lead.

Director Wang also learnt a lesson from this incident. Therefore, he could not help but sighed as he was arranging all the filming schedule. &x201C;So, filming is not entirely dependent on your acting skills but also on your character and personality. Otherwise, all of the work that you have done will only be a ticking time bomb.&x201D;

&x201C;But Yuning&x2026;aren&x2019;t you afraid since you are keeping such a high profile right now?&x201D;

What should she be afraid of?

Should she be afraid of those actresses or artistes who wanted to climb up the ranks?

She would love to go to war with them and destroy them in front of everyone in the country. There had been a period of time where she was very good tempered too.

However, this only made those people even more unscrupulous.

They would send arrows her way just because they felt that the Lu family was in trouble?

She would write everything down in her little notebook. When the time came for her to take over the position as the artiste director, then&x2026;she would make sure that they cry because they are going to lose all of their resources!

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