Novel Name : Sweetest Top Actress in My Home

Chapter 633 - Not a Rumor, She Really Hit Someone

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Chapter 633: Not a Rumor, She Really Hit Someone

Li Lanshan could not say anything at all as she laid down on the grass with her hands behind her. Her fingers were already stained with mud and she had a very miserable expression on her face, as though she has just been abused.

At this time, Didi quickly squatted down beside Li Lanshan as she tried to discourage Jiang Yuning from taking any further action against Li Lanshan. “Sister Yuning that is enough. Please stop.”

Jiang Yuning loosed her grip on Li Lanshan before she pushed her away and said, “If you want to continue acting in the movie, then behave yourself and continue acting. If you do not want to do so…then you can just get lost!”

There were many people from the production crew who witnessed this scene today. In fact, all of them knew that Li Lanshan had always been very arrogant and domineering. However, she still had to be a little restrained in front of Jiang Yuning. She did not even dare to raise her hand to fight against Jiang Yuning at all.

In this regard, the production crew could only close one eye to the situation.

As a human being, a person could not be too arrogant because you would never know when you would meet up with another person who was even more arrogant!

“Sister Yuning, we will start filming the next scene soon.” One of the production crew suddenly gave a notice from not too far away.

Jiang Yuning turned around and walked to the side to apply makeup but Li Lanshan could not tolerate this humiliation. After that, she got up from the ground and then clamored to go to the hospital for a medical examination.

It was Didi who hugged Li Lanshan to stop her as she tried to comfort her. “Sister Shanshan, can you not go to the hospital? Can we just film the movie together happily? I will go over to your room tonight so that you can vent all of your anger and frustration on me.”

“No! I want Jiang Yuning to kowtow to me!”

After she was done speaking, Li Lanshan shook Didi off before she ran out of the studio with her assistant.

“Sister Yuning, I think that Li Lanshan will definitely be up to something bad! You have to be careful.”

After the incident, the young paparazzo could not help but feel a little uneasy. After all, Jiang Yuning really hit the other party today.

“Since I took action against her, I am obviously not afraid that she will try to cause any trouble for me.”

The movie has already been shot for a long time and Jiang Yuning has already endured all of these for a long time. The only reason why Jiang Yuning tolerated all of this was simply because she wanted to finish filming as soon as possible. Otherwise, how else would she had been able to tolerate Li Lanshan for such a long time?

But Li Lanshan had been spreading rumors about Jiang Yuning and the Lu family lately and this matter has already been riding on her head. Jiang Yuning could not tolerate it any longer.

What was even more important was the fact that Jiang Yuning saw Didi up close just now and she realized that she had some wounds and injuries on her body.

On any other ordinary days, Jiang Yuning could let it go if Li Lanshan wanted to bully anyone. However, she would not tolerate it if she bullied the person right in front of her!

“But Li Lanshan is already going to the hospital for a checkup now…”

“Just let her do whatever that she wants to. After we are done filming, please help me to take Didi to the hospital for a checkup too.”

“I got it,” the young paparazzo replied as he nodded slightly. If Li Lanshan really dared to go out to spread rumors about Jiang Yuning, then they would also be able to release news about what Li Lanshan had been doing all these while.

Li Lanshan was really angry at this time and she did not care about anything else. She hurriedly took pictures of her red and swollen cheeks before she posted those pictures on the internet as she pretended to be very pitiful and miserable.

She stated that one of the actress from the crew was really very vicious and lashed out at her when she did not agree with her. She could not tolerate it anymore and that was the reason why she decided to take a picture of it so that she could publicly demand for justice.

An actress from the same crew?

Li Lanshan did not mention Jiang Yuning’s name at all so she did not have much attention from the netizens at first.

The netizens could not help but asked.

Who are you?

Who is the other actress from the same crew as you?

If you are going to release some news, then can’t you make everything clear then?

This kind of post was only for venting and it did not seem logical at all. After reading her post, many netizens actually suggested that Li Lanshan returned to elementary school to study more.

Finally, the netizens decided to look into the matter and conduct their own investigation instead. After that, they realized that the actress that was in the same crew with her was none other than Jiang Yuning herself.

[So, does this mean that this actress was actually beaten up by Jiang Yuning?]

[Is it really Jiang Yuning though? There is actually two other actresses in the same crew as her.]

[I have to say that her face is indeed a little red and swollen. Therefore, the person must have hit her really hard and viciously. However, I really do not believe that Jiang Yuning was the one who did this.]

[Jiang Yuning is not the type of person to advocate force to resolve an issue, right? If she really did it, then she must have tolerated it for a long time and been pushed to the extreme at the very end.]

In other words, no one believed that Jiang Yuning was the culprit.

Li Lanshan really did not expect this result at all. Therefore, she came up to clarify the matter to the netizens.

[I do not need to prove anything. Jiang Yuning is indeed the person who hit me and I have already gone to the hospital for a medical examination so that I have evidence of this abuse!]

[This is really the first time that I have ever seen Jiang Yuning acting like this. In any case, it is wrong for her to hit someone, right?]

[As for those who do not believe that Jiang Yuning was the one who did this, many people on set witnessed this with their own eyes. There is no way that Jiang Yuning will be able to deny this.]

[I will definitely take legal actions against Jiang Yuning to protect my own rights and interest. Jiang Yuning and the production crew and team of can just wait and see how I am going to deal with you!]

As soon as the words, ‘Jiang Yuning’ came out, the post instantly attracted a lot of the netizens’ attention.

After all, the gossip accounts had also recently been trying to take advantage of the situation to post more black materials on Jiang Yuning. Since Jiang Yuning took the initiative to cause trouble, they did not have to put in any effort at all to release some black materials on her.

Why did they have to release black materials on Jiang Yuning? This was because Jiang Yuning was worth a lot of money and she could easily win over all of the other young actresses.

Being famous and popular was a sin and being a top actress would attract the source of all evil.

Besides that, the companies running these gossip accounts did not have any conscience at all. All that they cared about was money.

In fact, these companies hoped that Jiang Yuning would continue to be popular and famous so that she could generate more income for them.

Since things have already gotten to this stage, the crew could not continue filming the movie at all. However, the director could not really blame Jiang Yuning for this matter.

This was because the director also knew what Li Lanshan had been saying about Jiang Yuning and the Lu family lately.

The only problem was the fact that the movie was already almost eighty percent completed after filming with much difficulties. Do they really have to start filming from scratch all over again?

It was obvious that Li Lanshan would not be coming back so they have to start making all the necessary plans and arrangements.

Therefore, the director decided to call Gu Pingsheng on the very same day. “Chairman Gu, the actresses are your people from Guangying Media. Since they created a problem now, you have to give me a solution for this matter!”

“Director Wang, you can just ask Jiang Yuning to give you an explanation and ask her to come up with a solution for this matter for you.”

“Does what she say…really counts?”

“Yes, she is representing me. So, you don’t have to worry at all.”

As a last resort, the director could only contact Jiang Yuning directly. Everyone knew that the director has already spent a lot of money and effort on this movie. Not too long ago, the incident involving Dongdong has already warmed people up to the idea of this movie. Now that the movie was already eighty percent completed, they could not possibly give up on it just like that.

“Yuning, Chairman Gu said that since you are the one who created this problem, then you will have to resolve this matter on your own.”

Jiang Yuning knew that this would happen…

She knew that she would not be able to rely on uncle to resolve this.

“Then, I would like to request Director Wang to remove Li Lanshan’s remaining parts for the movie. Since most of her scenes are with me, I can make up for it with more time.”

“Alright then. Then, the timing for you to be done filming all of your scenes will inadvertently be delayed too. Furthermore, what are you going to do about the fact that she is going around spreading rumors that you hit her?”

Jiang Yuning looked at Director Wang with a somewhat puzzled expression on her face as soon as she heard his words.


It was not a rumor, she really hit someone.

Moreover, she gave her two tight slaps!

“Why don’t…we apologize to her so that we can just resolve this matter immediately?” Director Wang observed the expression on Jiang Yuning’s face before he proposed his solution to the matter.

“Director Wang, you can entrust this matter to me and just focus on filming the movie.”

“Well, you are really good at creating problems for yourself!”

Was that true? However, Jiang Yuning did not regret her actions at all. In fact, if she was given a second chance, she would have given Li Lanshan the two slaps again.

“I will handle everything with the other actresses first. I will make sure that everything is resolved in the next two days. No matter what it is, you should not give up on . Do you understand? You cannot give up on this movie!”

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