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Chapter 620 - Are They Still Getting Married in November?

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Chapter 620: Are They Still Getting Married in November?

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However, Xiao Chennan&x2019;s reply was beyond everyone&x2019;s expectations&x2026;

&x201C;In terms of my personal issues, everything is going pretty good so far. Thank you everyone for your concern.&x201D; Xiao Chennan replied in a very casual and natural manner and the smile on his face was simply impeccable.

Although the both of them have already broken up, he really handled their breakup very well. This was already pretty good, right?

The media and reporters quickly took a snap shot of Xiao Chennan but no one noticed the slightly depressed look on Xiao Chennan&x2019;s face.

[What! Boss is going to keep protecting Vera like this? Isn&x2019;t this what true love is?]

[But why is he doing this? Vera already left him without any hesitation at all. Isn&x2019;t boss simply abusing and hurting himself?]

[I suddenly feel as though my heart is really hurting. How can Vera possibly give up on such a good man? I really do not understand it at all&x2026;]

[In my honest opinion, Vera is really not worthy of our boss at all. Don&x2019;t you think so?]

[I agree!]

[I agree! +1]

Vera hid in her office as she secretly wiped the tears off her face. Why didn&x2019;t he tell everyone the truth? Why didn&x2019;t he reveal and make their breakup known to the public? Was it simply because he told her that the decision would be left in her hands? Why should he even bother to keep his promise to someone who left him and went abroad?

&x201C;Sister Xiao O? The photo is already here. The studio is preparing to post this photo later so can you retouch it and fix it up really quickly?&x201D; At this time, one of the employees suddenly knocked on Vera&x2019;s office door.

Vera quickly regained her composure and she started clicking on the photo editing software on her computer. The picture that her colleague has just given her was a photo of Xiao Chennan from his fan meeting ceremony.

After a short while, Vera handed the picture over to the person-in-charge. &x201C;It is done.&x201D;

&x201C;Sister Xiao O! You are really amazing and your work is really very professional!&x201D;

When Vera zoomed into Xiao Chennan&x2019;s photo earlier and looked right into his pupils, she realized that this person was no longer as happy as he was in the past. His eyes were obviously not as bright and it did not sparkle as much as it used to.

&x201C;Eh? Don&x2019;t you think that Sister Xiao O&x2019;s photo editing skills somehow seems a little bit familiar?&x201D;

This was because Vera has also edited Xiao Chennan&x2019;s picture in the past. However, since she did not do it that many times, the other party did not think of her at all and he simply stopped thinking about this matter.


Time passed by quickly and it was already October. It was starting to get chilly in Luo City.

After Jiang Yuning returned to join the crew, it seemed as though she has completely evaporated from the face of the earth. There was no news or pictures about her in the crew at all.

During this period of time, many new artistes joined the entertainment industries and many of them were beginning to gain popularity too.

In October, the Golden Magnolia Awards announced the shortlist of the candidates that they would be nominating for the awards. Amongst the seven nominations for , Jiang Yuning, Xiao Chennan and Director Mong was also on the list.

Jiang Yuning was shortlisted and nominated for the Best Actress Award this time, which was the so-called top tier award at the Golden Magnolia Awards ceremony.

Everyone in the entertainment industry quickly contacted Jiang Yuning to congratulate her. This was because they felt that regardless of whether she could successfully win the award or not, it was already a very remarkable and amazing feat to be nominated for the award at such a young age.

What surprised the audience even more was that Jiang Yuning actually completed a magnificent and professional transformation without their knowledge at all. This was because Jiang Yuning went directly from a 4.0 rated actress to an actress who was nominated for the Popularity Award, and now, she was nominated for the top rated Best Actress Award.

At the same time, rumors about Lu Jingzhi&x2019;s work transfer also began to circulate around the entertainment circle.

After all, he has already transferred to a new department for quite some time now. When people heard about this trivial story, they actually felt that the department was being overbearing. However, after listening to the explanations by the experts, they finally realized that Lu Jingzhi was now given an idle job. Therefore, it was a fact that he has been demoted.

[So, does this mean that the rumor that Vera and Jenny spread before this was actually true?]

[Isn&x2019;t it true? Jiang Yuning directly affected Lu Jingzhi&x2019;s future simply because of their relationship! This is the reason why I believe that they should not have made their relationship public at all.]

[So, is all of this really caused by Jiang Yuning?]

[Who is Jiang Yuning? She is so famous and popular in the entertainment industry. Do you know how complicated her life is? It will be very difficult for the Lu family to keep a low profile. So, how can Lu Jingzhi continue maintaining a private and confidential life? I guess this is the reason why Lu Jingzhi had to be transferred to another department.]

[This is really very interesting. Does this mean that Lu Jingzhi no longer have a very strong presence in future?]

[It is no wonder why Jiang Yuning has been so quiet and off the grids lately. There has been no news about her at all ever since she joined the crew to film the movie.]

[There are too many variables when it comes to matters in the entertainment industry. Therefore, I believe that it is completely impossible for anyone to say that anything is certain.]

There was also a forum that was dedicated to posts and various messages concerning discussions about Lu Jingzhi.

It was obvious that Jenny was a troubled child.

The netizens and public used to think that she was just a young child who did not have the brains or intellectual capability to think for herself. However, it seemed as though everything that she said was nothing but the truth.

[Why would this matter affect Jiang Yuning anyway? She has never relied on the Lu family to advance and further her own acting career.]

[You can say that she does not rely on the Lu family but is there anyone in Luo City who has an even more powerful background compared to the Lu family? How can Jiang Yuning possibly win in a situation like this?]

[Update on 11th October. I took a picture of Lu Jingzhi going to work and I realized that he was really working in a different department now! I think that he has really lost his special status.]

[So, did Lu Jingzhi give up on his own career just because of a woman?]

[I heard rumors stating that the both of them are going to hold their wedding in November. Are they still getting married in November?]

The rumors continued spreading and circulating all over and since Jiang Yuning has no other plans scheduled after she was done filming , everyone came to a conclusion that Jiang Yuning&x2019;s silence and convergence was most certainly related to the changes in Lu Jingzhi&x2019;s work.

The media was also very concerned at this time. After so many artistes in the entertainment industry suffered a blockage in their career, was it finally Jiang Yuning&x2019;s turn?

Jiang Yuning knew what the entertainment industry was like and she knew that everyone was talking about her relationship. However, she simply immersed herself in filming. After all, who would have expected the incident involving the second young master Lu to get so serious?

Even though the production crew were also gossiping about her, Jiang Yuning simply turned a blind eye to it.

The young paparazzo would constantly visit Jiang Yuning at the filming location just so that he could cheer her up and make her happy.

All the preparations for the wedding were still being done in an orderly manner. No matter how much trouble there was, the wedding had to go on.

Moreover, Jiang Zhitong has also moved all of his belongings back from abroad. Yunxuan has also returned to the country with him and she was waiting to meet Jiang Yuning before her wedding.


At this time, Vera has already been hiding in Xiao Chennan&x2019;s studio for almost half a month.

She would be working hard from nine to five every day.

Vera also knew all about the rumors about the Lu family. Sometimes, when she went out for lunch, she would hear some passers-by talking about and discussing Jiang Yuning and Lu Jingzhi&x2019;s family problems. However, Vera was in no position to stand up for them at all.

No matter how bad or harsh the criticisms were, she had no authority to say anything because this no longer had anything to do with her anymore.

However, even if things looked serious, Vera believed that Jiang Yuning would definitely be able to resolve this issue in time to come.

After finishing her lunch outside, Vera returned to the studio. At this time, Sister Xiuxiu came into Vera&x2019;s office with some fruits before she said, &x201C;Boss will be inviting everyone out for dinner tomorrow. Will you be coming too?&x201D;

&x201C;I&x2026;I will take the day off and stay home,&x201D; Vera replied.

&x201C;Alright then. By the way, it will also be boss&x2019;s birthday tomorrow. So, is there anything that you would like to do?&x201D;

&x201C;Oh, I see. I will prepare a gift for him when I go home tonight. Then, I will have to trouble you to pass the gift to him tomorrow, Sister Xiuxiu.&x201D;

At this point, Vera would certainly not buy something that was too special or meaningful for Xiao Chennan. Instead, she would just buy a gift for him, just like any other friends would.

Otherwise, her identity would definitely be revealed.

&x201C;Okay then. I will help you to pass the gift to him.&x201D;

&x201C;Thank you, Sister Xiuxiu.&x201D;

However, even though Vera did not want to put too much thoughts into it, she headed to the mall immediately after work to carefully look for a gift for him.

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