Novel Name : Sweetest Top Actress in My Home

Chapter 611 - Jiang Yuning is Incredible!

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Chapter 611: Jiang Yuning is Incredible!

Jenny was trembling in fright as she looked at the camera as she faced the netizens and apologized with tears in her eyes.

&x201C;I am sorry, Jiang Yuning. I should not have said all those bad things about you. Please forgive me!&x201D;

When he saw that his daughter has already apologized in public, Jenny&x2019;s father pushed Jenny aside before he looked at the camera and bowed down in front of all the netizens.

&x201C;I am sorry. I did not teach and educate my daughter well and that is the reason why she caused so much trouble to all of you. I will definitely exercise strict discipline on my daughter when we go home later. I will not allow her to cause any more trouble for anyone else in future. I am really sorry.&x201D;

At this time, a barrage of comments started filling up the bottom of the screen.

[Jenny&x2019;s father is a good father, but her mother is not a good mother.]

[Jenny is really ruined by her mother, right?]

[That show was really very fun just now. I suggest that everyone watch the part where Jenny&x2019;s father slapped Jenny on repeat. It is really very cool.]

[It is indeed the father&x2019;s fault whether he failed to raise his daughter well or not. I really hope that Jenny&x2019;s father will be able to educate his daughter and transform her into a decent human being!]

[I really like Jenny&x2019;s father and I think that his slaps are really amazing.]

[I cannot believe that we would actually have the opportunity of witnessing this father educating and disciplining his daughter on a live broadcast!]

At this time, Jenny was seated at the far end of the room as she cried miserably. It was only at this time that Jenny&x2019;s father finally allowed Jenny&x2019;s mother to come back into the live broadcast room.

Jenny&x2019;s mother felt very sorry for her daughter and she hugged her tightly in her arms as the both of them cried together.

&x201C;Husband, I can teach and educate my daughter myself. I do not want you to hit and abuse my daughter anymore.&x201D;

&x201C;You are telling me that you can educate our daughter? I trusted you and that is the reason why I left this responsibility in your hands for the past seventeen years. Unexpectedly, this is how you raised our daughter in the end? Qin Rong, let me tell you something. I do not want to fight with you anymore. If I have to, I will quit working outstation and I will come home so that I can watch over our daughter. We can get a divorce and I will take custody of our daughter and make sure that she becomes a decent person that will not cause harm and chaos to society!&x201D;

Jenny&x2019;s mother was shocked when she heard the word &x2018;divorce&x2019;.

This was because she finally realized that her usual slapsticks and act were no longer useful anymore.

At this time, there was no picture on the video, but there were still sounds in the background.

This was nothing more than a scene where the father will discipline and teach his daughter a lesson when they get home later.

In the next second, some of the netizens finally regained their senses and responded.

[Wait a minute. Why did Jenny&x2019;s parents come in at such a timely manner? How could they possibly have such good timing to step in when Jenny was hosting a live broadcast?]

[Everyone was still discussing the fact that since Jenny was still under eighteen years old, it would not be convenient for Jiang Yuning to step up and teach her a lesson no matter how much trouble she was causing to herself. However, I think that everyone has really underestimated Jiang Yuning&x2019;s ability. Why would she need to step up and deal with someone like Jenny all by herself?]

[I think that it is only right for a father to discipline and educate his daughter when she is misbehaving and causing trouble to others. I really enjoyed watching Jenny&x2019;s father giving her a tight slap across her face.]

[So, this was the reason why Jiang Yuning decided to come back to Luo City one day in advance. Is everyone satisfied now?]

[What does it mean to be professional? She does not need to fight or cause a commotion on the internet. Instead, she turned this into a family affair where the father can just deal with and discipline his own daughter behind closed doors. This is really too clever!]

[It was such a good and exhilarating show! It would not be suitable for Jiang Yuning to step forward and take action herself, but she did not want to let Jenny off just like that. Therefore, she looked for the most suitable person to take actions to clean and deal with Jenny in the right time and place. Hahaha!]

[Jenny&x2019;s father stepped up to educate his own daughter and he has already fulfilled Jiang Yuning&x2019;s plan and last dignity. Jenny&x2019;s father is actually a very sincere and good person. He really did not expect to be deceived by his own wife and daughter for such a long time. I really hope that Jenny can be saved and that she will turn out to be a decent person at the end of the day.]

[Tsk. Tsk. I think that this shows us the importance of family education and how each of us should reflect on ourselves. Last but not least, I would like to say that, Jiang Yuning is incredible!]

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