Novel Name : Sweetest Top Actress in My Home

Chapter 602 - What is There to Comment About?

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Chapter 602: What is There to Comment About?

&x201C;No, I am very satisfied,&x201D; Shen Yichen replied earnestly.

Vera knew that Shen Yichen would always stand on Jiang Yuning&x2019;s side and she could understand why he would act that way. However, she continued saying, &x201C;I know that you blame me for hurting Jiang Yuning in this matter but you should also see that I have the ability to resolve crisis now. Director Shen, I hope that you will not treat me differently in future.&x201D;

&x201C;I have never once questioned your ability but it really depends on who you are comparing yourself to.&x201D; Shen Yichen opened a file on his table before he fixed his gaze on his computer. &x201C;Yes, you might think that I despise you from the bottom of my heart and you are probably right about that. I look down on you a little but it is not because of your ability. It is because of the way you treat your friends.&x201D;

Vera opened her mouth, as though she was trying to explain something but she could not say anything at all when the words reached her mouth.

&x201C;I know that you might have your own difficulties for doing whatever you are doing, but you cannot deny that part of it is because of your own selfishness and ambition. You can leave now. I have to get busy with work.&x201D;

Shen Yichen was making it very clear that he would have nothing to do with Vera at all aside from work matters. They were merely colleagues and they could not even be considered friends anymore.

Not even if she had a thousand reasons to do what she did.

Vera consciously handled the matter involving Jenny very well but it also left them with many great dangers and hidden loopholes. If anyone was really curious about the matter, they could simply continue investigating and digging into the matter. All that they needed to verify was whether the voice recording really belonged to Jenny.

Moreover, Shen Yichen originally did not want to retain Jenny under Guangying Media anymore.

That was the reason why he shamed Jenny in front of Vera earlier.

However, Shen Yichen knew very well that Vera has chosen to support Jenny and he could not help but feel that this in itself was an extremely unwise choice.


After Vera&x2019;s clarification, the matter was eventually suppressed. What the reporters and media felt was most credible was not the matter involving the app, but actually the sentence stating that Jiang Yuning had never once stepped foot into Lu Jingzhi&x2019;s study room.

Many netizens could not help but feel that this was an exaggeration. They were husband and wife and they were living under the same roof. How could she possibly not enter his study room before?

After that, someone started a discussion about this matter on a forum. Many people who worked in the military said that this was actually a pretty common case. There were many things that people in the military would need to keep secret from their family members. Therefore, it was only normal that Jiang Yuning had never once stepped foot into Lu Jingzhi&x2019;s study room. What Vera said was not an exaggeration at all.

In other words, was the rumor about the Lu family meeting with an accident not true at all?

After that, the media took Vera&x2019;s ability to handles public relations matter into consideration. After all, the difficulty of this public relations issue was in fact almost as difficult and challenging as the ones that Jiang Yuning faced in the past. This was especially so because Jiang Yuning and Lu Jingzhi have both been dragged into this matter. Therefore, it seemed as though Vera was pretty capable and talented because she could easily clean things up without causing a mess.

However, everyone could tell that there was obviously a huge difference between the way that Vera dealt with public relations matters and the way that Jiang Yuning dealt with her public relations matter. This could obviously be seen from Vera&x2019;s press conference. When Jiang Yuning dealt with her public relations issue, she never had to show up but she would always solve the problem in a cool and efficient method. She would always make people think deeply about the entire situation at the end of the day.

On the other hand, Vera dealt with public relations issues on a very superficial manner. It might seems as though her method was very powerful, but at the end of the day, it felt a little uncertain and incomplete.

At this time, someone started a special discussion on the forum to discuss the public relations routines engaged by Vera and Jiang Yuning and they reached a consistent conclusion.

They were completely different.

[I work in media and we have analyzed Jiang Yuning&x2019;s public relations method closely. Every one of her public relations issues would always be a huge event watched by everyone but what was most important was the fact that all of us know that Jiang Yuning always had some sort of tricks up her sleeves. However, even if that was the case, no one felt that it was annoying at all but everyone was constantly looking forward to it because her method was simply impossible for most people.]

[I just saw Vera&x2019;s press conference and her public relations explanation about Jenny. The method that Vera used to deal with Jenny was indeed very befitting of an agent. However, I feel that there are too many loopholes and hidden dangers with her method. What is more important is the fact that Jenny does not even look like a good person at a single glance. If Vera continues to keep her and protect her, wouldn&x2019;t she be keeping a time bomb under her control?]

[Sure enough, anyone could tell the difference between the public relations method employed by both of the parties. I firmly believe that Jiang Yuning&x2019;s previous public relations method has nothing to do with Vera at all.]

[I agree!]

[I guess they have already been judged by their superiors!]

[Agree +10086]

[I really cannot understand why anyone would say that the reason why Jiang Yuning can achieve fame today is solely because of Vera&x2019;s hard work and ability. As I said earlier, Vera might be the icing on the cake but this is by no means a determining factor.]


Jiang Yuning was still in the crew and she had already seen the video of Vera&x2019;s press conference. After she was done watching the video, she simply threw her cell phone back into the young paparazzo&x2019;s arms.

&x201C;Sister Yuning?&x201D;

&x201C;I am going to start work now,&x201D; Jiang Yuning replied.

&x201C;You don&x2019;t have any comments at all?&x201D;

&x201C;What is there to comment about? What can I possibly say to turn this thing around?&x201D; After that, Jiang Yuning turned around as she walked away from the young paparazzo.

Turn it around?

When the young paparazzo heard Jiang Yuning&x2019;s words, he immediately figured out that there was a deeper meaning to her words. So, was Sister Yuning saying that this thing was not over yet?

Of course, it was not over.

Let&x2019;s not talk about the external factors and simply focus on Vera&x2019;s girl group.

Jenny drank too much and got into trouble before revealing important private and confidential information to the public. How much crisis and trouble did she cause to the entire girl group?

Even though Vera has already successfully saved Jenny, it was simply very unfair to the other two female members of the girl group.

The both of them were following the rules closely and they were very obedient as they worked hard for the girl group but it seemed as though their career was hanging by the edge as it was swayed and determined by Jenny&x2019;s selfishness.

Moreover, Vera&x2019;s attitude could possibly make the other two girls feel very discouraged.

They could accept it if there was one less member in the girl group but they felt that it would be very difficult for them to accept that there would be a troublemaker amongst them.

What would the future of the team be if it has already fallen apart right from the very start?

That was the reason why Jiang Yuning did not bother to give any comments at all.

The human heart was a really wonderful thing. There were many aspects that an agent in the entertainment industry had to look out for and take care of nowadays.

As for how Vera would be able to turn things around, it was very difficult to say now.


At this time, Xiao Chennan has already returned to Luo City and he really could not comprehend the fallout between Jiang Yuning and Vera.

He had already spoken to Vera over the phone and he understood Vera&x2019;s situation. However, after Jenny&x2019;s incident, Xiao Chennan felt that it was not right for Vera to treat her friend like this.

Therefore, Xiao Chennan headed to Vera&x2019;s apartment as soon as he returned to Luo City. Vera was busy with the Almighty Girls the entire day and she only returned home in the middle of the night.

&x201C;You are back?&x201D;

When Vera opened her door, she realized that the lights in her house was turned on. She quickly threw her purse on the sofa as soon as she walked into the house.

Xiao Chennan was sitting on the sofa as he flipped through the latest news, especially the news regarding Vera and Jiang Yuning. He was frowning and he really could not understand what was going on at all.

&x201C;Vera, let&x2019;s talk.&x201D;

&x201C;What is there to talk about? I am tired. Let&x2019;s talk another day,&x201D; Vera knew what Xiao Chennan was about to say so she quickly hurried to the bathroom to evade the questions.

However, Xiao Chennan dragged Vera out of the bathroom and sat her down on the sofa before he said, &x201C;Vera, don&x2019;t you think that you have been acting a little strange lately?&x201D;

&x201C;I do not understand what you are talking about&x2026;&x201D;

&x201C;Why did you decide to leave Yuning so suddenly?&x201D;

&x201C;Didn&x2019;t I explain it to you already? I feel as though I was being overshadowed by Yuning. I have my own dreams and ambitions too,&x201D; Vera replied as she tried to avoid making eye contact with him.

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