Novel Name : Sweetest Top Actress in My Home

Chapter 596 - We Can’t Go On the Hot Search Anymore?

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Chapter 596: We Can&x2019;t Go On the Hot Search Anymore?

[Can someone explain the situation to me? What is the relationship between Empress Jiang and Vera now? Ginger Candies, let&x2019;s discuss this matter!]

[I also really want to know why Vera is trampling all over Empress Jiang like this!]

[It seems as though the other party really does not regard Empress Jiang as her friend anymore. Otherwise, she would definitely come out to clarify things.]

[Hehehe. Everything is her credit. Empress Jiang does not know anything and she is not capable of doing anything on her own at all, right?]

[She is such a bully! Why is she creating trouble for Sister Yuning when she knows that she is in the crew to film her movie now?]

The Ginger Candies felt as though they were suffocating because they were all filled with grievances at this time. This was especially so because they felt very torn apart when they were forced to listen to those discussions about Vera and Jiang Yuning, where everyone was saying that Jiang Yuning was nothing but a beautiful vase. The Ginger Candies could not fight back at all because they were all unsure about Empress Jiang&x2019;s stand and attitude about the matter. They were afraid that they would be causing more trouble for Empress Jiang if they started defending her and turning their backs on Vera.

But what about the facts?

Their patience did not make those gossip accounts converge at all. On the contrary, it seemed as though they were acting and pushing even more aggressively now.

Did they give them any face at all?

To the passers-by, Jiang Yuning has already endured all of these for so many days. Therefore, they believed that it would not be possible for Jiang Yuning to come out and clarify the situation anymore. After all Jiang Yuning had never been the type of person with so much patience and tolerance. Everyone in the entertainment industry believed that things between Jiang Yuning and Vera must be really tricky. That was the reason why Jiang Yuning was very unwilling to come out to explain and decipher the situation.

At this time, the management team for Jiang Yuning&x2019;s fan support club stepped up and sent a long article and response about the situation:

[Regarding the recent incident involving Jiang Yuning, the management team for Jiang Yuning&x2019;s fan support club has decided to respond as followed:]

The termination between the partnership and cooperative relationship between Jiang Yuning and Vera is a solemn decision made by both parties. There are no arbitrary online speculations and the Ginger Candies should learn how to desensitize themselves to the situation;The Ginger Candies and everyone in the public should learn to treat the relationship between an agent and an artiste correctly. All of the cooperation and public relations work is originally handled by an agent. That is the scope of an agent&x2019;s responsibility. Jiang Yuning has always recognized Vera&x2019;s ability in this area therefore it is necessary for the public to emphasize on this matter repeatedly;Since they have already ended their partnership and cooperation, it is inevitable that there would be friendly competition in future. The fan support club hopes that the Ginger Candies can focus on their own idol, protect their idol&x2019;s own rights and be neither humble nor overbearing at all times. After all, our love is only for our idol alone.Whether it is a friend or whether it is a competitive relationship, the Ginger Candies do not need to intervene or meddle in Jiang Yuning&x2019;s private affairs at all. Therefore, the only criterion that the Ginger Candies should use to judge against any black materials is whether it harms Jiang Yuning&x2019;s interests or not. If it would be harmful to Jiang Yuning, then the Ginger Candies should hand this information over to the anti-black materials team to resolve this matter without worrying about their friendship.Finally, I would like to emphasize that we are Jiang Yuning&x2019;s strongest back up team. No matter who tried to hurt or harm Jiang Yuning at any time and place, and no matter who the other party is, our support would always stand endlessly. We will never back down and we will never hesitate to defend our idol. We sincerely hope that the Ginger Candies will continue to grow stronger through this incident so that we will be able to protect and love our idol better.

The response sent by the management team was aimed at the Ginger Candies&x2019; recent chaotic rhythm. This was because the other party was Vera and they really did not know whether they should be leaving her more room. They were afraid that Vera would go overboard if they left her room and they were afraid that Empress Jiang would lose her friend if they did not give her space.

The Ginger Candies were all ecstatic when they saw the response given by the management team.

[To sum things up, what the management team is saying is that we should first, desensitize and that secondly, it is originally the responsibility of an agent to create an artiste. Jiang Yuning has always acknowledge Vera&x2019;s ability and she never once thought that one person should get all the credit for her fame and popularity. Thirdly, the management team wants us to focus on our own idol. Fourthly, we have to protect the interests of Empress Jiang no matter who the other party is and last but not least, we should resolutely protect and stick by our idol!]

[Agreed! I support the management team&x2019;s decision!]

[The one-stop service for clocking in and reporting all anti-black materials has officially been launched!]

[Understood! We should focus solely on our idol and not any friends!]

[The management team came out to speak in a very timely manner. The Ginger Candies has undoubtedly been in a mess for the past few days. Now that the management team has already released their statement, then everyone can play their part and do what they need to do.]

[Hehehe. I am a loyal Ginger Candy and I can finally report some issues now. I have already been itching to do so for several days! Sisters, hurry up and lodge a report against those gossip accounts that have been bullying us for the past few days!]

The attitude of the management team also represented Jiang Yuning&x2019;s attitude and view.

Moreover, any statement and authority from the management team was equivalent to Jiang Yuning giving the very same instructions herself. As long as she chooses to express her position, then there will be nothing else to do but to follow-up on the anti-black materials and gossip accusation review.

Some of the gossip accounts finally saw through the Ginger Candies&x2019; ability.

The Ginger Candies were initially worried and holding back simply because they knew that Vera was Jiang Yuning&x2019;s friend and they did not want to make things difficult for Jiang Yuning and Vera. Now, they do not care who it was. As long as someone spread rumors and talked nonsense, then they would just report them directly.

She has already collapsed?

She could not be on the hot search anymore?

Hahaha. A top artiste could not become a top artiste overnight but she would also not collapse overnight.

Besides that, there weren&x2019;t any black materials on their artiste anyway. Jiang Yuning was simply away at the crew to film her new movie.

Therefore, Jiang Yuning told the young paparazzo to tell X Society and Guangying Media not to suppress her news or popularity today. Not long after the management team released their statement, Jiang Yuning appeared on the hot search again.

#Jiang Yuning and Vera relationship rupture#, #Jiang Yuning completely disregard friendship#

If a relationship broke down, then just let it be. Do they have to go to court to apply for a divorce?

Because of the Ginger Candies&x2019; counterattack, the gossip accounts and hot searches were basically under the Ginger Candies&x2019; control now. As for the others, the Ginger Candies did not even bother to waste time on them at all.

In a nutshell, Jiang Yuning&x2019;s performance in this incident proved that she was still as strong as ever and this was in line with her style of doing things.

[As for Jiang Yuning and Vera, there is no doubt that this trend has already been going around for a long time. To put it simply, Jiang Yuning did not start to whitewash herself after Vera became her agent. Jiang Yuning began to whitewash herself when she called off the engagement with her previous fianc&xE9;. When Jiang Yuning started making her short ancient videos, Vera was not even in the picture yet!]

[You are right! Isn&x2019;t Jiang Yuning&x2019;s talent visible to the naked eye? A friend of mine works at the Luo City television station and he said that the solution proposed by Jiang Yuning in a certain cultural program received no rebuttal at all.]

[Jiang Yuning chose not to respond in the first place because there was still friendship between them. However, everyone kept trampling all over Jiang Yuning. Now, it seems as though everyone has been put in their own places after Jiang Yuning was forced to respond.]

[If Vera is leading new people, then just let it be. Why are they creating so much problems?]

[I think that Jiang Yuning is really very popular and I think that there is nothing wrong with her popularity at all. Those gossip accounts are simply distorting the truth. Just take a look at all the data on Jiang Yuning&x2019;s hot searches. Those new artistes under Vera&x2019;s lead cannot even be compared to her at all.]

[I think that it can be obviously seen from this incident that Jiang Yuning&x2019;s ability to control the situation is still as strong as ever&x2026;]

The audience could clearly see Jiang Yuning&x2019;s attitude and she was just firing her discontentment in a single shot.

However, the sudden breakdown between Jiang Yuning and Vera&x2019;s relationship has indeed created a lot of topic and discussions amongst the media. Of course, it would be inevitable for the both of them to collide and have a competitive relationship in future. After all, even though they had already ceased their partnership and stopped working together, the media would definitely continue talking about them and they would never stop comparing Vera&x2019;s new girl group to Jiang Yuning. This was simply an inescapable fate.

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