Novel Name : Sweetest Top Actress in My Home

Chapter 595 - Really So Angry!

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Chapter 595: Really So Angry!

Over the past year or so, even though she has accumulated a lot of popularity in the entertainment industry. However, since she was closely related to Jiang Yuning, no one in the entertainment circle seemed to recognize her skills and abilities at all. All of the previous victory from the battles that they fought were all solely attributed to Jiang Yuning.

In the past, Vera did not think that was a big problem. However, as an agent, how could she possibly be willing to be swayed by her own artiste?

Moreover, Vera could not possibly retreat from the entertainment circle with Jiang Yuning.

Therefore, in order to keep the situation under control, she could only force herself to leave Jiang Yuning and focus on training her new and even more obedient artistes.

Vera knew that Xiao Chennan&x2019;s mother was a very kind person, but at the same time, she also knew that she was a very weak person. If some people with ill intentions really exposed some black materials related to her and ruined her reputation, Vera really did not know how she was going to continue living. After all, she had already lost her husband and her youngest son.

At this time, Xiao Chennan was busy filming on the mountains and he was currently focusing on a very important part of the drama. Therefore, Vera knew that she should not act rashly. She had to keep Xiao Chennan&x2019;s uncle and cousin under control first.

Moreover, Jiang Yuning had also told her clearly that she had to reduce her exposure in future because she had to take the Lu family into consideration. That was the reason why Vera decided to draw a clear line between Jiang Yuning and herself. Vera did not want to drag Jiang Yuning into this situation.

Vera did not know how much further the father and son would go to achieve what they wanted. At least for the time being, Vera hope that she would be able to reduce the amount of trouble that she would cause Jiang Yuning.

After all, both Xiao Chennan and she owed Jiang Yuning too much already.

No matter what happened, she would never hurt Jiang Yuning, let alone go out and expose Jiang Yuning&x2019;s secret to the public. As for any future competitions, Vera would depend entirely on her own skills and abilities to prove her worth.

However, the gossip account continued creating rumors and circulating baseless news on the internet. Every time they trampled on Jiang Yuning, they would deliberately drag Vera into the situation and push the wind in her direction. Vera did not claim any credit for herself but she did not step up to explain the situation either.

She must really look like a joke to Jiang Yuning now, right?

However, her silence was actually a form of harm to Jiang Yuning.

About one month after Jiang Yuning joined the crew, the girl group led by Vera participated in an idol performance contest for their debut.

Vera seized the opportunity to take advantage of the characteristics of her own artistes to create exclusive personalities and hot search for them. This helped them to gain plenty of attention in the entertainment program.

However, when Vera was interviewed, someone brought Jiang Yuning up again.

The both of them used to be so close and intimate as they fought side by side. It would not be an exaggeration to call them the best golden partner. Therefore, the media were all very curious about the reasons why the both of them parted ways so suddenly.

When Vera was interviewed, she was an agent representing three other artistes. Therefore, her face turned black immediately and she simply stated that the reason why they went their separate ways was because there had been a work transfer. She also stated that she hoped the media would not speculate too much in future. She was now someone else&x2019;s agent and she would focus on just leading the three artistes under her care in future.

After Jiang Yuning said that she wanted to reduce her exposure and stay away from the spotlight, there was completely no news of her anymore after she joined the crew for one month.

Even though Jiang Yuning and Vera were having a disagreement, Jiang Yuning did not speak to Vera anymore after her well wishes.

As for the Ginger Candies, in order to relieve their love sickness, Jiang Yuning planned a special recording video and she also planned to ask the young paparazzo to arrange for her fans to visit her at the filming set. After all, she had nothing else to pay attention to now, except for the tens of millions of fans who were still deeply in love with her.

The Ginger Candies were of course all very relieved when they heard from Jiang Yuning. At the same time, they were also very annoyed that the media was trampling all over their idol.

However, since the other party was Vera, they could not retaliate or say anything. After all, Empress Jiang has not expressed her position on this matter. They do not intend to hurt Empress Jiang&x2019;s own friends. The only thing that made them really so angry was the fact that the media kept emphasizing that Jiang Yuning was not actually talented but she simply became famous because Vera had been the one who was creating hype for her all this time.

They were so angry that they nearly pooped&x2026;

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