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Chapter 583 - Strong, Dominant and Upright

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Chapter 583: Strong, Dominant and Upright

The activity in the afternoon was to bring the foreign guests to the museum so that they could enjoy the exhibition of the intangible cultural heritage.

Jiang Yuning disappeared after lunch and no one knew where she went at all. Even Dinghua did not know where Jiang Yuning was or what she had been assigned to do in the afternoon. The organizers really did a great job at confidentiality.

The person in charge led all of the foreign guests as he explained some of the history of the museum that they would be visiting in the afternoon. Moreover, he even told them that one of the handicraft and cultural activities that they would be appreciating in the afternoon would be performed by one of their local artistes. If the foreign guests were interested, they could guess which one of the activities that local artiste participated in.

&x201C;As for out artiste friend, her classical cultural heritage is very profound. So, please do not underestimate her.&x201D;

Dinghua was also following the tour and as soon as she heard the explanation from the person-in-charge, she felt that this was really a very interesting concept.

Moreover, each of the cultural handicrafts exhibited in the intangible cultural heritage also had their own exhibition hall. Each of them would also be able to witness the whole process of the handicraft production completely from the start to the end.

After entering the exhibition hall that was filled with charms, the lights were dimmed and the foreign guests quickly followed the tour route. The first craft that they witnessed was pottery.

All of the masters had masks and hats on their faces and no one could even tell their gender at all.

Following the explanation of the person-in-charge, the foreign guests watched their process very intently. First, it began with cleaning off the mud, and some of them were doing the glazing procedure at this time. There was even a finished product at the end of the line. It was simply amazing.

The second exhibition hall was about ancient tea culture, in which a young girl with a hat and a veil covering her face was personally demonstrating the ancient tea brewing method. On the other side, someone else was showing the process of preparing the cooked tea.

The third exhibition hall was the ancient fragrance culture. Perfumes from foreign countries were all produced on an assembly line and that was the reason why it could be sold at such a cheap price. However, in the ancient domestic fragrance culture, these fragrances could not be popularized because the cost of the ancient fragrance is very high.

Moreover, the ancient fragrance culture was rarely displayed and shown to the public.

The foreign guests could see the staff dressed in the local traditional Chinese outfit choosing the spices before they matched and made the incense, before refining the incense and the entire process was simply too refreshing. The entire exhibition hall was filled with the strong scent of sandalwood incense.

At this time, Dinghua also noticed that this young girl was wearing a hat and a white veil and she somehow looked very similar to Jiang Yuning.

After that, the foreign guests were brought to witness the wood carving craftsmanship. The foreign guests were all in awe as they witnessed the miracle of the piece of wood finally turning into a dragon and a phoenix.

Even though there were only a few exhibition hall, the entire process took about two hours. After that, the foreign guests were brought into the museum of intangible cultural heritage. Before they entered the museum, the person-in-charge who was leading the guests suddenly asked if any of the guests could guess which one of the handicraft productions the local artiste was responsible for.

The foreign guests immediately replied that the difficulty level for the pottery and wood carving procedures were too high and they would definitely have to rule those sectors out. In the end, they decided that they could only select between the ancient fragrance culture and the ancient tea preparation culture.

The foreign guests discussed amongst themselves for a long time before they finally decided on the tea preparation culture.

The person-in-charge smiled before he led the foreign guests outside the exhibition hall. At this time, on the big screen outside the hall, the scene of Jiang Yuning preparing the incense in a peaceful manner was played continuously.

The version that was played on the screen was a version that Jiang Yuning had recorded beforehand and she was not wearing a hat and a veil at this time.

However, she was wearing a red and white traditional Chinese outfit as she sat on the futon with a delicate incense burner placed on the wooden table. At this time, Jiang Yuning was carefully grinding the ingredients for making the incense.

The foreign guests could only wow in unison as they witnessed this scene because this picture was simply too beautiful. Every single frame of the video left a deep impression on each of the foreign artistes. Was this what oriental charm really was?

After that, the video was also uploaded on the International Cultural Exchange Symposium&x2019;s official website as a promotional video.

Guangying Media and Jiang Yuning&x2019;s fan club also followed suit by forwarding and sharing the video on their official website and fan page. This was because all of them felt very proud of Jiang Yuning and they felt a sense of victory because of her achievements.

[I suddenly feel a bit bitter. Jiang Yuning was just whitewashed last year and she had no resources at all at that time. Therefore, she had to work hard to record short ancient videos of herself. However, in a blink of an eye, she is suddenly such a famous and popular artistes. Moreover, there are people all over the world who are shooting short videos of her at this time and everyone all around the world can finally see these videos of her. This is really amazing.]

[All of the local artistes who participated in the cultural exchange event previously were all there just to fight to be the most popular artiste. However, the reason why Jiang Yuning participated in the event this year is simply because she wanted to pass on her knowledge and share ancient and historical culture with everyone.]

[Furthermore, everything that Jiang Yuning does is simply too pleasing to the eyes! Whether she is making tea or whether she is making incense, everything that she does is simply a visual enjoyment!]

[I feel that the oriental charm is really charming and I really hope that Jiang Yuning could be the guest in all this kind of promotional videos in future. It seems completely different compared to when other people are doing it.]

[Ginger Candies, as long as you head to the official website and search for Jiang Yuning, you will be able to watch the video of Jiang Yuning making the incense and fragrance from scratch!]

After that, the fans also shared the video of Jiang Yuning preparing the incense. From the video, it could be proved that Jiang Yuning really understood the entire process of preparing the fragrance. This was because the process included something that was common to the understanding of herbs and Chinese medicine. Moreover, what was even lovelier was the fact that Jiang Yuning was captured secretly eating a slice of pear as she was cutting it!

The netizens could not help but screamed out loud because they felt that she was just too cute.

In short, after the video came out, the netizens were all happy and smiling because today was indeed a very joyous and satisfying day indeed.

At this time, everyone could not help but wait for the formal dinner that night. This was because whether Jiang Yuning could continue to captivate the netizens would depend highly on the dinner that would be held at seven o&x2019;clock tonight.

Jiang Yuning had been a goddess throughout the daytime.

And the Jiang Yuning at night&x2026;

The guests could start entering the banquet hall by six fifty that night.

Since Jiang Yuning had been in the limelight throughout the entire day, the foreign guests, especially some of the male artistes could not help but keep an eye for her.

Jiang Yuning officially entered the banquet hall at six fifty five that night.

She was wearing an apricot colored middle-sleeved cheongsam and there was nothing extraordinary about it. However, the amazing thing about the cheongsam was that there was a beautiful and domineering pheasant embroidered around her skirt. The pheasant looked extremely vivid and domineering and Jiang Yuning looked extremely stunning and dignified without losing the touch of her femininity.

Compared to the demure goddess that she had been in the daytime, the audience and guests were all shocked at the extremely dominant Jiang Yuning at this time.

Compared to her softness during the day, the Jiang Yuning at this time was extremely noble and dignified from head to toe, revealing a sense of solemnity and alienation.

Dinghua could not help but clapped her hands as soon as she saw this young girl again.

This was because she felt that Jiang Yuning could really control the rhythm very well. She knew exactly what kind of reaction she was going for on every different occasion and she was completely at ease because she knew what kind of position she should be expressing at all times.

She was gentle during the day and she welcomed everyone with a sweet smile on her face but that did not mean that she had to do the same during the dinner.

It was time for Jiang Yuning to prove her ability at night.

She had a strong, dominant and upright expression on her face.

The organizer for the International Cultural Exchange Symposium could not help but feel that Jiang Yuning was really very wonderful.

Moreover, Jiang Yuning&x2019;s appearance and beauty really pushed the whole atmosphere to a climax.

Was this kind of performance really legal?

It was too late.

The media quickly released pictures of Jiang Yuning attending the dinner and the netizens felt that it was simply exceptional and they quickly felt that everything made sense.

[Don&x2019;t you think that Jiang Yuning is really smart? Her cheongsam can fully reflect that Jiang Yuning put a lot of thoughts into her outfit. She could have chosen a dragon or a phoenix but she did not do so. Instead, she chose a beautiful blue pheasant to be embroidered on her skirt instead to express her humble and low-key position. She did not want to be overwhelmed or over domineering as the host of the event. However, since it was already the finale, she also had to restore the face and reputation that had already been lost in the past.]

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